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Hostgator vs BlueHost | Best Web Hosting 2019

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Hostgator vs BlueHost | Best Web Hosting 2019
Which web host is best for your WordPress blog or website in 2019?

Hey guys in this video I will show you which web hosting is best for your website or WordPress blog in 2019.

Bluehost VS Hostgator a lot of people want to know which of these hosting companies is the best, and in this video I will break down for you the differences and show you which one in my opinion is the best web host for you in 2019. If you’re looking for a Bluehost review or Hostgator review, then this video will help you too! Because I give you all the info you need to make an informed decision on which is the best web host.

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Let me know which web hosting company you like best in the comments below.

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if you’ve been planning on creating a WordPress website or blog you’ve probably been looking at some web hosting and if you’re watching this video I’m assuming you’ve probably heard of Bluehost and Hostgator these are the two most popular web hosting websites out there right now and in this video and you’ll be doing a head-to-head comparison letting you know which one is going to work best with your WordPress blog or website so when it comes
to WordPress themselves they only actually recommend three different web hosts for us they are Bluehost DreamHost and site Brown this is an actual screen shot from their website from the WordPress website showing the web post that they recommend and you might notice that Hostgator isn’t even on here but Bluehost is okay so why isn’t Hostgator on there well it’s all just due to compatibility there is no solid reason it’s just that Hostgator isn’t
the most compatible web host to use with WordPress so straight away we’ve already got a reason to avoid hosts get it when it comes to WordPress and stick with Bluehost so it’s not that Hostgator is not going to work with WordPress it is 100% going to work however you might have some compatibility issues now and again so we can’t just stick to that one okay we can’t just stick to that reason alone but going with Bluehost let’s take a look at some
other reasons as well so one of the main aspects of anything is the pricing when we’re looking at anything at all pricing is very important right so these prices aren’t gonna be showing you guys these are exclusive discounted prices for anyone who uses my link in the description down below to sign up for these websites okay so let’s take a look at the different prices that we can get with Bluehost and Hostgator so I’m gonna be comparing them on
their recommended plan okay this is the best pilot you can get there are cheaper alternatives however this is the plan that they recommend and this is the plan that I recommend because this is going to allow full functionality okay so let’s take a look at the prices of the three year plan a one year plan and how much a domain is gonna cost so Bluehost if you want to pay for a three-year plan it’s gonna cost you 595 per month however yo are gonna
have to pay up front for the full three years Hostgator is exactly the same it’s gonna be 595 per month for that as well with a one-year plan again you’re gonna have to pay upfront for the full of 12 months and that’s gonna be work out of seven and ninety-five a month with Hostgator it comes in a little bit more expensive at 895 per month not a huge difference at all just twelve dollars extra per year but every penny helps am i right and then the
last one is their domain okay Bluehost they actually recommend you a free domain okay you’re not gonna have to pay for anything to do with your domain for one year you’re gonna get the domain for free with Hostgator it’s gonna cost you 1295 per year somewhere around there okay so the total costs over one year with Bluehost is gonna be 95 if that’s if you go with it one night one year plan it’s gonna cost you ninety five dollars and forty cents
however with Hostgator including their domain fee as well it’s gonna cost you one hundred and twenty dollars and 35 cents so a saving of about twenty-five dollars if you go with Bluehost over one year and if we go over the options with a monthly fee okay Bluehost they don’t actually offer a monthly plan you’re gonna have to go one year that’s the only drawback okay that might turn people some people off you’re gonna have to pay for a minimum one
year upfront having with Hostgator they do offer a monthly plan but this is gonna cost you two hundred and sixteen dollars and 35 cents over one year it’s gonna cost you sixteen ninety five per month so that’s nearly double of the price whereas if you paid it upfront if you pay for one year upfront with Bluehost that is half the price more than half the price of paying monthly with hostgator over one year so as far as pricing goes it’s entirely
up to you a lot of people get turned off they like to pay for things monthly you can do that with Hostgator you can’t with Bluehost but it is gonna cost you a lot more on Hostgator if you’re paying one year upfront it’s gonna be slightly cheaper for you with Bluehost okay the next important factor that I think comes to choosing a web host are their speeds okay but as far as Bluehost and Hostgator go this speeds aren’t very different they are both
incredibly fast okay there’s not much difference whatsoever you can check up on the internet you can do a search for a speed test a lot of people have done some speed tests and from what I can see guys there is not much difference whatsoever not a noticeable difference anyway however because WordPress actually recommends Bluehost it is slightly faster okay not a noticeable difference like I said guys to the naked eye it is not of noticeable
difference they both load incredibly fast with WordPress both Bluehost and Hostgator not gonna have any problems whatsoever with speeds but when it comes to ranking your websites in search engines such as Google Bing Yahoo wherever you are trying to rank then the space matter very slightly okay so Bluehost is recommended here because they are slightly faster when it comes to WordPress so that means you are going to rank better on these search
engines and the final thing that I think is very very important when it comes to a web host especially for a beginner is their support okay and this is just from my personal experience okay I’m somebody who’s used both Hostgator and Bluehost so this is just my opinion from using them both over time okay and as far as support goes I would say that Bluehost is far superior when it comes to this I’ve had experiences in both I’ve needed help in both
web hosts and with hostgator it usually took honestly it took a few days I’m gonna get back to me they both say they have 24/7 support however I beg to differ because I was really struggling at support with Hostgator so in my experience I wouldn’t recommend it just because of the poor support when it comes to Bluehost they are very very quick in responding ok it’s usually usually on the same day use even a few hours it’s never ever been a few
days to get back to me when I was using Hostgator like I said it took a few days and it really really slowed down my progress when it came to making my websites alright guys I finally let’s get to my verdict so I think it’s quite obvious by now that I highly recommend that you go with Bluehost as your web host when it comes to making a WordPress website or blog there are numerous different reasons for this guys one is that it’s actually
recommended by WordPress ok it’s got better compatibility than Hostgator secondly it is slightly faster ok like I said then the speeds aren’t noticeable to the naked eye however when it comes to ranking in search engines this speed is going to help you ever so slightly and then it is slightly cheaper ok overall if you’re planning on doing a three year plan the prices are the same if you’re planning on doing a one-year plan then the prices are
slightly cheaper like I said it was about a twenty five dollar savings overall when it came to Bluehost and finally guys the support is a lot better with Bluehost ok they are much faster much better support with Bluehost so overall I highly recommend you to go with Bluehost for these reasons alright guys that is pretty much it for this video so please don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up if this has been helpful to you if you’ve enjoyed
please give it a thumbs up it really helps out the channel also guys check the links in the description for Bluehost and hostgator have links of them if you decided to go with Bluehost which I recommend then link will be there for you but if you want to pay monthly okay it’s gonna cost you double the price but you can choose that option if you want so I haven’t linked to host get it down there for you as well okay don’t forget to subscribe as
well guys if you’re interested in more future content make sure you click that subscribe button and bring that notification about as well just to stay up to date with my most recent videos okay my whole channel is about entrepreneurship making money online setting up your own online businesses so guys thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one you