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Hostgator Review – Why They’re The Best Hosting To Grow With

In this Hostgator Review, I go over the hosting plans, website speed tests, and performance benchmarks of hostgator

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you hey what’s going on friends this is rod from what host warriors calm and in today’s video we’re going to be reviewing Hostgator web hosting services now before we start off with the actual review let’s go over the brief history of Hostgator com now company has been around since 2002 it is headquartered in Houston in Austin Texas they founded were founded by Brent Oxley in October 22nd 2002 they had their first on the customers 2003 their
sharted expanding and growing their offices nationwide also in Canada as well and as you can see you know they’ve gone through a lot now fast forward to today they have over 8 million websites hosted through Hostgator they also have upwards to 850 employees whether after a website or whether actual company and if you look at that as a whole with web hosting and it’s a cutthroat industry you know there’s so much competition in so many hosting
companies you know coming left right and center all over the place and Hostgator is managed to survive and thrive off that so that doesn’t say anything about a company you know throughout the years I mean that’s that’s a true testament of how good their customer services and the products and services that they provided the marketplace know you know I can’t just take my word for it let’s look at some of the reviews we go over at hosting advice
their name 2016’s best web hosting company PC magazine’s editors choice for 2016 and WordPress beginners best hosting for business so as other than that I mean there’s just dozens of praise from other companies and other marketers alike and you know it you can’t really go wrong with Hostgator so that’s what I want to start off the video with now let’s go over their actual web hosting plans so if you go over to the top left here which is web
hosting apps three plans they have the hatchling plan baby in the business plan and right now they’re currently on sale for upwards from 43 to 60% off so if you want to get a whole that deal go ahead and click below or click on the links around this video and let’s go through plans really quick so with the hatchling plan you get a single domain so once you get part of their hosting program you get to use one free domain or connect one domain that
you already own you also do get to utilize one-click install so if you’re going to use like WordPress or Joomla or Magento or whatever website builder they pretty much integrate with most of the big ones and you get unmetered bandwidth so again Hostgator does have a massive network and they have a big network of servers as well so can’t really go wrong with that and then could go with a baby plan and business plan they’re on sale for both a five
ninety five per month but if I were you I’d probably show the business plan or the baby plan if you want to take this seriously you do get a limited domains with both plans again one-click installed on mitad unmetered bandwidth you also get a private as a social certificate and your own dedicated IP address with the business plan as well and if we go to scroll down the very mill over here as you can see you’ve utilized different applications so
again WordPress is pretty common joomla magento if you plan on making a wiki page kind of like Wikipedia or Wikia you could utilize that type of website builder as well you use Drupal and PHP PV as well to host your own websites as well if you plan on making a community or a bulletin board or forum and if we go over here how does it stack up against the competition you could also look at this type of page web host warriors comic is another
website but on this page right here let’s compare with the two other big web hosting platforms and site building platforms go to adding Squarespace so as you can see here they’re starting monthly offers are 399 12.3 95 so as you can see already Hostgator already has the superior plan for that and then for the renewal costs Hostgator also has a lower planet stakes 95 for the renewal costs you do get one free domain with each platform and then you
can see a little bit of separation now because with GoDaddy hostgator you do get unlimited pages on metered bandwidth with Hostgator and Squarespace but your capped at 100 gigabytes Go Daddy and then if you look at the bandwidth it’s all a mirror and if you look at the email addresses square face is not provided with GoDaddy you can have up to a hundred free email addresses but with Hostgator it’s unlimited so you can from a trap unlimited
business emails just through one hosting plan and in terms of bonuses if you do join you do get $100 google adwords credit or being credit so once you get your website up and running and you need to start getting traffic you could utilize up to $200 with a free ad credit as well and see over here again just to reiterate they have 8 million also web sites over 850 employees and over 2 million customers worldwide also they have a 40 day money back
guarantee they have a 99.9% uptime guarantee and it’s even fully guaranteed by the CEO himself so I’m just going to skip over this but other things that won me over personally with Hostgator is the actual award winning support so if I have any types of problems with them I just set up their email address or just chat with them and normally you know I get my problem fixed within the same day also they do have all my support portals over 500 plus
video tutorials and 680 plus help articles as well and you also get to utilize the Hostgator community forum as well being a customer so as you can see I mean it’s it’s pretty much no question that Hostgator does provide a really good superior service compared to other web hosting companies so you know overall they they do a very good job of what they do and now you know words are one thing you don’t want to back it up with numbers so if we go
over GT metrics com it pretty much looks at benchmark and performance scores on a website so one of my affiliate sites is white chair ninjas calm so that website talks about like uber and lyft but if that’s a whole nother video but anyway based on the performance scores the PageSpeed score was 93% an average PageSpeed score on most website to 70% then if we look at the actual load time which is just amount of time it takes to load the actual
website took us 3.5 seconds and normally a page like that would take eight point seven seconds so you know overall I mean it’s it’s a very good service you know I can’t really complain I mean you can call it the toll-free number for any questions as well but you know just look over the website click below the video or click around the video and visit their site just look at their plans and if it’s for you go ahead and you know get involved with
them and start building your website as well and I’m sure I’m going to have a different video or tutorial going over that I’ll make sure to link that in the description as well but overall I mean Hostgator is a huge huge company a few years ago they got bought out by endurance international group and if you look at some of the biggest domain and hosting services out there like again Bluehost is huge I page is huge site builder comm
Mojo marketplace you know it’s it’s all owned by the same parent company and and you look at that as a good or bad thing but for me I look at is a good thing because I want a very very good service and the fact that all these companies are all sister companies and they all provide very very good service you know it gives me rest in mind or it gives me assurance that I know that I’m investing in a product and investing in a service that’s going to
help my businesses out you know and make sure that these websites you know are have a really good up to 99.9% uptime and have decent or not decent but above and beyond customer service so you know for me I don’t have any complaints with Hostgator it’s one of my opinion one of the top-rated hosting companies you know from our books as you can see again I’m a highly rated with PC Mag hosting advise WordPress beginner and dozens of other sites and
millions of customers that are happy with their service so if you’re looking forward to joining Hostgator and you know just picking your first company if you want to look over a hosting company Hostgator you can’t really go wrong with them so with that in mind that pretty much sums up our short review you enjoyed this video you can go ahead and click the links below in description or click on the YouTube cards within the video and that’s pretty
much it so hopefully you enjoyed this short review you know this really you know I mean Compaq review that goes over the company and that’s pretty much it guys so I’ll see you guys in the next videos and I’ll make sure to link other videos below in the description as well that you can look over with Hostgator so hopefully you enjoyed this video again this is rod from with host Wacom and I will see you on the next one