A2 Hosting Tutorial – Easily Set Up Domain & Hosting With Top Rated A2Hosting.com (2020)


Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website

Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

first we'll need to find and secure an available domain name so go ahead and click the link in the description below or open a new browser tab and go to make an awesome website com click the start button or scroll down and use the domain checker field to find an available domain name then click the get domain and hosting button thankfully our domain and hosting can be secured at the same place and that's a to hosting com there are many other hosting services out there but a to hosting is consistently ranked at the top for their outstanding services and support once that a to hosting click the get started button this takes us to a page to register our domain name just enter the same domain name that you just found available or a different one if you changed your mind and click check and then click continue on this page let's start by changing our billing cycle to one month unless you want to secure your hosting for 12 24 or 36 months and get a larger discount then let's scroll down to additional options and change auto-install application to none because we want to do this manually to make sure we set everything up the way we need to then click continue next we are offered a few additional services as you can read ID protection will protect your personal information and reduce the amount of spam to your inbox I've never had a problem with spam on my websites or my clients so in my opinion this is unnecessary and if we ever have a problem in the future we can easily add this service so I'm going to go ahead and uncheck this option and leave the rest unchecked then click continue and now here on our review page we can see that our total cost today will be 18 dollars and 65 cents after a 63% one-time discount on our hosting great deal so let's go ahead and click checkout finally at our checkout page you'll want to go ahead and enter all of your personal details and billing information I'm going to enter mine and be right back with you so after we've entered all of the required information we can scroll down to the bottom of the page check the terms of services box and click complete order congratulations you've just finished securing your domain and hosting thanks for watching the tutorial and I'll see you in the next one .

Video Discription

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A2 Hosting Tutorial is a beginner tutorial to learn how to secure and set up a domain name and hosting plan through A2Hosting.com by following my step by step guide. You'll learn how to find and secure an available domain name and then set up the correct hosting package. You'll find out just how fast and easy it is to secure your own domain and hosting.

Here is a brief overview of my step by step A2 Hosting Tutorial.

Securing A Domain Name & Web Hosting

A domain name is also referred to as the URL or the website name. For example, Facebook’s domain name is Facebook.com. My domain name is AwesomeOnlineBrand.com. For you to have your own domain name it will cost you about $13/year.

Hosting is the place where all your website content is held. Your domain name will point to your hosting so that your website can be viewed from anywhere by your website visitors any time, of any day, year-round. Your hosting will cost you about $11/month. I’ll also show you a little later how you can get a significant discount on your first month of hosting.

First, you need to go to and choose a domain name for your website. Choose anything like mywebsite.com, or .net, or .org. This domain name will represent your business or entity on the web. So, if your business name is not available, be sure to find a name that is close to it and not too long for your customers or visitors to remember. Use the checker tool to check if the domain you choose is available. If it is not available you will need to check another domain until you find one that is available. Then follow the directions to set up your domain name and web hosting.

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