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Greengeeks review (2021)-is this hosting right for you?(speed test,pricing,tutorial)coupon bonuses.☝

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Are you sure that you want to sign up with greengeeks? Get the information about greengeeks in this greengeeks analysis to find out whether or not to use this website.

GreenGeeks is a distinctive bastion for those pursuing an environmentally sustainable service for more than ten years in the web hosting industry (more on this later).
The business was founded in 2008 by Trey Gardner and has benefited from his previous background with many major hosting firms. Today, GreenGeeks has been developed into a safe, secure and competitive firm by Trey and his experienced core team of professionals.

What sets GreenGeeks apart is becoming a green web hosting firm. And true to its attempts to protect the atmosphere, this organization takes numerous steps to lower its carbon footprint.

Though GreenGeeks uses conventional energy tools, it buys up to 300 percent of its servers’ wind credits to offset carbon output.

Their datacenters also use the newest servers with energy-efficient hardware. What sort of GreenGeeks hosting plans are available?

Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers are provided by GreenGeeks.

Greengeeks Experts
-300 percent clean energy capacity offset

-Loads of apps

-Data Centres for the US, Canada and EU

-Good value Great value

Ultimate decision
The simple and underpowered product portfolio of GreenGeeks is a worry, but the full-featured shared hosting package of the organization is good value, and a commitment we have not seen somewhere else is the 300 percent capacity offset with renewable energy. For eco-warriors worldwide, this could be a smart hosting option.

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02:14​​ – greengeeks pros
02:40​​ – greengeeks cons
03:20- greengeeks testimonials

