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GreenGeeks vs Bluehost: Which Web Hosting Should You Go For?

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GreenGeeks vs Bluehost, which is the best web hosting for you?

Greengeeks has been around for over 12 years and is a fast loading and eco-friendly web hosting company that has received many great reviews. They offer 3 hosting plans for your website, this is the Lite, the Pro, and the Premium Plans including WordPress hosting.

Watch my complete Bluehost review for 2020, so you will see what hosting features are included and whether this would be a good hosting company for you. There are many Blue Host reviews about the cheapest web hosting and WordPress hosting, make sure to watch mine and also get the best discount.

Welcome to my YouTube Channel Web Hosting Planet!

This channel is all about web hosting with the best web hosting reviews, how to choose the right one for you, and much more.

This channel Web Hosting Planet is all about the best webhosting reviews so you can choose the best hosting company for you. Whether you are looking for cheap web hosting or hosting for WordPress.

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hey everybody kurt here welcome to my channel so you’re looking for a green geeks versus bluehost comparison i think you’ve come to the right video because that’s what i’m gonna do with you today now i’m gonna compare these two web hosting companies now i have a lot of experience with a web hosting because i’ve been running many websites over the years so i’ve seen the good the bad and the ugly of web hosting companies and definitely web
hosting is very crucial to your online business because you don’t want your website to go down right you don’t want to have technical problems you just want to run your business and not have to worry about web hosting because to me the best web host hosting companies is something that you never have to deal with you set up your website you upload it you you set everything up and then you kind of forget about it so those are the best web hosting
companies that just run smoothly you have to worry about it now i have to say i have been using uh especially bluehost for many many years and i’ve never had any real problems with them some technical problems sometimes that one thing i’ve had with them is that i thought i had a virus on one of my websites and i asked them to take a look at it and they didn’t want to do it they they referred me to a uh an upgraded plan that i had to buy it was i
think it was 500 to do a full virus check and so on which i thought was a little bit you know not so great but other than that i’ve had good experience with them i’ve never had any problems with them so i think if if you go with the new kid on the block they’re not that new they’ve been around for a while now but they are newer than um bluehost definitely i think you can do no wrong because they’re both good web hosting companies now bluehost is
the big one it’s probably one of the biggest if not the biggest one in the world because they’ve been around for so long they’re very decent but we’re going to compare both of them so you can make an informed decision for yourself now links to the latest discounts are below so go and check it out to get the latest discounts because there’s some really good discounts available now green geeks is an eco-friendly web hosting company they really
focus on that they give 300 of whatever money you put in back into the environment they support local environmental causes so they definitely uh take care of the footprint that’s left behind because all these big data centers all these powerful computers they need to be cooled down right and that takes aircon and that takes energy so that leaves a big footprint on the world and it’s been estimated that it’s about the same as the airline industry
so that is pretty big for on all these data centers around the world so that is a really really big bonus for um for green gigs this eco friendliness and of course bluehost is the uh what the industry standard really they’ve been around for so long so you can really totally depend on them let’s take a look at the prices that they have now one thing is that you need to take a that you need to take into account is what platform is your website on
if your platform like a lot of websites these days is on um wordpress then definitely you need to go with wordpress hosting and not the standard shared hosting so we’re going to select a wordpress hosting and let’s take a look at uh the prices here we go so they have dedicated hosting let’s go here’s the wordpress so here wordpress hosting for bluehost so we’re going to compare these uh both side by side now first of all let’s start with green
geeks now green geeks is focusing on price and that is really really important these days they focus on the lowest prices possible while still providing a quality web hosting solution and they have a lot of things going for them so this is under three dollars so about three dollars per month uh let’s take a look at um let’s just go to uh wordpress hosting um with um bluehost now bluehost has a special deal at the moment it’s in euro so it’s about
four euros so uh it’s a bit more than um green geeks now let’s take a look let’s choose a plan let’s take a look and see what is included now first of all the bluehost is a bit more expensive to get started and the regular price is about eight euros eight uh yes eight dollars here no zero this is actually dollars here um anyway so this one is regularly nine and this regular is 7.99 which is pretty good price now what is um what you have to look
at is first of all um the um storage now they have a 50 gigabyte storage which is a lot of storage but green geeks does have unlimited web space so that’s really important if you’re going to have a webs a website that has a lot of pages a lot of images and so on definitely that’s going to be an issue because i’ve had this before with bluehost then you have the basic which is very nice and cheap but then you run out of storage and you have to
upgrade to the next level so definitely something to take into account depending on what kind of website you’re going to be having so to get started if you don’t mind the limited storage then bluehost is the best but if you want to get started at a very good price with unlimited web space then definitely green geeks will win it so for me if you go with green geeks or you go with bluehost then i think you can do no wrong because they’re both good
web hosting companies that’s why i recommend them myself but it really depends on your situation if you want to have the really really lowest starting price um together with the other benefits so i then i definitely think that greek green geeks is the best deal at the moment of course plus the 300 uh green energy match that is a big big bonus as well so for under three dollars you can get started and you’re going to have unlimited web space and
there’s going to be a green energy match of 300 so i think the deal that green geeks is giving at the moment is definitely better than the bluehost but if you want to have a reliable web hosting company that’s been around for a very long time then definitely go with bluehost now i’ll leave some links below with the latest discounts go and check it out for yourself and make the right decision for you if you like this kind of videos go ahead
subscribe hit the notification bell thanks for watching and i’ll see you in another video you