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Hostgator Website Builder Walkthrough

Looking to find the most comprehensive walkthrough of Hostgator’s Website Builder?

In this video, I’ll take you through Hostgator’s Website Builder and show you its inner workings, such as how to modify the design, choose templates and improve the overall aesthetic of your website!

hi everyone Tom here I’m sorry give me a quick overview of Hostgator website builder and give you a quick tour about them so a quick disclaimer for you guys is that I may be compensated by any companies mentioned in my videos so if you click on one of my links and make a purchase this won’t cost you anything extra rather it supports me my quest to bring you more comprehensive reviews imposing products such as this one in the future now in this
video we’re gonna be covering the following so we’re gonna be covering the price of how much you have to spend to actually get access to host Gators Gator website builder what are the features are there any templates or how many how many pages you can do for a certain design so stuff like that and then I’m gonna give you a walk through about it I’m gonna show you the inside the website builder as well as what options you can choose what templates
you can use as well any design functionalities you can actually get access to you and perhaps just overall how to use it so after that I’m gonna give you my final thoughts about haters website builder in this video so here we are at his Gators Gator website builder page and basically these are the prices for each plant so there are three plans and there’s hard a starter premium in e-commerce now all these are currently offered 50% off for the
introductory special price so the starter will cost you three dollars and 84 cents per month which includes free hosting a domain name and the drag-and-drop builder on top of that you do get customizable templates website analytics free ssl certificate and 24/7 365 support so it’s a pretty good deal actually even for the most basic plan was just the starter plan now for premium you get everything that you actually are getting with Starr plan
except you get priority support as an addition and finally for the e-commerce everything that’s included plus the access to ecommerce functionality so if you have in mind let’s say you want to run an e-commerce website or run an online store then the e-commerce plan work perfectly for your needs now if say for example these plants are not what you have in mind and you just want to get access to the site builder together with a Hostgator
subscription provided you already have one good news for you hostgator actually includes a website builder for you to use when you when you subscribe to them with any of the shared web hosting plants so right now we can get in look at the editor which is you know a quick gif right here and enforce the templates now one of the templates I like to look at it’s the green technology consultant that is for business you have for blogs ecommerce
portfolio and Technology now don’t get me wrong these are not the only ones available for you to choose from now when you get in to the website builder itself it’s going to ask you first what template you would like to use and edit to your heart’s content now these are just samples now we’re gonna take a look at the green technology consultant we just opened right here and basically it’s already set up once so it’s kind of uses the single
scrolling page design template for its pages which means it pushes a lot of content for you to feature on your website now this is more of a business oriented website design say it maybe add what your company is about or what your now what your blog is about or your portfolio what your services are maybe add some stuff here then basically just edit it to you to whatever you want and number here maybe your social media links so something like this
it’s what you get with the templates now if you’re not fan of the templates you can just start one from scratch okay it’s that simple so now I’m going to take you on a tour on a tour rather Gators web site builder so this is how it looks looks like inside a Hostgator web site builder now one thing to keep in mind though is when you try to pay any time it for whatever reason make sure that’s a template you want because at least in my experience
when I chose this template I was thinking maybe I could just go back and repack another one and start from there well unfortunately that wasn’t the case with with my subscription and now I’m stuck with this template now it’s not ugly or anything I just wanted to try something else so that’s something to keep in mind now with that said basically this is core of what it would look like and this is a single scrolling design so to keep it to do a pre
B rather just hit the preview button and it’s gonna show you what what it would look like when you start publishing it so pretty straightforward actually so just hit finish preview and you get access to a lot of elements over here so you start with a button a container as files HTML images live feeds even so you can get access to a Twitter feed or Instagram feed if you like featuring images or tweets from the social media platforms you can have a
sound out player paintball if like I said if we’re running an online store or an e-commerce website then naturally support PayPal integration for customers or visitors actually check out from your website and shaped site navigation and the like so pretty much pretty basic actually so not much to choose but I say it’s quite feature-rich then of course you can manage your pages now with the most basic plan you’re limited to only six pages now I
only have this one page so maybe I want to add and about me and Amy I don’t know maybe I’d like to add this one and then I’ll just put about me and now I have an about page so then I could just preview that again and then check the other page as well go back so basically that’s how you do pages now you can force a reorienting depending on which one which order you wanted to be and then of course you get access to sections now with sections since
the home page is divided into sections can actually reorder them depending on how you like like so wanted this one on top maybe this one in the middle of this one the bottom stuff like that so can do such such things very very easily now for design you have options let’s say you want to change the text style or change the paragraphs I see maybe 36 or maybe 48 so things like that can be easily done within their settings now of course if you don’t
like the current font setup you can just add it to font maybe I want this one or I want this heading now would fit depending on the formatting of your paragraphs and headings as well so like here it’s a very visible now if I click this heading now these ones change so depending on actually what you want it to be so four-star templates that allow you to have it you know readily available right away but if you want to do a little bit more
customization make it a bit more personal then that’s easily done as well next are the color preset so you have a few presets actually you can even edit your own preset so maybe want dark one like so maybe you wanted a shade of white or red because that’s not a good idea so it just hit apply and now I have a dark theme so let me just quickly fix this section right here so I have the fonts changed now maybe just tweak it a bit so it looks more a
bit tasteful so maybe this one won’t be a good idea and then of course I wanted to be a bit more lighter so light in terms of actually the back shadow for the text now of course you can just click any preset here and depending on the theme or template that you chose it may or may not fit so I’m gonna leave that decision up to you so I think this one looks nice this one as well but it looks a bit more restaurant compared to a dance club or dance
