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HostGator vs Hostinger Hosting 2022 (Which is Best for Website Hosting)

Learn about HostGator vs Hostinger Hosting 2022 (Which is Best for Website Hosting)

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hostgator versus hostinger in today’s video i’m going to compare these two web hosting companies so that you can make the best educated decision to which web hosting company you want to choose what i’m going to do is compare the pricing and features and then finally give you my personal opinion to which platform is the better one if you appreciate that leave a like on the video and let’s get started now right off the bat if i go to hostgator
and then wordpress hosting because most of the people are gonna do wordpress hosting and scroll down you’ll see that hostgator is an affordable web hosting company they’re offering plans from 5.95 per month all the way up to 9.95 now let’s take a look at what that will give you so for the cheapest plan which is a starter plan you can get 40 off as of right now and that will give you one site up to 100k visits per month 1gb of backups a free ssl
certificate and a free domain that is awesome honestly that’s a really good offer already if we compare that to hostinger here we are if i scroll down go to wordpress hosting you can see that these guys are even cheaper however there are a few limitations with this you can see that it’s only 1.99 per month that must be one of the cheapest options out here that will give you a website 30 gb of ssd storage 10k 10k visits monthly if we compare that
you can see for um six bucks you’ll get 100k visits and here it’s eight dollars for 100k visits so in that specific element hostgator is a bit cheaper you’ll get one email account you will get a free ssl so once again that is also included on hostgator so an ssl certificate is pretty much the like verification making sure that your website is secure so that it doesn’t look sketchy you’ll get 100 gb of bandwidth you won’t get a free domain for
this one which is not great but this one does offer a free domain so honestly guys this one right here is going to be a single wordpress one two bucks per month i would always recommend going with this one because it’s three bucks and you can see the differences are just worth it like 99 more website uh 70 gb more storage you can get um 25k visits and all of this stuff is included so honestly this is like the goated plan on hostinger now if we
compare that once again to hostgator you’ll see that the cheapest plan here if i do compare all plans is six bucks per month now let’s see is that already it yep i guess so i’m not sure or it’s not working so the cheapest one is six bucks and here if you go to three bucks you’ll get all of these features including free emails free ssls free domains unlimited ban with google ads credit and manage wordpress wordpress multi-site 30-day ma 30 days
money-back guarantee so you just get the best features out there and pretty much all you need now we’re i mean hostgator has a 45-day money-back guarantee as you can see so that’s a little bit more now let’s take a look at the actual speed and the uptime because that’s really important now both platforms offer you a 99.9 uptime as you can see on hostgator i was able to find it on the feature list 99.9 uptime the best ability is availability so we
make sure your site stay your site stays up my bad and on hostinger they also offer 99.9 i’ve done my research i’m not able to find it on the specific pages here let’s see so i can’t really find it right away but i do know it’s 99.9 on hostinger as well so in that specific element it’s going to be a tie now let’s take a look at the support so if you’re going to go with a company it’s really important to get great support as you can see on
hostgator they’re offering 24 7 365 support however in my opinion and from things i’ve been able to tell on reviews and from other people as well hostgator in terms of support is not the best it can take a while for them to get back to you even though they’ve got 24 7 support if we go to hostinger wholesinger is the clear winner in terms of support you can see that if i scroll down they also have 24 7 support however this is professional and
hands-on and they’ve got a dedicated team of experts that are trying to like they’re just hired they’re there their job is to help you solve your technical issues to get your website up and running any time so in terms of in terms of the so in terms of support hostinger is definitely better than hostgator which platform is better for speed host singer or hostgator in my opinion and from what i’ve been able to tell looking at stats and performance
hostinger is better than hostgator in terms of the speed because they’ve got global servers and that means that the speed no matter where you are and just globally like from a global perspective hostinger is gonna be better so they’re gonna give you a better performance both platforms so hostinger as well as hostgator like i said offer very cheap hosting compared to other web hosting companies out there however which one is going to be the best
is it going to be hostgator or is it going to be whole stinger let’s take a look at the most important features that they’ve got and then let’s make up our conclusion in terms of pricing hostinger is going to be declared when if i scroll down once again you’ll get very cheap packages with a lot of good features that you also get on hostgator so in terms of pricing hostinger is the clear winner in terms of the performance and speed once again
wholesinger is going to win the global servers are going to be better for hostinger the downtime is going to be a tie like i said both of them offer 99.9 uptime so the downtime and uptime is going to be a tie so there’s no difference in that however like i said the speed and the performance is going to be hosting her hostgator is offering you domains web hosting and website building within one platform for affordable prices and they’ve got a
45-day money-back guarantee overall that makes up for an amazing platform hostinger also has that they’ve got cheap plans so for a beginner that doesn’t have that much budget hostinger is pretty much amazing because look at how cheap this actually is it’s really easy to use they’ve got a great hosting servers they’ve got a great hosting service their global servers are amazing which will give you a great website performance and overall i would
choose hostinger over hostgator now apart from that i do want to mention that whichever platform you choose to go with you’ll be in safe hands it’s not as if hostgator is a really bad one or hostinger itself is not the best of the best out there like i said both of these platforms are gonna be able to deliver you a good service so even though you’re not sure which one to go with don’t panic about it if you’re gonna go with hostgator you’ll have
that money back guarantee of 45 days and it’s still an amazing platform that you can use which is why it’s one of the most popular ones out there now the same goes for our whole singer it’s still like i said i’m gonna go with this one it’s still a great platform but it’s not that hostgator isn’t good at all so which company is the better one in my opinion it’s gotta be hostinger like i said they’re great for beginners they are really cheap they
offer a free ssl free domains they offer a lot of free stuff and good features and their support team is outstanding that definitely outshines hostgator so my opinion i would go with hostinger any day of the week but hey that’s just my personal opinion let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below please consider leaving a like on this video because like i said i’m not getting paid to say any of this so that would help me out in the
youtube algorithm thank you so much and then i’ll see you in the next video you can also click on one of the videos on the screen right now to check out the playlist of comparing web hosting companies to find out the best company for you i’ll see you there