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hey this is Deepak here from digital Deepak calm and in this video I want to give you an overview of a2 hosting so a2 hosting is the web hosting company that I recommend for you to go ahead and setup your WordPress blog I have given a link below this video to sign up for a two hosting and if you click on that link you will be able to get this 51% of offer and sometimes it's even more than fifty one percent off so basically you visit a2 hosting and click on get started if you want to start with the journey of creating your own self hosted WordPress blog and as I have mentioned in many of my previous videos having a self hosted WordPress blog is very important for personal branding and also to learn digital mapping so here I will go ahead and click on get light and if you have a domain name already then you can choose I will use my existing domain name and update my name server so here you have to put the domain name that you own already and if you own your domain name in GoDaddy or some other domain registrar a2 hosting will give you something called name servers and you have to go ahead and update it on your domain registrar for the domain name and the hosting to get connected if you don't want to go through all that hassles then just go ahead and select register a new domain name and I will just put a test domain name here so I will just put it as Deepak test 20:20 should be definitely available so when you are registering a new domain name you can register from you to hosting and that will cost you 14.95 USD you can click on continue here you have the option to pay in Indian rupees as well so don't worry that the price is being displayed in dollars and you will be able to get all the payment options such as credit card debit card debt banking UPI and all those things so here it is your choice to go ahead and sign up for 36 months plan if you want so if you sign up for 36 months basically the cost is 287 dollars but it will go down 1:46 it'll go down by 146 dollars to 140 0.94 dollars so that might be too high I recommend you just go ahead with a 12-month price and after putting the discount it is fifty two point eight six USD so click on continue so here you don't need ID protection click on continue and you don't need any of this DNS management or anything so here you can see that we have got a 51% of one-time discount and the total hosting cost is fifty five USD and then the GST is twelve dollars and then on top of it you add the domain registration cost it would come to eighty dollars so this might look like a big investment right now but believe me once you have your own website opportunities to make money from the website starts opening up so it is recommended that you go ahead and get your own website so now I will go ahead and click on checkout and here you should enter all your details and here you can see what is the total do so go ahead and pay by RCC of a new check or money order Bank where PayPal Skrill credit card or debit card so bunch of different payment options are there select I have read the Terms of Service and click on complete order so once you do this your account will be ready and once your account is ready you should be able to go ahead and login into your cPanel so the details that you give here the username and password will be used to go ahead and login at the client area of a to hosting and you can see this is my client area of a2 hosting so one service one domain I have already registered a domain called Hetch Hetchy index comm which stands for health and happiness index so I thought of creating a separate website for it uninstalling WordPress so here inside this login you can go ahead and login into your cPanel so if you have already registered the domain name or native hosting the hosting at a2 hosting and it we'll get connected automatically if you have your domain name at GoDaddy or some other website then go ahead and update your name servers on your domain registrar to link both and once you do this it will take up to 24 hearts for this to get updated on all the networks and if you try to open your own website on your computer it will not open initially it will take up to 24 hours for the dns to propagate so that has to be updated across all the servers in the world so it takes some time so if you want to install a wordpress blog go ahead and click on WordPress a to optimized and here you will be having an option to install your WordPress blog just with a few clicks so here I am not showing you that progress because I have already installed my blog HH index and if I click on this you will be able to see that the wordpress blog is already installed so the set up process is very simple you just need to enter a few details click Next Next and the wordpress blog will get set up so this is how you go ahead and use cPanel to one click install WordPress and once you have installed it your username password everything will be emailed to you and using those details you can login into your WordPress install plugins install themes and whatever you want to do with your WordPress login so as simple as that so that's the overview about a2 hosting and how you can use a to hosting to set up your own WordPress blog and get up and running with your own website so if you have any questions go ahead and leave a comment below and I will see you in the next video bye bye .

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This video explains how you can get your own WordPress blog at A2 Hosting.


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