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Host your wordpress website for FREE with Hostinger [Tutorial #H02]

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Hostinger :

Register and add your site.

Configure Nameservers.

Install WordPress with Auto-Installer.

Your website is ready. 🙂

hello friends welcome to this tutorial video if you’re going to boost your website or blog or way WordPress then it is really important to the right person and before you be posting it just perfect for me why you stinker yes whether you are a newbie or intermediate the c-pen in the host hangar provides is just awesome it’s not a classic one and it’s designed for easy to use and it’s Louisville let’s start with local wWOZ anger calm I am from
India so it’s hosting a dot a so let’s create a account you can just waste in one click my facebook or by Google or if you don’t have any Facebook at your Google ID you can just fill up your name email pursue your YouTube account and verify your mail and afro creating an account it will be needed to log in so I’m going to log in with my Google account once you log in the first page you see is a new hosting account you just go to the free option
if you have a domain then just enter the domain and the password and 13 so before creating our account you have to describe in five words that why you are creating this account cause a lot of activations every day that were being requested to stinger so once you are here in the straightest on-screen just go to your domain click manage and here is a warning that your domain is not pointing to your name circles so go to details in the accounts
and these are the name servers of your finger you just open your domains control panel and configure the name servers accordingly after configuring the name servers will be able to go through for configuring of DNS and the name server preposition and all those it can take up to 24 hours as for official timings but we got another account here we’ll be using this account to show the next procedures so once you are in the cPanel on the host Ranger
you just have to move to the auto installer under website I bought this so fill all the fills accordingly and this password and username will be used for your logging in the administrator account of your WordPress so after few seconds just refresh the page and you will see something like this and you need domain is ready here is for your domain slash at me or whatever territory have installed a word pressing slash admin the WP admin login page
will open in there just enter the password and username you have set for the administration and login the new blog is ready and you can also access it