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hello everybody this is scott i am back with another video and in this one i will be wanting to i’m going to be talking about what it is to actually physically own a website that you pay for and that you run and what it takes now a lot of people think having a site is a bit is just lines and lines and lines of coding and i if you don’t know it then you shouldn’t bother well that’s not true yes i know how to do HTML I can do CSS Java JavaScript
bla bla bla bla bla bla bla doesn’t matter Aztec techno technology is advanced to the point where basically anyone who knows how to use their mouse and keyboard can have a site now generally when it comes to debugging and adding unique items that can be more difficult it’s not though as long as you have someone you can ask or you can call them up so what what does it truly take you’ll need two things you’ll need a URL you get the purchase a URL
and you have to go to you have to get a hosting so I have two things that I recommend over any of the other competition for reasons based on statistics pricings and features that you will enjoy so if you are looking to buy a domain GoDaddy is the largest domain provider it has over 50 million people that use it and they’re super cheap so if I want to go for wwm and I search that go daddy’s going to tell me ok I can buy it this and is going to
cost me 400 org mo be calm and if I say buy it it’s going to cost me 10 bucks that’s per year it’s actually an extremely good deal to own your own thing and right here I can buy all of them net info dot org all for $15 that’s actually a nice little deal Go Daddy’s extremely cheap and that’s actually their highlight of their business that’s what they are now if you are looking to buy from another place let me remind you that it’s probably going to
be more expensive and as far as who owns who you buy your domain from doesn’t mean anything at all now the thing about GoDaddy is I cannot recommend their site it all for hosting the reason being is of I go to web site hosting here’s what you get for paying 7 bucks a month malware scanner there’s a lot of actually other tools that do the exact same thing and other sites already offer that SSL cert certificate premium DNS common issues prevent
people from mob do blah blah blah web site accelerator there’s already tools to do this and if you have your set the way it is customizable mobile site there’s so many free tools I can do that already add credit if you pay attention to the fine print you’ll have to spend like twenty-five dollars to use this can’t use the gift card or anything being credit you have to spend twenty-five dollars one promotional per user per customer you do get
unlimited email addresses unlimited databases unlimited disk space and unlimited websites now if you are a person who’s brand-new and you’re looking for cheap easy to use hosting this is something you’ll want however if you want more features and more bang for your buck that completely blows GoDaddy out of the water which is why I will never actually I will never consider using them then I recommend another site called Hostgator Hostgator is my
favorite hosting service because they’re prompt plans are super cheap now this one is $10 for 20% off it’s going to put out like $5 36 I think that’s going to be $12 $12 a month plus your $15 a year for your domain if you got all if you got that bundle pack that is but let’s go into what you get unlimited discs to bits excuse me unlimited bandwidth unlimited domains this is something else that you’re not going to get with GoDaddy free toll-free
at toll-free number let’s see it also they got it’s going to give you 100 minutes a toll free yes I’ve already I’ve already learn that 100 minutes and it doesn’t even look like I have that option here so on let’s just come over here and sitting on this one business ah nope don’t see any toll-free numbers so there goes that already beat it there our free dedicated IP the best thing is I can click on these Oh business plan gives you your hosting on
its own unique static IP address and it tends to have a private SSL a private SSL is a here you can read it right here will access your secure layer between your visitors and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah essentially you want a private SSL because if it’s not private then it’s generally can be easily switched with the IP which can be changing that’s something that you don’t want now you’ll both you’ll always these are all the same except for
you’re getting $100 like Google Adwords and it even says right here after you spend 25 I’m like GoDaddy that doesn’t tell me that beforehand tries to hide it with them under these links hold on another thing is I come over to the domain FTP features a park domains or all K anonymous FTP subdomains a subdomain is essentially any other domain that you have under that one so I like seeing that for example has then it’s got seen at download
comm but it’s still the same site FTP accounts unlimited WordPress hosting this is easy way to travel it over there change it over there all of these can be used to code it email hosting GoDaddy offers epital you get to their final one you get unlimited email address well you get all these spam all of this which generally should already be included I don’t know if it has a it has a pop3 accounts essentially what a pop3 account is it’s a your
outlook in your Mose in your Thunderbird it’s going to send all the emails they’re generally not one of the easiest things to set up and you should only use it if you’re like constantly scanning it with some sort of antivirus and some you want you’re going to want to do um you come over here you got your control panel features there’s just a lot of stuff here real-time updates for your who’s visiting the site everything now here’s where GoDaddy
