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Greengeeks review : Leading Eco-friendly webhosting

Greengeeks is a quality eco-friendly webhosting company
Lets see the plans, features, reviews and how to buy hosting from Greengeeks.
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hi guys welcome to my channel this video is about my review on green geeks web hosting green geeks is a budget hosting provider and they are a leading eco-friendly web hosting company i have been using green geeks for nearly a year and my experience with them has been wonderful let’s go through their website these are the hosting options they provide and under each option there are multiple plans under them let’s see more about them these are
their data centers location they are established over usa canada and europe and they provide export support 24 by 7 all around the year and they guarantee 99.9 percent of time which is really great and it is necessary for a website to be hosted and the best thing about them is that the feedback three times more the power they consume in the form of green energy back into the grid not just that their customers are spread over 150 countries and
coming to the technical features of green gigs they have they are using ssd storage arrays which are the advanced version as compared to conventional hard drives they use fast fast loading technologies and they offer built-in scalability which means you get the flexibility if your site is growing rapidly with visitors they are secure stable and extremely supporting supporting hosting providers there is clearly no doubt in that they have partnered
with epa environmental protection agency they track their consumption annually and feedback three times more energy back into the grid in the form of green energy and they provide great learning resources and website tutorials this is like a one-stop solution to start building a website from scratch and you can also access these resources and tutorials through by using these links as well and you can get their technical support by a chart or
through this phone number i needed their help twice or thrice with my journey with them and they supported me very well and provided great solutions whenever i have a problem okay let’s get started now these are the normal shade hosting plants they provide third hosting is for beginners who are starting their websites for the first time and they have little to no online person so far shared hosting is economical plan for beginners all the plans
on green leagues offer a free domain registered for one year you can see here free domain name for one year with this pro plan you can host multiple websites they have literally unlimited websites you can host with just this plan this offers more flexibility this pro plan offers more flexibility that’s the reason it is most popular and with a premium plan there are further more features they provide you you got to have a free dedicated ip address
for your website and free alpha ssl which is a premium secure certificate which you get free if you opt for premium plan yeah you need not rely on just my word take take a look at what other reviewers are saying about green geeks they are definitely going to satisfy you i will scroll scroll through them so you can see everywhere they have quite a great rating okay suppose you have chosen to take a light plan you just press get started then type a
domain name of your choice and and here you can get dot com or dot this these are the choices they provide if you already have one you can press your domain name here register if it is registered elsewhere and then you do either of this and click on next now will be redirected to here enter these details see this plan uh here this building is shown for three years you have now this is the most economical opera economical offer you
get from them you may choose to get annually or by annually you will get at the same price 3.95 as shown here this is the add-on you choose to you may choose to have it or not here what this is there is this who is information website where if one enters your domain name they will get the details what you have entered and in the top of the previous menu okay with with a protection id protection add-on from green geeks you will be shown these
things which are the details of the green gigs not your personal details if you choose to hide your details go with this add-on enter your credit card details and then clicking create account your hosting is ready and your website is ready the resources on green geeks are sufficient to build a great website all the best for your journey with a new website thank you for watching my video have a great day