A2 hosting vs Siteground Review 2020 – Honest Web Hosting Comparison Shows Who Is Best


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hey guys are we doing today this is Wally will internet.com and in today's a video I'm gonna be going over some comparisons and differences between a2 hosting and Sai crown so when I say to hosting versus I crown review I'm gonna be helping you guys I see which of the two web hosting providers would be best for your personal situation that way you can create your website today I also will be dropping some links right below that way you guys can use them to save big on your web hosting and get off to a really good start but as always before we get started with this video if you guys are new here to this channel hit the subscribe button right below along with the bail and that way in the future videos guys that I put up you'll be sure to receive them so as I mentioned before guys I'm going to be talking about both a2 hosting and Sai crown talking about what each of these providers offers in the way of our features the specs of performance uptime customer service all of the things that I feel you should know before getting started with these web hosting our providers okay so I've been a hosting online with Sai crown for about two years and I've been using specifically their grow big plan and with the a2 hosting they have a plan is called the swift plan itself so I can only really speak about those two plans but overall we will cover some very important points how is a customer service how faster they respond to calls how knowledgeable are their representatives when you get them on the phone I think those things are extremely important because you know when it comes to web hosting and my opinion as a blogger I think is – absolute most important investment that you ever make for your business online and obviously you want to choose well and make it a really great decision that you'll be happy with thereafter so I also link to this blog post here that you guys see you know on the page right now you I'll link to it right below when you guys can read more in detail if you prefer to read about you know what I found all right so if you look at psych grounds a website itself being that I've been using their grow big plan I mean psych Brown offers different web hosting uh products itself there's shared WordPress if you're into like managed WordPress there's a WooCommerce if you want to create like a store online and there's also cloud hosting as well when you look at e to hosting what they offer they do have shared as well they also have WordPress VPS they have reseller hosting as well sigh crown does offer reseller hosting as well as a dedicated hosting that you guys can see so I'll across-the-board you can pretty much get the same web hosting services with a two hosting as well as with sycron itself alright so let's talk about shared web hosting itself because if you're going to create your very first website maybe you don't already have a lot of web traffic already in place maybe if you're gonna migrate if you're thinking about migrating I should say from a you know current host over to Sai crown or over to e to the hosting you may be interested in you know shared hosting itself when you look at both the shared and the managed side you will see some similarities with them what I'm gonna do is look at the shared hosting which you guys are first with sigh crown just to give you an idea of what to expect you know with them before you get started today of course I will leave links right below that way you guys can save with a discount with Sai crown should you decide to go with them over a2 hosting there are three plans that you can select from the start up grow big and go geek all of which I have reviews for on my website and learn Annette comm the startup plan allows you to host only one website it does have restrictions SiteGround has restrictions the restrictions really consist of what you get in the way webspace and also web traffic itself that is allowed on your so cific plan and what I mean by that is that we just startup plan itself you only get 10 gigabytes of West base and it only supports 10,000 up to 10,000 website of visitors each month with the grow big plan you get 20 gigabytes and it supports up to 25,000 monthly visitors the go geek has unlimited website so you can create unlimited websites as well as of the grow big plan but with this when you get 30 gigabytes of web space and a supports up to 100,000 monthly visitors across the board with all of site grounds of web hosting packages itself you get free SSL Certificates SSL certificates are extremely important guys being that Google made an announcement in 2018 you may or may not know where basically they said that for web sites that do not have SSL certificates they're gonna be marked unsecure or not secure and also rank lower in the search engines itself so sycron gives you free SSL certificates across the board through let's encrypt and you'll have access to those for your domains when you create your website's online you notice off bag that the regular pricing for the startup is 1195 the regular pricing for the grow big is 1995 as at the time of this video and the go geek is 3495 now these introductory rates that you see right here 395 595 11 95 what I recommend for you guys that I recommend for any web hosting you know purchase is obviously to purchase more than one year try to purchase up to you know maybe two or even three years if you can because by doing so it will save you big on your web hosting itself when you guys use the links of below force I crown you're gonna be saving a huge amount you know both on the front and back in if you only purchase only a year's worth when it renews its gonna renew back at the 1195 rate so that's why I recommend that you know if you're beginner with web hosting and you may not know too much about it I always recommend you know beginners to purchase you know more than one year's worth because it'll save you a lot of money on both the front and back in as you can notice with the grow big plan this is the one that I use I've used it to create twelve websites online to date and you know it starts at nineteen ninety five per month but discounted today with the links below you get it for five ninety five with it it does come with some some essential features as well as with the startup as well as some premium where you get a super caching which really helps with faster page loads I think on average the twelve sites that I have up online right now that are hosted through Sai crown with a grow big plan I think the page loads are about at one second on average so they load really really fast and that's really due to the super kasher that they have you know in place with Sai crown as well you do get it with a go gig plan it does not come with the startup plan so I definitely think it's worth you know paying you know the extra $2 if you will you know what to grow big plan just to get that as it will