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GreenGeeks Video Review

Video review of GreenGeeks, one of the preeminent pioneers of the green-based server hosting technology. GreenGeek customer reviews:

welcome to green geeks hosting with you here is what we’re going to cover today now introducing hey there we are the hosting geeks team a young team of 12 professionals who will guide and help you choose a web hosting service all our arguments are supported by facts we took great pains to collect analyze and conclude on the results of our scrutiny come in tables charts and diagrams at the end will draw conclusions that will cover the strengths
and weaknesses of each hosting service we’re going to analyze the scope of our study is ten us-based shared hosting companies as suggested by web hosting geeks calm a respectable and trustworthy analytical resource as old and steady as the hills first of all we’d like to simulate the behavior of a rookie user who wants no less than a good web hosting for next to nothing in this review we’ll be analysing green geeks calm meetings before buying a
hosting first of all we recommend you study the company’s history green geeks has been providing hosting services since 2008 though the domain and website have existed since 2004 even though the company started working in the hosting industry not long ago it is managed to gain a good reputation with qualified technical support and attention to ecological issues currently green geeks offers its services to more than 18-thousand clients who
registered about 27,000 websites the company is developing fast receiving for example several awards from web hosting clue com such as best technical support of 2012 and best Drupal hosting green geeks provides three hosting types shared reseller and VPS the price of the hosting plan depends on the period you’re ready to prepay it’s best to buy a hosting plan for a long period of time the bigger it is the cheaper the monthly cost when buying
Hosting at green geeks you’ll receive a $50 coupon for promotional purposes and a free domain which is already an integral part of every hosting company to make sure that green geeks is right for us let’s study the company’s Terms of Service green geeks provides a 30-day money-back guarantee which allows you to receive the whole sum excluding the domain name and additional services cost should you cancel the company keeps backup copies of
websites only for 24 hours otherwise you have to provide data safety yourself if the project consumes 100% of CPU power 512 megabytes of memory or has 20 simultaneous server connections we recommend you buy a dedicated VPS server thawne’s as an expert group the hosting geeks team thinks it’s our duty to tell users what they should pay attention to before making the final choice compared to its rivals green geeks prices are quite high the cost is
one of the reasons why the company has less clients than the other top 10 Hosting’s we’ve been analyzing green geeks price dynamics for four years during the first year the company’s prices were low then after a short period of stability they became high until in 2010 they fell sharply and continued on the same level till now uptime is an important indicator of website availability green geeks uptime of 83 percent is the worst among the top 10
hosting companies is it critical depends on the industry to test green geeks tech support our team of experts contacted the operators 97 times using phone calls live chat and email messages in this category the company surpassed its rivals and ranks first by technical support quality after analysing user reviews we see that negative and positive comments are almost on the same level with negative ones prevailing only a bit user feedback was
divided into the following categories sales functionality tech support stability and comments falling under several categories at once most positive comments belong to the technical support category with functionality taking second place we the hosting geeks team made our conclusions now the choice is yours customer’s thoughts to make the right choice let’s turn to web hosting geeks calm a reliable information resource which will help us find out
what current customers of green geeks think the hosting plans provided by the company are perfect for creating blogs a big collection of scripts and video tutorials will help you create a site fast and easy green geeks is strict with its users their accounts may be suspended for exceeding server limits the company’s uptime is high only within the first 30 days of signup after which clients complain about the stability as their websites start to
experience frequent downfalls green geeks technical support is highly praised the operators are native speakers they provide qualified answers are competent fast and professional a rare find now let’s take a look at the negative reviews users are dissatisfied with getting backups spam on the servers limited features and low uptime after the first month of signup green geeks is good only for projects that don’t require permanent server stability
but if you need help with solving a problem of any difficulty level the company’s qualified technical support is always available if you’re ready let’s choose a hosting plan and sign a contract with green geeks let’s try to create our first site green geeks offers two different types of website builder programs template based website builders and open source software website builders the two template based website builders that they offer are the
Soho launch builder in the RV site builder the three most popular open-source software programs are called WordPress Joomla and Drupal tech support now let’s try to contact green geeks technical support ask some questions and find out everything we need to know how may I help you hello I would like to buy one on your hosting plans I have a couple of questions do you provide any site builders yes we do have type of base RV site builder that you
can use to build your site it’s pretty much you think of templates in science we pick a color scheme and then design your sector there oh yeah it would be possible to create a block using the assign milna you can create a block however I would recommend using something easier and more designed for that something like WordPress WordPress is also template based and if we provide an installation for that as well and one more question what does the
current location of your support department our support department is made for the United States call the agent that you contact by uploading email will happen here are the answers to our questions before creating a blog it’s best to use Soho launch builder RV site builder in WordPress operators promised to provide us with all the necessary instructions also now we know that the support is located in the US which is great news making conclusions
green geeks is one of the few hosting companies that pays great attention to ecological issues the unlimited resources also have their limits but with a rational use of them there shouldn’t be any problems if you didn’t like the hosting you may request your money back within the first 30 days of sign up you’ll receive the whole sum excluding the domain name an additional services cost despite that the company’s uptime isn’t very high the
technical support shows great result being the first among the top 10 companies in terms of quality and problem solving the professional team of operators are all native speakers having three different types of hosting available makes green geeks perfect for small and big projects don’t forget to visit web hosting geeks com for more information and facts on hosting companies check out our latest web hosting buyer’s guide the perfect manual for
newbies and people on the search for a qualified hosting if you’ve never heard of web hosting geeks well let us tell you more about it web hosting geeks is a reliable source of objective information with ranking strictly influenced by real verified user reviews at the time this video was made web hosting geeks calm gathered more than 7500 user reviews each and every one checked for credibility manually not enough how about a database of articles
with answers to common and uncommon industry questions related infographics and free industry dedicated PDF manuals visit our blog where you can find unique information contributed by top webmasters and industry experts don’t miss the chance to be the first to know about the changes and discoveries in the world of web technologies applications and industry trends geeks blogs is updated daily and has extremely engaging discussions which many
people have found useful bye bye guys stay tuned with us web hosting geeks calm web hosting reviews ratings and awards since 2004