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hi David from my best hosting review.com and this video is about a to hosting an overview and review so I've used them for about a year and if think I'm very qualified to talk about this and again compare them to the many other hosting accounts that I've tried hundreds of hosts okay and I'm gonna tell you what I think in this video pretty pretty quickly so feature cPanel a very important feature a lot of companies make their own cpanel instead of using the classic cPanel thankfully they have the classic cPanel which is much better it's just standardized and it has all the things that you need and it's I just I'm just so had every time I see that I'm I'm much happier okay so it does have the cPanel so yes that's good support they have very good support they're known for for their excellent support and so that's important if you send a message and you have a query or you have your having issues there they're very good at responding and they make it easy it's in my experience okay I haven't needed the support a whole lot but the the times that I have used it I've have gotten a good response as opposed to some other companies let's check out their pricing let's see if I do get started let's just do light let's see the cheapest you can get use code zip 51 which is every company they're gonna say let's let's say we're gonna register in your domain continue so I typically compare by 12-month price priority support I don't think you need that my experience is there's a burger okay so fifty-two dollars for the first year that's that's a good price that's that's that's gonna be a good price that it's gonna be hard to find a really good company that has that price no the year after that it's a hundred dollars which is a little bit high but again I'm willing to pay a little bit extra for a company that really has good support so my on my opinion I think it's it's worth it plus it's you know it's a year from now and if you really are worried about that you know you can get that's this price ninety-three dollars for two years or even the thirty six month price okay I typically will just get the twelve month and we want you even get to pick your location which I also like let's encrypt free that's actually a really good that they give you an SSL certificate of companies will charge you a decent amount of money for that and and that's that's pretty much it I think that this this by its up listed by this price it's a really good price okay and this is you're not gonna be able to find a better offer than this is their standard their standard offering okay are they owned by EIG which again if you haven't watched before they're a company that buys successful hosting companies strips their support and and it keeps their pricing the same so here's a list this is actually their Wikipedia page it's called endurance international group no they're not on there so that's good I would be surprised okay and you know you never know a year from now they might buy it and then I would take them away from my my recommendation but right now actually I do I do highly recommend them I think they're they're one of my favorite hosts right now if not my favorite and there's a link below to worry you should be able to go through and buy it you know please buy through my link it doesn't cost you anything extra and I get a little bit of credit for for that if you like this video please like this video thanks for watching please let me know if you have any questions and have a great day bye .

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I've used over 100 different hosts. How does A2 Hosting stack up against them?

A2 Hosting presents an attractive feature set

Watch the video for my unfiltered opinion!

After trying out well over 100 hosting companies, want to know which one is my favorite?

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