help with page loads and the page those are extremely important obviously if you are you know somebody's searching for your website online I mean today you guys are watching you know my review my e tooling versus I ground review and I'm giving you specific information on that but if somebody was you know searching for you online like with Google and they have to wait several seconds for your website to load them you know it's a problem they're likely to bounce off and probably go somewhere else and so I mention the fact about page loads what I've noticed and monitor with my other you know 12 websites not with learning it combo with my other 12 websites that have online that I've created using the grow big plan the page loads a right at about one second one second I think in one given month they were probably up to like one and a half or something like that milliseconds but anyway really really fast page loads and I can thank you know site groundout for that there's a staging as well so you can you know make changes to your website before you actually you know make it go live psych around right now has a new interface that is going into place I'm going to show you what their cPanel you know looks like for site ground that way you guys are know you know what it looks like I mean this is what it looks like right now but they do have a some updates that they are doing right now where basically all new users for site ground will see it so it looks a little bit different from this one right here and the interface is a lot you know cleaner I would say and so on you know they have it in beta right now but again for all new users that you know get signed up you know with Sai crown you see you know what it is that I'm talking about but um anyway so that's a grow big plan itself and it's a force up to twenty five thousand visits per month the go geek plan itself is really for like developers people have a lot of web traffic itself it will allow you to also host unlimited websites as well as some additional features primarily I wanted to mention about the faster support that's in place and faster performance on their servers itself so across the board psych Brown is very very affordable if you are needing just to create one website the startup laying is ideal for you but if you're like an affiliate marketer network marketer somebody who has a home-based business or even a developer or blogger like me and you need to create unlimited websites then you just want to decide which of the two may be best for you just depending on your particular situation for me I have a grow big plan and it's an amazing plan it does exactly what I need it to do but if you have more page you know views you know monthly right now you want to migrate over the site crown they have a free site migration or service and you could probably go to go geek plan if you think that is best for you so overall you know the pricing itself is really really nice and I just recommend that you purchase up too if you could purchase more than one year's worth of web hosting say up to three it'll be a better you know choice up for you now when you guys go over to e to hosting you notice something that's different in the way of pricing itself I mentioned that with site Brown although I absolutely love psych Brown and I love the way they perform online with my websites you know you'll notice something different with their pricing itself with a to hosting is that one you know versus having a lot of restrictions you see all that you have a lot of unlimited features as well so I mean with Sai crown they're the first tier the starter plan itself of course you know with a two hosting the comparison is that both will allow you to host one website right this one comes with five databases but it has unlimited storage itself unlimited storage unlimited transfers with SiteGround you only get the ten gigabytes that you know was mentioned before so I just wanted to highlight that I mean to say to hosting versus site ground review that again you know with E two hosting you're getting a lot of unlimited features you have some unlimited features I should say on the first tier that you don't get with a to hosting you do get free SSL Certificates across the board just as website crown so they're both going the same you know playing field you know with that they both offer free site migrations they both have 30-day money-back guarantees when you look at the pricing itself with you know site brown when we go back to it you guys are noticed I just gonna say like the first-tier to regular rate is 1195 but with a discount below you get it for 395 when you look at the light plan for hate to hosting their regular rate is $7.99 so it's significantly cheaper then sigh crown the discount rate is 392 the Swift plan itself and turbo both of which allow you to host unlimited websites you notice that with the Swift plan its $9.99 the discounted rate is 490 so it's a 51 percent discount across the board that you've seen so the Swift plan was $9.99 you can see 1995 so that's twice as much for the regular rate so obviously you guys are seeing that with SiteGround itself OTO it's an amazing web host and I really love them they are more expensive and I think with good reason I'll explain to you guys why why it's not such a a game changer if you will you know what the pricing itself although you know if you're on a tight budget right now and you're creating your very first website perhaps calls may be important to you and so a to host in across the board they do win the battle when it comes to pricing and calls they are a lot cheaper and less expensive and if cost is more important to you then I definitely recommend going with a2 hosting the turbo plan itself the real difference between these two you know obviously you see that 1899 versus like a 3495 with site crown with it some discount you get it for 931 both plans allow you to host unlimited web sites they have all unlimited features across the board what's really different about the turbo from the Swift itself is that they give you up to twenty times faster speeds you know on their servers itself which is amazing so again if it's cost that you're really concerned about H a hosting is definitely the better option for you if you are really concerned more about security and performance like faster performance faster page loads faster customer service then I definitely recommend go with site Brown itself of course in this a2 hosting where as a site ground review I just wanted to give you guys my personal take on what I think about the two of those itself both hosts are great performers with web hosting course you can create you know your website with WordPress you can use Joomla Magento drew Paul whatever CMS platform you want to use I just prefer using WordPress because it's more user friendly and I just think that it just worked out better you know for beginners especially if you're gonna be creating your very first website one website that I wanted to take you guys over