lost completely this is where GoDaddy fails to succeed over here is where in GoDaddy is where you’ll get your things unlimited products ten item ima just per product free merchant account I am yeah we already know what that is SSL certificate mobile optimization dropship from multiple warehouses and product specific coupons well see that’s great not GoDaddy but you’re charging thirty twenty-five dollars a month the Hostgator on the other hand
offers these basically online stores I mean you’re not going to probably if you’re going to sell something like physical they’ll place an order it goes to your server you read it off and you’ll send it to them but generally if you’re doing an e-commerce based site this is going to be perfect all these are extremely useful as n Cart cube cart or very nice for selling online items such as books that you’ve may have written maybe your own maybe
you’re a photographer and you sell your images to people give them like little snapshots but don’t allow them to get that into the whole thing great tools to use but the best thing is they’re actually included and you also get your own toll-free number which is included per month a hundred and amid an additional four point nine cents per minute not a whole lot you can set it to turn it off after those hundred minutes are used but it is nothing
that you should really be concerned with but now let’s look go over this you factor in the ten dollars that already includes the basic store so we’re gonna give ourselves a calc calculator calculator almost misspelled it what well because I’m lazy calc and I’m going to say okay 10 we’re going to do $24.99 time I’m sorry I know Plus what was it 749 $7.49 $32.48 now we’re going to subtract ten ten dollars thirty six cents to get the features that
you would from Hostgator you would need to spend $22 just for that’s just having an additional store you come over here you get your integration to this right here though is what annoys me not this careless about that they try to sell you the Mauer scanner as something you don’t need that and I don’t think you would want to trust GoDaddy if you were offering a like like a chit legitimate online business to sell items like this you uh you this may
actually be like a good idea if you’re selling physical items it could be a good idea dropship from multiple warehouses the one thing that annoys me the most is GoDaddy offers 1,000 gigabytes bandwidth but there are other things for offering an unlimited bandwidth like hostgator which is also unlimited well how can this be why would they only offer ten five thousand gigabytes it’s generally to limit ecommerce if you’re downloading thousand like
huge files let’s say someone selling a game this is not going to be a cheap service I’m it’s not going to be I mean a thousand gigabytes but yes that is a lot that’s an insanely a high amount never never never never should you limit that it’s one thing to say okay well I’m trying to stop them from using their large let’s just say they’re selling an MMO 20 gigs so we’ll just do a thousand to thirty we’re in / 20 gigs that’s a small game fifty
people could download it you’ve already used your limit that’s just one thing fraud management tools all these I don’t really care about don’t care now one thing that’s interesting is it starts off for $4.99 then it triples then they it’s $10 more I don’t understand their pricing Sean G here maybe there was none but as it seems GoDaddy seems to be a great thing for is a great place to buy your domains the reason so many people think GoDaddy is a
good idea because GoDaddy bought its name hostgator does limited advertising they just do and they just they just have like simple little ads on the side I think even my website I have one let’s just check that out fine okay control see I got BitDefender AVG that’s just right now refresh I do I know oh I know why I did already one article about it and I was comparing that right here I have a web this is what this is the most I’ll ever do GoDaddy
does so much money they spent so much money on advertising it’s the only reason to have so many people buying their domains GoDaddy seems to be thinking that hey I think we’re doing pretty good for ourselves we’re so well-known Hostgator on the other hand has they haven’t I haven’t paid for their name they worked great product cheap product well not great it’s it well yeah it’s not cheap go spending depends on how you look at it but you look at
it and it’s just like okay why would anyone use an inferior product and spend more on the two logically it makes no sense but the reason is is because people tend to safe-harbor certain ideas they’re like okay I know this they advertise that they’re well-known I should use it it’s like people who use Windows Defender it comes with Windows I know it’s good it has to be good it’s from Microsoft generally anyone who’s in the who works in the field
and security will tell you okay well no they have poor detection rates and they’re very limited to what they offer but they will also determine if whether or not the computers can fit to run larger programs because of their at their outdated or not so that’s just me I personally feel that if you are going for hosting and owning your own website you really do need to go to Hostgator as far as they’re both of their control panels for simple and
easy based website development they’re both the same Hostgator has more up has more options and GoDaddy has it’s a signature and it’s very easy to use so thank you very much for watching this long video then surprised edit this kind of surprised took this long so please stay tuned for another one and I will be back in in the near future with more videos so thick very much and