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HostGator How To Move Your Domain Name DNS Transfer GoDaddy A simple step by step video that shows how to transfer your DNS (Domain Names Servers) from GoDaddy to HostGator, Set up your hostgator account and get started building your own website. More information and free training videos at

welcome Jim Whittaker here again last time we got you a domain name and we pointed that to a company website or web site of your choice now today we’re going to talk about hosting that domain on your own website and creating a custom website so the link below this video will take you to Hostgator that’s where I host my websites and it’ll also give you this twenty percent discount here if you choose to go with Hostgator but let’s look at the
choices of web hosting plans that they have and what I recommend now if you were only going to do one website you would go with the hatchling plan but if you plan on being online any period of time you’re going to end up with multiple websites right now I currently have 29 well actually 30 domain names now so I have a lot of websites out there and this baby plan will handle them all so if that sounds good to you you can have unlimited disk space
equipment unlimited bandwidth unlimited domains that’s the plan i would recommend the business plan comes with a free toll-free number I like to keep my toll free number separate from my hosting plan or anything else so that’s a choice that you have so you if you’re going to have a single domain you can go with the hatchling plan I don’t recommend i recommend that you go with the baby plan starting at six thirty six months it’s going to end up be
and I think 995 a month for you but you’ll be able to put unlimited domains this is going to be all you need for a long long time you just click on the order nail on the baby plan and now over here you haven’t domain so on the right hand side it says I currently have a domain you’re going to put that domain in I already have hosting here so I’m not going to go through the whole process but i would put in work with jim whittaker dot-com and then i
would click on continue I’m not going to do that but you’ll do that so you’ll go into the next step but continue the next step and you’re going to put in your billing information and then they’re going to set your domain up and it’s going to take a little while but eventually you’ll get an email and I’m going to pause for a minute when we come back we’ll go from there okay after you set your hosting account up you’re going to get an email similar
to this one and the information in this email is important so you want to keep this email copy this information and put it somewhere safe but this is going to have your domain name your password to get into your account and your nameservers the name servers what we’re going to deal with right now so what you want to do is copy these name servers is going to be NS four numbers dot hostgator com and the second name server is going to be the same
thing probably one number different so let’s copy these and then we need to go to godaddy calm over here you want to go to your domain and we’re going to launch our domain the same place that we when we forward at our domain in the first video session but now what we’re going to do is point our domain servers to Hostgator so go down here to the left hand lower side and click set name servers and I’m actually doing this I’m going to
take this site this domain through the entire process and click on the very bottom one I have specific name servers for my domains and then enter in the domain servers NS four numbers dot same thing with your name server to probably going to be one number different NS four numbers dot then click OK the changes have been submitted it can take up to two hours for this to to go through before your name server is actually
pointed to the Hostgator account but let’s take a pause and then we’ll get back to the next thing that will do on your Hostgator site okay your hosting account is set up your name servers are pointed to Hostgator and in the next session we’re going to get into setting up content on your website and customizing it until then take care of my friend