to just to help you to appreciate you know more in this a2 hosting where as a psycho review I wanted to take you to an external website it's called Trust Polycom and here guys you can see also like some site Brown reviews and a2 hosting reviews just to see what people think about both of these web hosting providers and by looking at these you know pages again it'll help you to see to have more of a bigger picture of course I'm giving you my personal opinion what I personally think about it I do have a review here on my learning Netcom blog itself this is a personal blog that I post a lot about different web hosting yourself I'll link to it right below guys and that way you can check it out and you can leave your comments at the end of this post used to tell me what you think about it and and you know which of these two hosts that you prefer but again in this video I wanted to highlight you know not only calls but also performance and customer service all of which I've spoken to you guys on before and you look at a site ground on trust pallet you know you can see that there's 2433 psycho reviews that have been left up there which is mind-boggling I mean lots of people have left and tons of reviews you know up here what do they think well ninety-four percent say that sycron is excellent you can see one percent say that it's great one percent say it's average one percent say it's poor or four percent say that it's bad so of the 2433 you know comments ninety people said that you know psych ground is bad you know the one percent represents twenty two people and you guys can see that clearly of the ninety four percent which represents two thousand two hundred seventy eight people they said that it's excellent again they are more expensive they do have better performance they do have faster support in my opinion my experience dealing with them over to pass out two years using a grow big plan but this speaks volumes so I mean five stars out of 5 star rating right here right and you guys can I'm a link to them I drop this link below that where you guys can check out if you want to peruse and look at more of the reviews like what people say about sycron itself then you guys can check that out as well so again I'll leave that below now if you check out a to hosting I wanted to share that with you guys today as well in this review you can see what people think about a to hosting so on a five-star scale itself they have four stars which is still great it's amazing 746 reviews have been left on the site of those 81% say that each of hosting is excellent four percent say that it's great one percent say that each of hosting is average two percent say that it's poor but twelve percent say that a to hosting is bad so again I wanted to keep this a2 hosting versus I ground review transparent give you guys both the positives and the negatives that way you can really consider and have more of the big picture I think that is guys that have the big picture when it comes to web hosting because all web hosting providers online have complaints or things that users may not like you know you may love a web hosting provider but you may have one or two or as you can see in this case 12% of the a2 hosting reviews up here people said that the service is bad why did I say is bad you can check out these reviews you know on Trustpilot itself but I think the what really matters most every experience is different and I think that you really just need to try it out for yourself both a2 hosting and site ground have 30-day money-back guarantees I've been with both of these companies and I'm very happy with the services that they have of course there are some perks that you get with a two hosting that you don't get with site crown as you guys can clear the C you know with this here but um you know a sigh crown you know I'm just really really happy in a with their services as well I've been able to click create twelve you know websites with them with a to host ends cPanel itself it looks like this so that's what you guys are having cPanel across-the-board is pretty much the same with any you know web hosting provider you know that you guys you know get started with so the point of the matter that I really wanted to highlight guys in this review is this both a to hosting and site Brown are amazing web hosting providers either of the two will perform very well for you guys I really selected these two because I really love what they do in the way of not only customer service but also in security because you know you think about websites today websites today are prone to hackers and people are trying to you know take over websites and so what I really love about a to hosting inside crown is that they they do what's called hardening and that just adds an extra layer of security if you will they perform daily backups and daily checks you know on your websites I think that both web hosting providers are amazing they're really great when it comes to creating you know websites online so if you have like a small business you know intrapreneur wherever it is that you live you know in the world you know I think that you experience really great performance with both of these providers as well so I just wanted to give you guys my personal opinion about 8/2 hosting versus I crown you guys can make a decision about which of the two would be best for you in the comments area right below in this video guys tell me which of the two holes that you're thinking about going with do you think that Sai crown would be the better fit for you just type in site crown right below in the comments area or do you think a2 hosting will be the better fit for you guys tell me why in the comments below also check out in the descriptions of portion guys I'm gonna be dropping some links down there for you to help you to save 60% off of your hosting with site Brown 51% off with your a to host em I'm also gonna drop some links of some resources and I think I'll also be very beneficial to you guys when creating your website so I want to thank you guys so much for us to get with me on this review to the very end give this video a thumbs up smash that like button and if you haven't done so already guys hit the subscribe button that way any future videos that I put up you guys are be sure to receive them alright I hope you so much success in your endeavors of creating your very next website online you guys have an amazing productive day thanks .

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A2 Hosting vs Siteground Review – Honest Web Hosting 2019
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I have been able to test several web hosting providers by creating Wordpress websites online. In this A2 Hosting vs Siteground review today, I give you guys a great & transparent comparison of the pros and cons of hosting with both Siteground and A2 Hosting. With this info, you will know which web host will be best for making your business website today.

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