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Hostgator Review 2022: Worst Hosting Out There??? 🤔

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Looking for 2020’s best Hostgator Review? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this video I’ll explain what I like about Hostgator, whether their Uptime claims are accurate or lies, and I’ll give you a walkthrough of my Hostgator account so you can see how it looks without needing to set up an account yourself.

HostGator has been around FOREVER, you can verify that by their Wikipedia page here: OK, so they haven’t been around forever, but they are fast-approaching the 20 year mark as they were founded in 2002. They provide dedicated hosting, shared, reseller, and VPS services.

My experience has been that HostGator is a generally reliable webhost. I’ve had very little downtime with HostGator and, on the rare occasions that a server upgrade has broken one of my websites, I have been able to get that remedied FAST simply by hopping on Chat with Live Support or sending a quick email to

They are based in Houston, Texas and in 2013 were acquired by Endurance International Group for a whopping $225 million dollars.

Not into Hostgator? Well then, no worries. Check out my main pages, I’ve got reviews of dozens of the top web hosts.

I am or have been a user of every host I review on my channel. I even bravely trialed Host Papa at one point (don’t ask). I may be compensated by the companies mentioned in my videos if you click one of my links and make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you any extra and supports me in my quest to bring you more comprehensive reviews of hosting products.


so you’ve decided to start a website and you need a place to host it of course you’re going to choose the one with the half-naked dancing girls right wait that’s not how you make decisions about your website yeah me neither but seriously when it comes to choosing the right hosting solution it’s best to know exactly what you’re getting before you make a decision that’s all right now we’re gonna take some time and talk about the Hostgator
platform and what it has to offer will it provide the tools and features you need to make your site successful stick around if you want to find out hello everyone and welcome to the tech roast my name is Chris del camino’ and I’m here today to talk to you about one of the best web hosting services available for your website to make things a little easier we’ll be talking about Hostgator its features and its pros and cons while Hostgator is one of
the more highly ranked web hosting services on the market today we want to take time to be sure it has what you’re looking for of course we also want to mention that our number one recommended hosting solution is site ground so if Hostgator doesn’t work for you check that one out I don’t know if Hostgator is the oldest web hosting company in the market but they’ve been around for a while as a matter of fact in 2022 they’ll be celebrating 20 years
in the industry its longevity and reliability make it one of the more popular web hosting services out there plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s known for having a helpful support staff and a reliable infrastructure we’ll get more into that in a little bit in terms of security you have a few options available from Hostgator for starters you can select one of their cloud plans which provide both speed and security without doing a lot of damage to your
wallet if you don’t think that’s enough protection Hostgator also has a VPS option with a VPS plan you’ll have more granular control and along with multiple layers of security for maximum protection when I think about security I also think about privacy which hostgator offers as well with its WordPress hosting plans using Hostgator spy visi protection means you won’t have to worry about identity theft the platform does this by keeping your domain
registration information private Hostgator servers how’s your data on 10 disk raid configurations which include redundant backup power basically what that means is it if something goes wrong on one of those disks your site will stay up so it’s like a built in redundancy backup feature for your site to keep it online longer what else slow servers means slow web page load times which means your customers are waiting longer on your site than they
are on your competitors why might that matter well if you’re shopping for a product or like a service I can await potentially for a page to load or are you maybe gonna become impatient and move on to someone who’s invested the time and money to provide a quick and pain-free buying experience it’s also me too one thing you don’t have to worry about with Hostgator is uptime the platform guarantees a ninety-nine point 9 percent uptime well this is
pretty much par for the course within the web hosting industry Hostgator ups its game by offering a month’s worth of credit to customers who experience anything less than the 99.9% uptime they guarantee so not a bad deal if you ask me now by now you may be wondering how much it costs to use Hostgator as your site hosting platform you’ll find that it’s pretty comparable to what you’ll find anywhere else for example hostgator offers three plans for
web hosting the hatchling plan for a single domain at two dollars and seventy-five cents per month the baby plan includes unlimited domains at 3 dollars and 95 cents per month this is the most popular plan if you need a dedicated IP or extra SEO tools for your site the business plan starts at 595 per month Hostgator also offers three different tiers of VPS hosting starting at 2995 per month other web hosting services like dream host charge less
while really fantastic hosting platforms like site ground charge at add more however their offerings are also quite a bit more impressive which makes them worth it if they offer you the services and support that you need of course if you’re in charge of hosting your website you’ll also need access to all the backend information and settings with Hostgator cPanel management tool you’ll be able to control all the aspects of your domain pretty
easily the cPanel is intuitive and user friendly so you shouldn’t have to worry about any trouble like navigating and making changes as they’re needed one area where Hostgator really shines is its customer support you can reach out to the platform through live chat via phone or by email and these options are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year plus with Hostgator support portal you can reach a hosting expert who can answer all
your questions the support portal also provides video 2 toriel’s and community forums if you’re the type of person who prefers to do things on your own have you or are you currently using hostgator as your web hosting solution what do you think about them did we miss anything we’d love to hear any of your thoughts so please write them in the comments below so we’ve discussed some of the features available through the Hostgator platform well the
question remains as to why you should choose Hostgator for your web hosting needs for starters the platform has excellent support service it doesn’t matter what day or time reach out and someone will help you with your problem who doesn’t like that plus Hostgator is intuitive and user friendly a clean and easy to navigate design makes using the platform a breeze even if you’re new to the web hosting scene lastly with Hostgator you can choose the
type of hosting plan that works for you some of the options include shared web hosting VPS hosting dedicated hosting and more setup your site the way you want it so what do I think about hostgator well I think that much like any other web hosting service you’ll come across Hostgator has its advantages and its disadvantages for example when you use Hostgator you’re gonna get an easy-to-use platform that offers 99.9% uptime and a top-of-the-line
support team to take care of your problems the platform offers cPanel with plenty of tools and features free website migration and a money-back guarantee if your site isn’t up when it should be of course no solution is perfect which means Hostgator has its drawbacks as well one that we touched on is its page loading speed customers just aren’t gonna wait around for your pages to load so if that’s super important you may need to explore other
options additionally a few of hostgator VPS plans are on the more expensive side if that’s the route you need to take consider trying another platform some people for example like SiteGround which is our preferred web hosting solution you might also check out DreamHost or a2 hosting if neither of the previously mentioned choices makes sense for you there’s a lot of options out there so there you have it there’s my thoughts on Hostgator web
hosting platform if you do decide to move forward with Hostgator remember to check out the link below for a discount when you sign up and before we end this video I do want to take a moment and disclose that I may be compensated for some of the content mentioned throughout the video if you discover that you’re interested in purchasing the item we’re discussing take a moment and click on a discount link provided below and as always please remember
to like our video and subscribe to our channel so that way you’ll always be in a loop when new content is released so thanks for taking some time out of your day I hope you found my review helpful until next time take care