bar so maybe I’m just gonna leave it at this side preset so there options coming from the side preset itself which means it’s coming from the template design or they also have preset presets available right here now of course you can also choose the background that you want so you can have a light background red blue green I have a brown one dark grey excuse me and maybe yellow if that’s our thing give it up black leave it up white that is
depending on you so can even choose a textures like this one this one is an odd one so yeah so it takes a while to load depending on your connection speed but it gives you whatever pattern you want it to be so this one is maybe I’m not sure so maybe stripe sticks a bit more business maybe this texture looks a bit more fancy that depends on you now you can also choose images as well as you go through the entire site like so so but of course try to
blend it properly so it doesn’t look so out of place then of course the blog say if you want to create a blog you just go ahead right here which store like I said you need to upgrade or juice the the premium plan for you to be able to use the e-commerce functionality on your website so this includes inventory management choice of several payment processors so you get probably stripe PayPal and a few other payment gateways so maybe credit card as
well Visa MasterCard Discovery and American Express now of course that’s stats won’t be available if it’s not yet published so you need to publish a site first before you’re actually able to use insights or stats then finally to manage so that gives you access to save history redirects fav icon a Google Analytics mailing list form submissions and advanced which allows you to edit the site meta tags the site HTML and the site footer HTML so think
of this as a fully functional website builder so if you’re familiar with WordPress this is quite the similar thing except you know it’s if he can’t really bother learning WordPress and this might be the thing for you then of course you can actually change things here so if I wanted click on this alien if you move it around up here and maybe change this to patty make it bold a bit that’s change a color something a bit more lighter like so and then
maybe I could highlight it I wants you and it’s blue or really I don’t want it to look that ugly so I’m just leaving a white no actually I’m gonna I am going to remove that and then maybe the header can change the header to actually whatever you want it to be so say the best dance bar in town want to bold it change the font to maybe Julie’s sans one can access some more fonts like let me be the old standard so it’s like a rodeo bar then change
the color to whatever you wanted to be so you can get more colors here maybe change it to a bit more light green you need to highlight them first and then actually change the color a bit so like so and that’s it that’s green now but of course I just need to undo this and make it white so yeah it’s pretty safe forward now if you want to get access to do image just like so you don’t want this image that’s okay just click on the section design so
what about that can change whatever orientation you want it to be maybe you wanna do a certain certain section feature a few images which ever you wanted to be you have a few options right here so you have a full-size one like this one or it can just hit back to original so that’s how you change the design now I want to change the content of it then just hit style and then just hit the image they have lots of stock images to choose from like
maybe a computers in technology like this one just hit place and it’s gonna go right in there so this is a container and this dimension setting won’t change unless you said you want it to change so you can increase or decrease the padding underneath add a few animations so you want to know how that looks like this just hit preview and there you go the one underneath it bounced because I set it so but of course you don’t want that then just clear
clear the animation and that’s pretty much it I mean if can’t really explain what sees it because of course it’s going to depend on whatever design you want it to be so of course these days are outdated because it’s a temple it can just edit them right away now of course these fonts they’re not actually matching the current design because it makes it difficult to read so I’m just gonna go to design and go to fonts and change the heading to
something more readable so probably this one this one looks clean yeah definitely this one looks cleaner so want to change things like maybe changing the font color for this one then just hit the element right here hit advanced hit style and just change the text to a lighter one of course you want to see change as well then highlight it and hit the color and there you go Bob’s your uncle with that one so a lot of problems she’s from basically
sky’s limit with this kind of software Hostgator did a very good job designing this website builder for everyone to use now you aren’t going to be limited by a few things like say for example if you are buying or purchasing rather the lower budgeted another lower price plan then you’re gonna be restricted with the features you can actually use Wade Hostgator so maybe manage the gallery right here and then you can choose what images you want it to
be so so this is what I did okay so I click the gallery manage gallery I hit the image and then I just hit change and I want to image to be I know maybe maybe a game or pool then just hit place and hit save and that’s it you change the image successfully so this are one of the few options you can actually utilize to make your website much more beautiful with Hostgator select wide selection of templates to choose from then once you have a template
you just added it to your heart’s content and just make beautiful websites so overall what I recommend hostgator Skater website builder and the answer is definitely yes so of course if you are already an experienced webmaster and you have experience with let’s say designing web pages or websites online then you might find this tool to be quite boring because it does a lot of things for you now this tool is aimed at people or bloggers that don’t
actually have the right amount of experience or skill to actually make something as beautiful as web standards today so if you’re not familiar with WordPress or you just can’t wrap your head around the idea of learning a wordpress Gator website builder is another strong option to go with if you want to design a website from scratch without you know having any coding or ramming experience so of course it’s not it’s not really that free you’re
gonna have to pay for it but what I’m what I mean when I say free is kind of constricted with whatever options they have offered right there so if you want absolute freedom with whatever you want to do then of course you have to resort with coding from scratch now I know everyone has to kid or can’t code from scratch that’s why pieces of software such as Hostgator is website builder are out there in the market today to make everyone’s life easier
so what I’m gonna do for years of course I’m gonna leave a link down below in the description to sign up with Hostgator skater website builder at a discounted price and I’m gonna leave a link down below to my separate video regarding Hostgator where I review their saw their hosting service my lifes and dislikes about them and basically my final review about hosts Gators shared web hosting so these two go hand in hand like I said you know you get
the Gator website builder separately or you can get it together with a shared web hosting plan the choice is yours so have you used Gators website website builder before what was her experience let me know in the comment section down below give this video a thumbs up if you liked it a thumbs down if you disliked it and as always don’t forget to subscribe