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HostGator Review – Green and Affordable Web Hosting Services

Hostgator Review

Since its establishment in 2002, HostGator has been a world-leading provider of web hosting service. Although its headquarters is in Houston, Texas, it provides top-notch service to clients from over 200 countries internationally with our staff of over 750 employees.

It offers Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated server packages for both beginners and professionals alike. Each of their shared Web Hosting plans includes 24/7/365 support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

It is also a company that provides green web hosting, which means they care for the environment too. So if you are concerned about the environment, support HostGator today! 🙂

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hello everyone this is edmond from home business how to start calm okay today i’m going to review a very good hosting service that you can use for your website’s it’s not an hostgator okay so the purpose of this review are we going through some general information about this I’m hostgator i’ll be show you the control panel and of course and finally I’ll be giving you a coupon code where you can use it to get a discount for the hosting services
all right to host the website okay so as you can see Hostgator right now there’s a shooting percent offer studying at two dollars and ninety sixth sense all right and it provides a lot of other hosting services as well it provides reseller hosting that I can get make money of her own web hosting service business and I also provides VPS hosting and dedicated servers as well so essentially a company that is specialized in hosting web hosting
services okay and he has won a lot of a wats and yes we establish in 2002 okay so this is a very credible company which provides top-notch service this is a part in 500 as well to recognize the top final group fastest growing company okay and for Hostgator personally i’ve been using it for close to three years now i started marketing in 2009 and so far the hosting service has been very good okay there there’s not any cases of light unconnected
kind of says the webster all these things it’s very minimal okay and the customer support is really fantastic okay personally I’ve asked a lot of questions all right and they have on many Sean summer questions of Virgo and can see there is now hosting over 8 million domains so it’s really fantastic okay so what are the hosting plans are if you are just starting out already encourage you to go for the hatchling plan but they’ll be only able to
host on domain of course you you wanna you want to host more domains right you might want to consider the baby plant or even the business plan but it provides an SSL an IP protection and of course are a free number as well so depending on how much money you have a hand if you watch a bill intend to operate very big business you might want to go for a business plan and receive the private ssl and IP certificate Israel and a toll-free number
personally I’ve been using the baby plan okay I sign up for the tree yes baby plan so that i can host a lot of domains campuses versus VI ever wrong sorry plus domains and all them a host on hostgator which is really fantastic okay and the hatchling plan is mainly for one domain as well you intend to just have one domain global a national and depending on your budget okay so personally I prefer to sign for three years one because you can save
more money in the process and if you want to save even more money can use the coupon code having a video description save more money in the process you’ll receive a twenty-five percent discount okay when you’re filling up the payment instruction so these are some other features that are follow endure in the hosting so we can see that those who care for the environment you’ll be glad to know that they have provide green web hosting because the
investor in this Texas win energy to have our sets of our missions okay so if you care for the environment you can support Hostgator as well and these are just a lot of features as well they’re unlimited pop3 email comes with smtp cpanel application hosting as well we can host wordpress joomla drupal magento and vicki as well so it’s very very versatile okay now show you the control panel so this is really a control panel that you’ll get when you
sign up for the hosting services that hosting services okay so you can see they’re actually a lot of special offer us here okay and the hostgator lives as well domain management you can add on the cows support portal and here are some information that you can add you as well change language okay you can add email comes as well okay i’ll just show you this portion email accounts okay this is one of my URLs doesn’t matter ok let’s say you’re going
to create a website for this this bottle subdomains you are create email call or you can do just that says support okay and just some key the password if you don’t know about the past which is click as a generator and just some copy it okay and use pass ripped and just create a column it’s as simple as that then you have to email call as well so right here I’ve actually one of my another website my at minute new international com so when you
create a color of that the Commerce will be displayed here so you’re going to view their email enter an email call let’s go ass ass blackmail ok then they’ll provide you with a few options for you to read the emails from ok especially especially for those who are heavily involved in s you’re right you might want to use a cpanel account because it’s safer ok so i usually use read using scooter mail ok so this is how the email looks like as you can
see it’s very easy to use a different forwards to classify your information as well all the addresses so long so this is how the email come on looks like ok so you want to go back to see vangelis click home ok so Nevada SEO marketing tools as well the web services they have a lot of services that you can check out ok which is why I really like it a lot it’s very versatile and the website traffic can be shown here as well ok so if you want if you
are in stock if you are heavily involved in blogging right you’re gonna install WordPress blogger do just go to fantastical deluxe then you want to install just go to WordPress and new installation ok then you just slept from the drop-down and muse that you have right then I’m gonna do just chemo and mini details in the parlor look if you’re not sure about this right they eventually provided a lot of support videos for you to check out so no
worries on that okay okay so so that’s about it you can see that there’s a lot of useful information that can used with this domain this hosting servers all the domains that I have our 40 domains in total I for staff all you Dora and you can hold something means as well and all the email comes all the details will be shown here okay so you can see that I’ve got a baby crop it is my IP address server name these are name servers okay so that’s how
they’re in Turner of the cpanel looks like and you have this some site buter as well and use the site builders to build websites okay so it’s really fantastic you can see okay so with that I’m done with this hostgator what true if you’re ready to use this web hosting service so i’m just click a little description right now how you can just use my coupon code a proper in the video description as well to make payment for your place for your hosting
you’ll receive a thirty-five percent off and have you seen someone in the process okay so why hostgator based on my research okay hostgator probably provides one of the most part of our hosting services available and it’s very reliable as well i’ve used three years and you have not given me any problem with regards to my website down those things none at all so I’m sure if you invest in a good hosting service okay the challenges of their website
being index will be much higher okay since we have a stable web hosting service so with that this is seven signing off I wish you all the best in your internet marketing career ok most important right Hostgator and you really love this service feel free to share your comments in a video as well so can have other people to make an informed decision okay so I wish you all the best in your mark internet business success and thank you for listening
and goodbye see ya