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we're going to review a to Hosting's web hosting services now before we start off with a review let's go over some of the facts and history about a2 hosting before we start reviewing the company now it's your hosting started way back in 2003 and since then they've had a pretty pretty long history so they've been around for 14 plus years and the fact that they've been around for that long considering how competitive the web hosting industry is is a testament on how good their products and services are so finally they've been around for this long and are still running the company it's it's very impressive the fact that they've been able to do that for such a long period of time so with that in mind let's go over the actual plans of the web hosting services so if you go over to the web hosting services at their home page as we could see they offer any everything from share hosting to reseller hosting to VPS hosting and dedicated hosting so I started from three nine two months the 13 19 to 5 hours a month $2.99 59 or month now most of us we pretty much go over the shared hosting category so if we go over that really quick as you could see if you look at the windows plans with actually another thing that separates dates you hosting with other web hosting companies is that they do have they do operate or offer services for the Linux operating system so it does give them that competitive edge by providing Windows and Linux plans but for the vast majority of people they pretty much use Windows so if we go over here they have three different plans they have the light Swift and the turbo plan so with the light plan they start off at 490 per month and normally it's $9.99 per month with their light with so if it's 588 per month and normally start off at 1199 and then their turbos 1078 and it's normally a 21-9 now the differences between these packages is between the light and Swift packages you're differentiating one website versus unlimited websites that you could put on there you could have up to five databases which means you can have up to five separate insults so what if you're using WordPress you could utilize five different installs or five separate databases with that plan and then with a swift plan you get a limited data space or databases in terms of storage it's pretty much a metered transfers on meter and another cool thing about this is with both plans you do get a free SSL and SSD or free as a self certificate as well and what pretty much makes these two plans different from the turbo plan is you do get faster web hosting speed you do get the a to site accelerator and as you can see here I mean they're pretty upfront and forward they have an anytime money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied with their services when you start out so if you want to check this out go ahead and click the links below or click on the links around the video with the YouTube cards so those are pretty much the shared web hosting plans and if we look at some of the reviews I mean they're a fairly high highly reviewed company as you can see here you know they have real customers that have put in their input with a company so you can also look that by clicking the links below and of course there's the plans again but what separates a two hosting with other web hosting platforms out there is their actual support so you could pretty much contact the support anytime they have a 24/7 365 support you can go ahead and call their toll-free number here one eight eight eight five four six eight nine four six and the website over here it's pretty sleek and it's fairly clean in terms of the helpful resources that you could use so if you have troubles with billing your donate name servers your SSL Certificates your control panel or just looking at the a – portal or your customer portal or using the control panel with Plesk you know they they could pretty much answer most of your questions so it's very good in shirring that when you get involved with a company you know that they have a service like this because you don't want to get a web hosting company that takes weeks to answer your questions so overall a to hosting and it has a fairly good support team and it's it's fairly impressive you know which again is probably why they've been around for 14 plus years now besides that we go over the plans they're supporting the reviews let's go over the nitty gritty and let's look at their actual speed so by looking at the speed test log I went over to test my net and looked over how stats for a to hosting and if you go to the test log here actual customers were able to put in their input on how fast or what posting speeds are so depending on the plan I can go up to two point two one megabytes per second to twelve to one but if you look at the actual averages over here we can see that the average download speed for a to hosting is eight point four megabytes per second and the current download speed index for is 28 if you look at the upload speed test for it at six point eight megabytes per second and normally the average for the industry for that is roughly eight or nine seconds so with in terms of the web hosting if you look at the Trib web hosting is still fairly quick you know the pricing is not the cheapest you know there's other alternatives to it but overall it's a very good company you know they have a solid support solid web hosting and you know they have been in the game for a very long time so other than that that's pretty much the bulk of this review you know other than that there's also web builders integrations that you could use as well you could use WordPress in an integration Magento ecommerce Open Cart ecommerce Joomla for making courses and learning web sites and Drupal as well so other than that that's pretty much it guys that pretty much .

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