A2 Hosting Review – Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting (From a REAL User)



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a to hosting review all the information you need my thoughts and opinions as a real user all of that information is going to be in this video so let's just jump straight to the computer and get right into it all right then guys we're gonna start off giving you some details about a to hosting itself a cake tell you about the prices the speeds all of that good stuff okay then later on I'm gonna go into some comparisons with another web poster and finally I'm gonna give you my honest opinion about a2 hosting and whether or not I would recommend it okay so first of all let's talk about the price that is probably one of the most important things for most beginners okay if you're just looking to start your first website or something like that then a price is a very very big thing to think about okay so it's not much difference but to be honest that guys with most web hosting there is not much difference in the price they are all very very competitive unless you're going for like one of these like super amazing packages which you probably wouldn't need anyway then there's not much difference in the price at all so as you can see here starting out three dollars and 92 cents that is for their shared hosting and this is the one that most of you are probably gonna get anyway the reseller VPS and dedicated hosting most of you aren't going to be looking at any of these for a while anyway most people gonna be starting off with a shared hosting so that's what we're gonna be focusing on today alright so as you can see here three dollars and ninety two cents per month myself with 51 percent off the usual price is $7.99 but if you use the link in the description saying an affiliate link in the description down below okay so I'm gonna get a small Commission if you use that link but you will get these discounted prices if you use that alright so at the end of this video if you're interested in a two web hosting then ya use the link in the description to get these cheap prices so this three dollars and ninety two cents something very very important to note is this is only for your first term okay so what that means guys is you will pay three ninety two per month for however long you purchase your first term for okay so you're gonna have a few options which I will show you very very quickly okay so if you click on this right here compare plans so these are the different choices you're going to have a que you got the light package the Swift package on the turbo package so what you're gonna need to do guys is come over here and see what you need okay everyone's different Akane has a different plans for their website maybe only gonna make one if that is the case then you're gonna want to go with a light one because that's the cheapest option but you only get one website so if that sounds like you then probably go with this one with this Swift package you get unlimited websites okay so if you plan on making more than one website then I would definitely go the Swift or turbo packages okay because the price difference between books between light and Swift the price is barely you know it's barely noticeable one dollar a month difference you know over spread over a year or two years or three years that is hardly noticeable the turbo one on the other hand it is like double the price of the other packages so go for that one if you want to this is a lot faster than the other two okay the light and Swift this is that's why it's called turbo obviously you get the turbo speeds up to 20 times faster okay so like I said depending on you depending on what your what do you want to do what your plans are then choose which one is right for you whichever one you can afford here but for this example who's gonna show you the cheapest one okay the light package so let's click on it get light and now this is where you gonna choose a domain okay so you can either shoot by your own okay you can choose your own like on here or you can transfer your domain from another registrar if you've already bought a domain or if you already haven't I will use my existing domain and update my name servers or you can use a subdomain from a2 hosting so again just for this example I'm just gonna click on use a subdomain and it's gonna put testing testing 1 2 3 dot a 2 hosted comm so let's just click on check ok so here we're gonna see the different prices alright so this is where I was talking about it's gonna be for your first two or three dollars and ninety two cents per month only for your first term you need to know that okay so you've got a few different options you got the one month price which is a lot more expensive together in $9.99 per month we got the twelve month price $8.99 per month 24 months or 36 months but these are these prices are there going to be discounted because we've got this coupons or these prices and actually they aren't accurate okay so the 392 per month if you purchased this 12 12 month plan you will pay 392 per month for 12 months after that the price will go up fully to this 899 okay so what your best option is to purchase the longest one possible 36 months you're only gonna be paying 392 per month then for 36 months and only after those three years are up then the price will go up to 799 okay so you're gonna save the most money by far going with one of these longer plans right here okay but if you just testing this out if you're not sure you're gonna stick with your website then maybe going with one of the lower ones will be better for you but if you plan on doing this long term you're gonna have your website up and running for it you know three years at least then definitely go with this to say the most money okay so let's you click on this and then we'll see the different prices okay so light web hosting usually at this full price $7.99 it would be two hundred eighty seven dollars okay but because we've got this so fast discount code he's only gonna be a hundred and forty dollars for three years okay which is pretty pretty decent price very competitive rates okay not much difference to other ones if you compare it to Bluehost and things like that okay Bluehost is one of my personal recommendations for web hosting if this is one I use a lot if you compare it to