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Hostgator – How To Get Started with Hostgator how to get started with hostgator.

hey there this is travis I’m going to help you and walk you through getting set up with web hosting today and let me tell you I thought about 50 different ways to do this video explaining every little detail as we go through with the different definitions mean in terms and I got to thinking you know one of the big things that held me back from getting web hosting was I just got plain confused so what I’m going to do is not explain everything I
am just going to walk you through the steps on getting set up with your hosting now I realize this it requires a lot of trust from you to me but I’ve been using this company for over a year now and have had no problems I don’t like they use little hokey alligator there but they are very professional company and they’ve been able to get on the phone with me anytime I’ve had troubles which is only been a couple times throughout the past year so
let’s go ahead and start the big thing you want to look at is this coupon code here so when you go to the main page write down this coupon codes that’s going to save you a little bit of money the next step is we’re gonna go with the cheapest option here which is 495 a month that says but that’s not exactly true and I’ll show you why here in a second we’re getting the order now button this is one of those screens where it really confuses a lot of
people you should have already watched the previous video this and you have a domain already you set up which is ww whatever your domain is calm so what we’re going to do is I already have my site here and it’s how to get my ex back and then you have a dot and calm over here okay so you should already have this so you just want to click the I will use my existing domain name and update my name servers only so don’t even this is really confusing i
know just put in your site name you should already have this by now if not you need to go back to the the file the PDF file i gave you and go ahead and register your domain name with godaddy okay and what we want is the hatchling we don’t want the baby with the hatchling and this should already be filled out for you and they’re going to hit continue and here’s where it gets the little tree they’re saying 495 but it’s really not for 95 and this
part is really up to you you can just do a straight monthly at 895 and they charge you an extra five dollars for the setup but it would be 895 a month if you want to go out farther you can get a discount is where they come up with four dollars this is your first sight more than likely this is keep it at monthly at 8 95 and this is where you enter your coupon code in there that we got from the front page so what was that again snowman right cool
caccamo take my totals and we get to their handy dandy calculation screen and we’re saving two dollars and seventy nine cents with using the coupon code of snowman and then we got to scroll down here since I am a new customer asked actually I am a existing customer but I know more like if you’re watching this you’re not so I’m going to go ahead and run through this like I’m a brand new customer if we want to hit continue and then we just fill on
this page here I’m going to walk you through this I’m going to actually go through it myself I kind of freaked out about give them all my personal information out i know i can probably blur it out that still freaks me out but the first area tell us who you are is pretty self-explanatory your first name and last name company name your address city state country obviously and your zip code then you want to put in your primary email and it’s really
important is missing you some details that you have to have to plug into godaddy so you want to make sure you use a primary email address and try not to use anything free if you don’t have to if you have a yahoo or gmail that’s probably not the best ones that go with if you have a standard fixed email account that would be the best one also you want to put a valid for number there they’re going to be creating a user name and a password and then
we’re going to verify the password there and we have a couple payment choices we can pay by credit card or we can pay by paypal and then once we’ve hit I have read and agree to this terms of service got the heck yes there you want to verify my order okay so that’s that’s pretty standard and not too difficult so what I’m gonna do is this pause this right quick I’m going to go ahead and fill in my information and all I’m going to do next is hit
this verify my order and unless my credit card or something it’s got that me to the next page and I’ll catch back up with you and then after hitting the form here we are at the order confirmation screen now takes them a little bit to set up your account and they will email you your account information I would highly recommend that you start a separate folder and hang on to that email it also recommend that you keep a hard copy a folder of this is
of course your first domain or in your first web hosting but keep a hard copy of all of your logins and such of your different websites but the next thing you’ll be waiting for is the email to come that has what’s called your name server on there and you’ll go back to godaddy and plug that in I have that in the report as well that shows you how to do that once you’ve got that you’re finished as far as setting up your first domain getting your web
hosting and then pointing your name server to your web host and all that really means is that once a person goes to ww your site com then go daddy tells them where your files are located which is now at Hostgator so you’ll be all set up there and you can set up your blog or what have you your WordPress blog or your website on your web hosting cool and that’s going to be in the report as well how’d it get that set up so I just want to walk you
through that is I know sometimes we get the definitions are really really confusing and it’s an important important step is to get out there and get your own real estate out there the web okeydoke thanks for listening and this is travis at bum marketing method com thanks again bye bye