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GreenGeeks vs SiteGround: Which Web Hosting Should You Go For?

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GreenGeeks vs SiteGround, which is the best web hosting for you?

Greengeeks has been around for over 12 years and is a fast loading and eco-friendly web hosting company that has received many great reviews. They offer 3 hosting plans for your website, this is the Lite, the Pro, and the Premium Plans including WordPress hosting.

Watch my complete Siteground review for 2020, so you will see what hosting features are included and whether this would be a good hosting company for you. Many reviews of SteGround are around, especially for blogging, and this hosting company is also focused on WordPress.

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This channel is all about web hosting with the best web hosting reviews, how to choose the right one for you, and much more.

This channel Web Hosting Planet is all about the best webhosting reviews so you can choose the best hosting company for you. Whether you are looking for cheap web hosting or hosting for WordPress.

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hey everybody kurt here welcome to my channel now this video is all about green geeks versus siteground now i have to say that both web hosting companies are very very good companies so whether you go with green geeks or you go with siteground i think you cannot do wrong because they’re really well reviewed for uh web hosting companies they’ve been around for a while now green geeks is a bit newer than siteground but they’re both good web
hosting companies so i can definitely recommend both of them but let’s do a comparison about these two because maybe you’re wondering should i go with green geeks should i go with side ground so i have green geeks here and i also have side ground now one thing there’s a few things i look at when i compare different web hosting companies i’ve been hosting many many websites for many many years so i have a lot of experience uh good and bad
experiences with web hosting it’s really important that you go with a good web hosting company because you do not want your website to go down you know to have any problems with it for your website to be slow and so on which you wouldn’t have with these two uh really really good quality uh web hosting companies now it depends on first of all what kind what what platform is your website on if your platform is on wordpress then you need to make
sure that your web hosting company provides um hosting for wordpress hosting now what you’re going to find is for example let’s here go to normal web hosting and let’s go to web hosting inside ground now what you’re going to find usually with web hosting is that the normal shared hosting for general hosting is going to be cheaper than wordpress hosting i’ll talk a little bit more about this in a second now you can see here definitely were the
difference between the two is the price now green geeks is you can get started and at the 295 and there’s a there’s a special deal going on i’ll leave a link for both in the description below so you can get the latest uh discounts the load the latest deals for these two so they both have a discount so you can see excuse me the normal price is about 10 euro 10 for green geeks and for siteground it’s uh 12 1999 so about 13 so you can see there’s
definitely a price difference between these two now you also need to look at if you are if you are if your website is on wordpress then you need to go to wordpress hosting now why is this important i’m going to go to both um so you can see the comparison now why is this important because that hosting hosting solution is going to be focused on wordpress and it’s really important because word wordpress can get really complicated and it’s a very
specific platform so you need to make sure that that platform that that hosting solution is built around wordpress because otherwise you might get into trouble you might get into problems that they can’t fix because the the hosting is not dedicated to wordpress so really really important that if you have a wordpress hosting and if you can afford it definitely go for the wordpress hosting usually it’s a bit more expensive let’s take a look at
these and these prices are very similar which is a very very big bonus so this one here again green geeks is the cheaper one c295 it’s about six uh this is an euro six euro for a siteground so you can see there’s definitely a difference between the price siteground is more expensive than uh green geeks so but definitely go try to go with the wordpress hosting if you are if you have your website on wordpress now let’s take a look at what is
included now this is the uh starter plan this is called light in green geeks and siteground is called up now what you’re gonna have is this going to be pretty standard one website each one website there also what you need to look is um this one is really really important so this one is again where green geeks wins over siteground and that is how much space you have uh and how much data transfer so you can see here um siteground has a 10 gigabyte
web space available for that plan and you you’ll be you’d be amazed how quickly you can reach that especially if you start to upload pictures and so on even videos that is really really going to boost up the space that you take up so there’s definitely um a limited space for for your website whereas um green geeks is unlimited which is really really really important free ssl this should be included as well free ssl um so they have the backups
free ssl i mean all these things are definitely very similar so i would say definitely if you compare these two um first of all the price of green geeks is definitely um quite a bit cheaper uh it’s a it’s a big chunk so it’s quite a bit cheaper than uh siteground and second of all they have unlimited web space on uh green geeks as opposed to a siteground where you have a limited web space so that is definitely two big factors that go in favor of
green geeks now another thing and definitely why i i like both i like siteground i like green geeks why i definitely recommend green geeks over siteground is because it’s an eco-friendly hosting hosting company now i’m just gonna show you something here about the um about their hosting now basically what they do is when when you go with green geeks right and you pay whatever you pay they’re going to invest 300 of whatever you pay and they’re
going to invest it in green solution so they’re going to offset your your eco your footprint your uh footprint because what happens is when you’re doing your hosting uh these servers they heat up right so they need to be cooled down so that is apparently they’ve calculated it and it’s um it’s about the same as the airline industry the whole internet you know the the servers that are boosting the uh the internet because they all need to be cooled
down with aircon right so uh that is a big footprint that’s been left on on on our place on the on our globe so they offset that by 300 so that is definitely a big big plus also this is the founder trey gardner and he’s been involved with many many different other web hosting companies so he has a lot of experience so if you need to make its choice first of all i like both right i like siteground is very popular with bloggers uh it’s it’s good
customer support it’s a good reliable web hosting company so you can definitely uh you you know you’re gonna do fine with uh siteground but if you need to choose between both of them then definitely i would go with green geeks uh three reason for three reasons first of all the price is is a bit it’s a lot less than um uh then side ground so definitely it’s cheaper to go with green geeks and also second secondly they have unlimited web space and
this one has a 10 gigabyte a gigabyte website space now i used to think well you know that’s that’s quite a lot of data but actually once i uploaded i just one hosted website and just by uploading a few pictures to your website um it’s going to really boost that that space and and you’re going to run out very very quickly so that is definitely a factor to keep in mind because then you have to start to upgrade to the next uh plan so that’s going
to cost you even more so that is number two and number three it this is an eco-friendly web hosting so that those are three reasons why i would say definitely if you have to choose between both of them and you say well you know i’m gonna go with one then i would definitely say go with green uh green geeks web hosting green geeks is coming up very very strong because of all these factors it’s cheap it’s a good quality web hosting company unlimited
web space that is really really very very good stuff and also there they’re updating their uh their platform constantly they have new data centers that they opened recently um they opened canada and amsterdam so before they had two in the us um before they were in chicago and phoenix but and recently they opened in canada montreal and also in europe in amsterdam so they’re definitely boosting their data center so now you can have your website
hosted in all these different locations so that is really really important because they’re really growing fast uh for very good reasons and the eco-friendliness really tips the scale for me so if you have to make a choice between green geeks or web or siteground first of all both great web hosting companies but i would definitely go with green greeks because of the three reasons that i just mentioned so if you like this kind of video please go
ahead and subscribe to my channel i have a lot more videos coming up about web hosting new solutions new discounts and so on so go ahead subscribe now and if you like this video give me a thumbs up that would be very much appreciated i’m also going to leave some more videos here on the screen about other videos about web hosting solutions on my channel so thanks for watching and i will see you in another video you