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hey everyone ah today I'm going to show you how to get web hosting for Hostgator for only one cent for the first month okay you vish means you get nine dollars 95 cents if you take the pro skater payment plan okay so what you first do is you go to this link here hostgator com okay and put the web hosting choose and I have I have a step-by-step tutorial right here it's supposed to the sling i'll post next to the video okay what you do is to insert a coupon code called make money online rush dates a special coupon code make money online rush and you'll get nine dollars line across size of your first month hosting so just follow the step-by-step screenshot here so you click on posting then you choose baby plan 795 I'm sorry and 95 okay and then choose a domain name if you really if you haven't got bought a domain name yourself we should say com whatever name go here and if you really have bought a domain name this code existing domain name of a plan youtube your property to us a coupon code okay just it's a big money online rush and then your billing information and you may scroll all the way down right here you see coupon code McConnell Russian you get 994 oh please you get in one out of four the first one is one cent okay now so no with money online rush okay and here's tip if you've not bought a domain name I strongly suggest you not buy from hostgator okay because right here if you want to purchase a new domain because get you to be one housing fifteen eighteen dollars okay but if you would buy it from another company elsewhere you can hit it much cheaper okay me to show you some examples here Go Daddy go there you can get home to enforce Lewis nine dollars 95 99 sensor if i'm not mistaken okay and then can also go to do one and 1.com should you get three when you get domains and condom it's at seven ninety-nine they all talk before 99 cents per year sunny ok so its color all and this bio domains and this later you can this transfer is to hostgator ok i will step by step tutorial for all of those all at this website make money online rush clears i'll be posting next to this video ok ok all right watch out for my other videos on how to install WordPress i'll get i'll start the review first wordpress blog all right take care have a nice day bye bye .

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