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greengeek’s review features prices pros and cons hello and thank you for joining us as we review products and services so that will help you grow your business reliable web hosting is vitally important a good web host needs to ensure that your website is secure as minimum downtime and that your pages load quickly there are so many choices in the marketplace that it can be overwhelming to go through all the information you’ll find online this
review will help you navigate all the information and make a proper decision so let’s get started more consumers are looking for sustainable or green options in the products they buy and it’s no different when it comes to web hosting that’s the main thing that differentiates green geeks from other hosting companies they’re committed to offset used energy with 300 win credits in order to reduce their carbon footprint but are they a good option for
your business let’s take a look their hosting plans offer a variety of options for beginners all the way to large companies in fact over three hundred thousand companies host their sites on green geeks green geeks offers three hosting plans wordpress hosting reseller hosting and vps hosting on the hosting plan for wordpress sites you’ll receive speed security and expert support if you opt for the reseller hosting plan you’ll be able to manage
multiple hosting accounts on their platform for as low as 29.95 per month and finally vps hosting is available on an ssd based hosting platform starting at 39.95 per month as far as features and benefits green geeks offers quite a few they offer several customer support options on a 24 7 basis via live chat or by emailing a support ticket phone support is available seven days a week if you prefer to speak to someone wordpress support specialists
are available for their managed wordpress hosting customers they also add value by providing free ssl certificates which run anywhere from twenty five dollars to fifty dollars and a free domain for one year they offer an automatic one-click wordpress install that will make it easy for you to set up your wordpress site yourself let’s finish up this review by looking at the pros and cons of choosing green geeks the pros include the following they
offer a 30-day money-back guarantee their help center has an extensive knowledge base to answer your questions an uptime of 99.9 percent which ensures that your site is online when your customers visit it they run an eco-friendly company there are a few cons to consider before you commit to one of greengeek’s hosting plans they only offer hosting for linux servers their dedicated and vps hosting solutions are more expensive than other hosts you
have to commit to a three-year plan in order to get the low posted price and if you decide to take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee you’ll have to pay for your domain name which is pricier than many other hosting companies two things make green geeks stand out their commitment to the environment and their uptime reliability if you’re looking for a reliable environmentally friendly hosting company then green geeks may be a good option
for you finally if you decide to purchase a hosting package from green geeks please check the link on description below to get a bonus package for your new site from us hi green geeks my name is mike and i’ve been a client of yours for the past two three years and i wanted to let you guys know that you are awesome i jumped into website development as a novice and your customer support has been incredible with helping me learn the basic things
like how to transfer files and even how to troubleshoot joomla problems mark i’ve been on the phone with you so much over the past couple years thanks for all your help you’re awesome and i’m so happy with you guys i wanted to express my gratitude through the majesty of sun they’re the greenest they’re the geekiest the green geeks are holding it down they hold it down inside the town and mark’s the mayor of cybertown so get your way posting now
yeah thanks screen geeks hi there my name is caleb ohlone and my website is i’m just going to tell you a bit about why i got to green geeks and why i like them so and i used to work mainly with wordpress which used to work fine with my main my the host i had before i was with green geeks however then i moved into working with joomla and i found that sites would just crash on my old toast anyway i tried tweaking tweaking sites but
it’s to no avail there’s still problems and i looked into it and found that it was because my previous host didn’t have the right setup with the database so i looked around and found that green geeks came very highly recommended with joomla so i switched to them i’d be very happy with them their customer service it’s very good and i haven’t had any problems with the websites they run nice and smoothly so and as well as that the green issue is
very nice because i live in a world heritage site and sustainability and green issues are talked about a lot and so the fact that i can market myself as someone who uses a green host helps to fit in here and also to to get work with people and with green issues okay so thanks for listening that was kayla berlin at bye hi my name is irene krauss and i’m owner of design works internet and welcome to my very short presentation on why i
like green geeks hosting there are three primary reasons behind that first being your excellent customer support your cost and your eco-consciousness mission let me give you a brief example on why i’m so thrilled about your customer support these are some actual screenshots of some email exchanges between myself and your support team look at the time stamp between the time the ticket was open and the time i got a response from your level 1 tech
support less than 10 minutes phenomenal and why should someone listen to me well i’ve only been building websites since 1995 now using obviously um drupal open source cms and if yeah so i think that i know a little bit about hosting and what goes on in it and that summarizes my contest entry thanks for listening hello i’m alan mcnabb and i’m with image building media llc and i’d like to talk to you just a little bit about green geeks we’ve used
green geeks for a little bit over a year and we have a reseller account we resell these services to our customers and as a reseller it’s very important for us to have a very reliable service because our name is on this and so so we found green geeks to be a fantastic uh hosting service for us to resell to our customers uh let me tell you a little bit about uh what we do with this and why it’s important with us first of all quality of service is
very important to us the sites that we host uh need to be uh online and they need to have a reasonably fast service uh we usually host joomla or wordpress and we also host uh streaming audio and streaming video with these services and so we found that green geeks handles this very well we also have a small network on there a buddypress network and you know that can be very intensive and can get rather slow sometimes but with green gauge we’ve not
had any trouble at all so we’re very happy about that of course reliability and dependability is very important to us and green geeks lives up to their promise of 99.9 uptime and also uh 24 7 365 service and usually we use the live chat and we’ve always been able to get a hold of someone and our questions have been answered and if there ever is an issue this is handled right away and so we’re very happy and very pleased about this also from time
to time we may have a question and almost always can get right on live chat and that question is answered right away and we’re able to continue on with our business one of the most important things we’ve found with green geeks is that it is the absolute best reselling program if you’re going to resell unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth and the green geeks is the absolute best with this and we’re very happy with that and our customers are
happy also lastly it’s also good to know that you’re using green energy and that you’re you’re doing the best that you can for our planet and for our world and so this is also very good so we highly recommend green geeks if you have a website that you’re interested in hosting we certainly recommend green geeks and also if you are a company such as ours and want to resell hosting as part of your service you offer to your customers we think green
geeks would be a good choice thank you very much hi my name is krista halsoff and i have an architecture firm with cambridge ontario and i have a confession to make i know nothing about web hosting or claiming website addresses i was recommended to use three weeks from a friend who’s used it for her website and chose green beets in the end because of its green principles and how it aligned with my sustainable design practices that i run my family
is my burma since signing up with green geese which by the way is very inexpensive i every time i log in i discover something just the other day i discovered that you have search engine optimization help you created and submitted a website map to all the search engines for me i also discovered the other day you have a wordpress app i don’t know what it does yet but i’ll figure it out when it says i’m sure it will be helpful you also allow me to
edit my files online and have analytics to analyze website traffic green geeks has made my professional uh presence possible online it’s created the ability for me to have personalized emails at which is extremely important for a business like that architecture so thanks for your geeks and keep up the good work