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Greengeeks vs Siteground Webhost 2021 | Which one is Better for WordPress?

Greengeeks vs Siteground Webhost 2021 | Which one is Better for WordPress?

In this video I show you siteground vs greengeeks review. Do you wonder how you can create a website with greengeeks or siteground? I’ll show you exactly how to do that.

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green geeks versus siteground in this video i’m going to compare these two web hosting companies to each other which one is the best and which one is the best for your situation so i’m going to compare pricing then i’m going to dive into the features they both have then i’m going to give some insights and the payment methods that they accept and then the advice which one could be better for you so let’s start on green geeks so right now more
than 40 percent of all the website out there are made with wordpress so chances are high that you want to create your website with wordpress as well so hungry green geeks you can see it has four different hosting categories with normal web hosting just with fast ssd based web hosting wordpress hosting vps hosting and reseller hosting so we’re not really going to dive deep into these two because these are main for bigger projects not for people
like you and i so maybe you want to use this but for this video i’m going to dive deep into wordpress hosting the web hosting uh through ssd based web hosting here is basically the same and let’s go to wordpress hosting here when we go to siteground you can see it’s maybe a little bit more complicated here on the home page here we have reliable normal web hosting managed wordpress hosting high performance bookmarks hosting and cloud hosting so
again the cloud hosting the vps hosting we’re not going to dive deep into that because it’s not really relevant for this video so let’s go to the wordpress hosting because the wordpress hosting and woocommerce hosting is basically the same there’s only very small difference so now let’s go to wordpress hosting so here you can see we have three plans on siteground we have also three plans on on the green geeks for wordpress hosting on green gigs
it will cost you 2.50 a month for the lite version which is the cheapest one so let’s go to the features that you get with it you get one website which means you get a hosting where you can add up to one domain standard performance that’s what i claim 50 gigabytes of web space and if you now go to siteground you can see there is more than the web space on then siteground startup hosting so so 10 gigabytes for the startup plan on siteground is way
more than enough and 50 gigabytes is is even out of pocket it’s so much you’re not going to use this so yeah in this case green geeks is a little bit better but siteground is faster and has more uptime but i’ll get back to you later with that um a meteorite transfer 50 email accounts so uh here you have on siteground also free email accounts um that you can add so that’s basically the same free wordpress installation brexit object blah blah blah
etc etc this is just all included in wordpress siteground has this as well free ssl and a free domain for the first year and if we go here to siteground you can see it also has a free ssl but you do have to pay a domain name with it excluded so both of them had have 30 day money back guarantee and green geek you can see it in a name already it is it targeting for people who who care about the environment that’s what they want to target so green
geeks wants better hosting without destroying the environment let’s say like that so siteground um isn’t really targeted like that siteground wants to to target for customer service like their customer service is just the best of the best it’s creme de la creme of every web house company every anywhere siteground has the best customer service of all the web hosting companies also the speed and the uptime of their servers are very very good so if
you don’t know what uptime means it’s basically when your website is live and working if you have a website with a lot of downtime it means people cannot access the website and cannot do things on there so this is not really nice if you have a blogging website or you have a small e-commerce store you’re doing drop shipping you’re running ads and your website suddenly goes down you still have to pay for the ads but you don’t generate any revenue
because you are um because the website is down so if you do want to create a store or a website that has to be up as much as possible then go for siteground because these servers are just really really reliable and very good to use and fast so i don’t want to say that the green geeks hosting is is isn’t good but it’s just not as good as sign ground as you can see siteground is also a little bit more expensive so if you do want to pay a little bit
more then definitely go for the grow big plan here i can show you why it has unlimited websites which means you have a lot of websites on domains that you can add to this plan and it will still run very fast 20 gigabytes of web space especially if you want to run multiple businesses through e-commerce store or blogging websites that’s way more than enough 25 000 visits monthly so this isn’t right it can be way more it can be like 100k even 200k
without any problems however on the green geeks one it says it doesn’t say how many visits it can handle but it’s less than sight round so you can see here it has again free ssl uh you have to pay the domains every time you want to connect it to this to this hosting but for around ten dollars a month you can add unlimited domains it not that that expensive it’s actually very cheap same goes for green geeks here you can unlimited websites etc etc
but my advice especially if you want a lot of down up time if you have an e-commerce store or anything like that then go for siteground because it’s simply just um it’s it’s better also if i have problems every time i had a problem on siteground with connecting wordpress or whatever and i got an error and i just didn’t know what to do i contact them via live chat or via mail and they’re always happy to help as i said the customer service here is
is just super good however on green geeks it’s not that good like almost all the web hosting companies just their customer service isn’t good at all but siteground does have have good customer service together with host papa but that’s not in this video so then i would definitely go for siteground because of the fast hosting the customer servers and it has fast servers in the united states three in europe in asia and in australia which makes it
fast all around the world so now go to the payment method methods green geeks accepts the major credit cards and debit cards same for siteground and they both also accept paypal but not on the page itself you have to contact them manually and ask can i pay with paypal as you can see here on siteground can i pay with paypal he have to say you have to go to the live chat button on top of the site in order to pay using paypal you have to contact
their salesforce departure team same goes for cree and green geeks you have to contact them manually and then you can pay unfortunately they don’t accept checks money orders wide transfers or western union uh us another siteground but you’re probably going to pay with a credit card or with paypal so that’s not a big deal so just to summarize yeah i would recommend siteground especially if you have a store or a blogging website if you do really
care about the environment that’s what green geeks want to target and wants to accomplish then you have to go through green geeks if this video helped you out please leave a like please subscribe and see you next time have a good day