A2 Hosting Review – Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting (From a REAL User)


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what is up guys welcome back to another review this is Matty he won't eat – Oh stink and just to show it's not clip fight I am a real user of a2 hosting my website is hosted with a – this year website name same as my channel the top left corner you can see it's a toasting in my cPanel if I go here you can see my pic end of my website wordpress dashboard also see it's very responsive where my mouse goes all the other menu extensions pop out ok so no clickbait so anyone can show you the sales page and tell their a user but if they can't so I'll show you this there now I don't know if you can trust them but ok take you back to it toasting sales page this is the a toasting sales page the they offer four types of hosting which is your shade hosting which is what I'm using then you get your resale hosting VPS hosting and dedicated hosting but we'll be focusing on the shadow stick because that's what I use and it's what most people will use it and I don't really know much about the others but as you can see it's a Black Friday special by the time some of you may be watching this video Jesus these are prices will be long gone but it will be but you'll be paying normally something like two dollars 98 seems okay number we can compare planes here on the shade hosting packages okay just loading that okay so on the light plane to be paying about 198 on the Black Friday promotion but no me with paying something like 298 on the Swift plane will be something like 398 and turbo is basically the same but what you get but a toast emoji talking about other house tinker virus it's not that you get a free domain because free domains how they get you three domains up sickly useless because all the other features they leave out have to pay for that which in the end only increases the price you pay for your hosting okay now the key features here to give you 99.9% uptime perpetual security 24/7 Live Chat the choice of your data center location might I choose my Nina I chose mine in Europe it will free website builder I don't use that but you get the word place pre-installed called you got full web site staging free cloud Flynn CD in one click software setup speed optimized is the storage in future self clean web hosting ok now the difference between these planes are with a light plane you get one website ok if you want more you need to upgrade to the Swift plane at a later date but you won't be eligible for the promotional price they give you t the tactic price when you buy your hosting at first so it's political with the Swift plan or runs off but if you starting over one website is fine to just get started get a feel of it you'll get one website but unlamented SSD storage and transfer in 25 email accounts also get a free in easy site migration so I'm going to click here and forget light I'll take you through the purchase so you can see what to expect when you're purchasing your stick so you can choose any domain yet for those of you that don't know domain is the name of your website I'm gonna choose here I like this domain calm then you check here if it's available ok so I think ok so it's available can you continue so if you get the shopping carts back $15 can I see on the right side here's the order summary so right web hosting package normal price to 1564 USD you get server locations in Michigan you can choose you on your left Arizona Amsterdam or Singapore minds and aim to them because it's closer for me but you can choose whichever one you like and you get the turbo boost you get done but you gain a terrible boost here which makes a website much more faster I chose the first one is already way place already fast you get a to site builder SSL let's encrypt it's free dedicated IP know as a really matter top speed of off-site backups now pick ups we have good as painful old man but you do get something else with him get ax came for free okay you see the price planes here take it six months this is recommended for you guys because then you're gonna play this reduced price okay but if you do if you go for one month you're not gonna get any discounts so it's recommend that you buy on a 36 month straight up three years get the good test carbon price you also get a money-back guarantee any time there's not 30-day money-back guarantee it's any time so if you don't if you're not satisfied with the hosting they'll give you money back no questions asked okay you can add dedicated IP it's recommended for SSL Certificates which means it'll be the first between HTTP and HTTPS I've caught the beta I chose of the 99 he was the okay didn't barracudas spam firewall you can choose the $3 one if you like a to site builder is free you can choose it by organ and then cloud flip a plain basic monthly okay but you don't get it for free for the first few for the first six months which which which means that your website will be extra speedy okay so this you need to save you see you get a to optimize WordPress you become once you purchase to be pre-installed in you in your dashboard so this here is you user name's Edmund and this is your password okay so you guys I did open a notepad file I'm just saved it then click continue now taken to the checkout card okay they need someone to serve all our options you can choose you for free TBS management in email folding okay there you go a final checkup okay you could also choose to pay you to Maine for up to three years or longer that depends how long you want to website for okay you can just check out here final step just fill in your details I'll send you an email put your login information also saving in notepad or a word document now 162 information you'll get a link such as this it will be your domain.com or total network if you chose but a few other like this table at the back so save that to easy login into your wordpress dashboard which is this where you are right now or you can call all you can go in here to you you also send you one to log in to your cPanel okay and your cPanel where you can see all you all the apps you can install for your website also activate two email accounts right now okay I ran my website emails from the side so I was recovering from ICP no before I go over to my wordpress dashboard okay so you can see these in my email traces yeah but that's it a toasting is a very good hosting company like they give this a to optimized which makes a website much more faster you also get page caching database caching this is chase HTML magnification also recapture for comments you can also choose to to a few comments before you we let them be post onto website you get move locking page image compression and compress pages with cheese but the plugins are also also cause I give you some preinstalled premium plugins to use also Yelp speed up your website good case but also take a bit longer to toss pilot so to give you the a to fix w3 total cache ship clocking and a to optimize WordPress plugin also the easier height login and then the image optimizer those of all the plugins you get for free and I just choose to install the rest cuz I I use those in my website daily okay now it's go over to a toast doctors pilot x-48 to Oh sting diffuse you'll see the little prince amputee code reviews kite from 861 you can see click the green actually 81% dominates a lot a lot more five-star reviews then they add one star in use okay you cannot eat here blah blah blah blah blah blah blah that's why I say guys just save you password in an outfit and you will avoid this because I have a trouble log into my cPanel at any time okay now if you compare something like the stupid lost I know some people will say close it's a paste but trust me Bluehost is not just to do a general search enclosed pet that their pet that if used from blows dot-com a lot of people are living blows 84% one-star reviews do not use them to host your domain blah blah blah don't a.m. it's my house miss Marie if you for a toasting up you guys enjoyed it you guys saw my website and no clickbait and if you want some honestly news then subscribe the channel if this videos yell is help they open anyway just drop a like thanks guys bye .

Video Discription

A2 Hosting Review – Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting (From a REAL User)

Unlike some tend to claim, I do host my website with A2 hosting. This video will show you real proof of that. I dislike dishonesty from people who claim to use a product, and just show a sales page. Anyone can do it. And buying a plan to use it for a few days, is no way of telling if a service is the best unlike someone using it. The best way to tell, is asking a real customer. A2 hosting is a really great option for newbies with an awesome introductory price, and I do recommend it. However, there are a few pros and cons to A2 hosting, which I discuss in this video. I will also show you their speeds, and what their customers think of them, with real reviews on TrustPilot. Not just my own!

If you prefer to read the review, then I suggest you go here.

a2 hosting with discount, here –

Website – itsjustreviews.com/

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