this one it's not much difference guys 395 okay 82 is 392 hardly any difference whatsoever okay and the price goes up then to the same after your first term okay so when it comes to prices with web hosting for for beginners there's not much difference at all okay because like I said you know you can't have one website charging twenty dollars a month well one charging for das a month you know nobody would go with a twenty dollar a month one okay this is all very very competitive prices so yeah that's the prices just remember first term it's gonna be way cheaper so you're gonna be better off purchasing one of these cheaper plans alright so that is pricing like not much more to say about that very competitive choose whichever package suits your needs so one of am a two Hosting's main selling point are the speeds okay they claim to have like what some of the best speeds when it comes to web hosting and honestly if you purchase one of those better packages okay like it's like I showed you earlier if you choose like the package then yes you are going to get some great speeds with this okay it's gonna be much faster than most but most people don't actually purchase this it most people purchase the light and Swift packages this actually brings down like if you do a search for the average speeds of a2 hosting they're actually gonna be pretty low because not a lot of people actually purchase this turbo package okay so if we compare it so we can come right here so like I've shown you earlier I just compare it with Bluehost for now because this is a one that I use most of the time if you compare with Bluehost so the average speed worldwide 1.56 for Bluehost if you compare it to a two hosting one point one two okay so as you can see there this is a little bit faster but not a huge difference again not a huge this is seconds by the way this is a how fast the speed how fast the websites load okay so 1.1 seconds and Bluehost was 1.5 seconds so obviously what you really gonna notice that 0.4 seconds hardly hardly noticeable guys okay but like I said if you had one of these better plans if most people were using like this plan the turbo plan then it would be a noticeable difference again that this this average would be a lot different but because most people purchase these light package and suite packages obviously it brings the average speed time down okay but if you purchase this you can pretty much guarantee you are gonna get faster speeds than most web hosting another very important factor when it comes to web hosting is their uptime okay so if we come back to here we can see the 10 day uptime okay the last 10 days the uptime for Alaska again as compared a to hosting with Bluehost okay so a to hosting has had 100% uptime in the last 10 days and obviously I haven't had any problems at all so I can confirm that that is correct but Bluehost I did have a problem the other day but it was only for like 30 minutes okay my website was was down for like 30 minutes okay but that does cause problems and if you have a lot of traffic coming to your website then that is not good for you okay a hundred percent is like needed for beginners who don't have a lot of traffic coming to their website okay people who have just made the first website you know 30 minutes of your website being down wouldn't make much difference to you but if you've got a lot of traffic you're trying to sell some products or something like that and then your website's down for 30 minutes you could potentially lose quite a lot of money in that time okay so that's that is something to consider but honestly with my experience with Bluehost this does not happen often like about barely ever get downtime and for me personally I never actually affected me as affected my sales or anything like that okay and when they to hosting the same I've never had any problems it's pretty much been it's been very very consistent and it's been very very good it's same but it's the same with most web hosting okay these days web hosting is pretty great it's not down very often as you can see with most of these they're pretty much all these different web hosting providers is all 100% understand homes and if they do drop it's only by like not even 1% like all of them not even 1% except this one whatever this isn't them even here that one host metro let's drop at one point five percent but yeah it's not much to compare there as well because for me Percy doesn't make much difference but if you do have a website with a lot a lot of traffic I mean it's you think it's gonna affect your sales gonna affect your income then maybe a2 hosting would be a better option for you because they do have a hundred percent in the last 10 days but if we compare this over last year you know and that might be a little bit different the last thing I want to compare is the customer support okay so with a2 hosting they do have 24/7 customer support which honestly in my experience has been great okay you can call them you can chat with them live okay they do have a live chat which I use most of time I find that easier I don't like speaking to people on the phone I just I like to type into people okay you can email them and they do have a lot of real reviews from real people okay so they custom support has been nothing but great for me personally okay I've never had any problems with them every time I want to chat with someone I'm waiting like no longer than a few minutes and then I'm in like you know the gear you get in a queue sometimes if it's a busy time a lot of people are having problems sometimes you end up in a queue sometimes is instant and you can talk to somebody pretty much straight away within 30 seconds alright so it's very very quick and they are very very helpful same with Bluehost okay Bluehost has 24/7 support which is just as great it's not much to compare between these two either because they are equally as good in my opinion so yeah not much to say there but compared to other web hosting then these two both of these a to hosting and Bluehost they both have probably the best custom support that I've come across okay a to hosting like I said it's 24/7 have never had to wait long for help and they always give me the help that I actually need and I've never had like I've never been stuck and they've always sorted out whatever problem I've had no matter what you know sometimes I just need help I don't know how to do something like that that's the most that's my problem I have most the time okay I don't know what to do how to do something they can help you they can guide you through it and just get whatever you need done okay so customer support nothing bad to say there it is great one more thing actually guys that I want to talk about is a for beginners like a most you are gonna be using a wordpress right a lot of people use WordPress to make a website because it's just probably the easiest platform to build a website on so they do have dedicated WordPress hosting okay but a tree hosting they don't make it as easy as some other web hosts okay so again I'm gonna compare with Bluehost okay because Bluehost when it comes to a wordpress install it does not get any easier than Bluehost okay it's literally one click so you go through your purchase your package and everything I thought you choose your domain and then you get a you get one button to click to install WordPress and boom it does it automatically for you with literally one click it is so so easy with Bluehost is very very beginner friendly it is it's just this is the the easiest WordPress install out of anywhere posting that you can find okay well it but as for a2 hosting guys is not as easy okay you have to purchase everything go through everything then you have to log into your cPanel and then find the application in your cPanel WordPress and install it through there it is a little bit more difficult it doesn't make much difference but if you're a beginner and you're not very tech savvy then you know it you could get stuck a little bit okay it's not as easy to find it's not as easy to do you might have to go into YouTube and search for a video on how to do it something like that okay because it's not it's nowhere near as easier as it is with Bluehost so finally guys my honest opinion about a tuhoe thing is if you are going to purchase one of those faster plans the turbo plans then it's definitely worth of the case so if you're gonna purchase this one you know the table one I showed you at the start the most expensive one then it's yes it's probably worth going with a two hosting if you want the best speeds and you can afford to pay this nine thousand thirty one cents a month for the first term don't forget it's gonna bump up to $19 a month after your first term okay but yes it's definitely definitely worth it because the you do get way faster speeds the fastest I've come across with this package right here okay but otherwise if you're gonna go with the light package or the Swift package then I honestly I would choose another web hosting such as Bluehost okay because this just makes it way way easier if you're choosing one of these then you're probably a beginner looking to build your first website or something like that and for beginners I would definitely definitely recommend Bluehost but if you already have a website and you're just looking to change up your web hosting then I would go with a two hosting and I would choose this turbo package just to get the best speech if you already have traffic coming to your website okay you have a lot of traffic you wanna you know you wanna make impress some of your fast website and definitely go with this turbo package with a two hosting everything else like that you know the custom support equally is good Bluehost and a2 hosting equally as good they're gonna help you as much as they can and as quick as they can pricing again nothing much to compare they're very very competitive all the prices are pretty much similar okay but like us but you don't forget it's gonna go up in price don't forget that the 931 is be a first term so I would recommend purchasing the longest term that you possibly can just to save money in the long term okay so yeah and uptime both of them honestly guys like I said I haven't had a problem with Bluehost uptime okay for me Percy didn't thirty minutes he was down the other day it didn't make much much difference to me and that's the first problem I've had in a very very very long time it hasn't been down for a very long time before that okay so my overall opinion guys if you're a beginner looking to start your first website go with Bluehost okay they make it very easy with one click wordpress install the custom support is great and they have very very cheap prices ok if you are already have a website and you just want to up your speeds then go with a two hosting and choose the turbo package that is my honest opinion ok Bluehost for beginners a to hosting for people with websites already looking to up their speeds alright then guys that is pretty much it for this video hope you found it helpful if you did please don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe and share with any one's gonna be interested in this as well like I said in this video guys I will have links in the description down below for you ok – both a2 hosting and Bluehost whichever one you think suits your needs go with that one alright they're both very very good web hosting and yeah you can choose whichever one you think is gonna be right for you but yeah thanks for watching I'll catch you in the next video .

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A2 Hosting Review – Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting (From a REAL User)

Hey guys, welcome back to another video! In this one, I'm bringing you a review of A2 Hosting to help you make an informed decision on whether or not you should choose A2 Hosting as your web hosting platform. So if you've been looking for A2 Hosting reviews, you're in the right place. What is the best web hosting in 2019? In this video, I will help you decide.

Is A2 Hosting the best web hosting platform for 2019? Is it the right web host for you and your website? This review will help you decide!

If you're looking for web hosting for a WordPress website or blog, then Bluehost would probably be your best option. Especially if you're a beginner. However, if you're more advanced and have a few websites already, then I think A2 Hosting is the one for you. With the one click WordPress install, Bluehost web hosting is great for beginners!

If you have ANY questions or need help with anything, leave a comment below and I'll do my best to help you out.

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