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GreenGeeks Review 2021 (हिन्दी) 🔥 – लेने से पहले देखो 🧐

I have bough GreenGeeks last year to test and review it. After using GreenGeeks hosting for more than 250 days I’m here with the detailed GreenGeeks Review for 2021.

GreenGeeks is one of the most recommended hosting providers out there but does it performs to that level.

I have included the results of tests for uptime, website speeds, server capabilities and analysis on the backups, customer support and other features. We will also check the prices of their plans and the refund policy. In my review I was surprised to know about their Backup management.

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00:00 Intro
00:26 About
00:41 Testing Parameters
1:14 Overview
1:36 Server Response Time
1:43 Speed
2:06 Uptime
2:49 Load Test
4:03 Cache Plugins
4:08 Data Centers
4:16 Free Domain
4:29 Backups
6:14 Ease of Use
6:24 Support
7:16 Inode Count
7:28 Disclaimer
7:47 Pricing
8:17 Payment Options
8:22 Refund Policy
8:25 Migrations
8:47 Sitebuilder
8:51 CDN
8:53 SSL
8:56 Technology
9:12 Pros
9:23 Cons
9:35 Bottom Line

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Today we will do a detailed review of GreenGeeks Hi Guys, My name is Kripesh Adwani Here I talk about Digital Tools and Services Web Hosting is a topic, which I have discussed a lot on this channel Today we are going to talk about GreenGeeks Hosting, It is an old web hosting company There were a lot of video recommendations for it Some of them also recommended it as Siteground Alternative We’ll see and find out whether it is good or
there are some cons in it which you should know Without any delay, let’s get started If I talk about my plan, I use the Lite plan I purchased it the last year, its detailed process is available on the “i Button” So we will talk about this plan now The website set up for this is”” Here we are using OceanWP theme, gym template I do all the tests in the same theme and template It is an elementor based template For cache,
since Litespeed servers are used, you get Litespeed cache at default settings If I talk about its overview, you will get an interface like this All your purchases would be mentioned here Support tickets would be mentioned here I’ll click on manage, we can cpanel and all settings directly from here, All the emails and WordPress installation The interface is good and I have no problem with it Talking about the server response time, in
Europe, it would be good and as it reaches Asia, it will increase If I talk about its speed, as I checked this out from Frankfurt, Since my servers are from Europe, so the speeds were 1.33s which is good When I tested this out from the US it was 1.5s which is again good In India, it was 3.7s which is not good It will not perform in India Talking about its Uptime, I am checking its Uptime for 225 days Last 30 days the uptime is 99.68% and
previously it was 99.79% In my opinion, the uptime is not good, considering there is no traffic is not good It might be the reason that I am using its Lite Plan There might be better uptimes in Pro and Premium Plans The Uptime of the Lite Plan is not good at all As soon as I did the load test, the server use crash and that resulted in low uptimes You will find the detailed and latest uptime in my review article, The link is in the
description We will talk about the Load Test I have sent 50 virtual users from US locations I have constantly requested You won’t have any HTTP failures but the response time was quite high It reached 16000ms which is very high it was not able to handle the load, there was a lot of uptime error This error was also on the uptime monitoring service So it was unable to handle the load and in fact, it has not reached the 2 requests rate The
requests rate is around 2-3 It basically means the plan won’t be able to handle the load It will handle up to 5- 10 real-time users only It is not for load handling right now basically, it will be like that, for some users who visit the website early, will have fast loading speeds Compared to the users who visit the website, later on, will face downtime There won’t be any errors, But the website’s loading speed would increase Suppose a user
is getting a load speed of 1s, so the user who visits later would get a speed of 5s Hostarmada and Hostinger results on the load test were good, you’ll get its review on the “I Button” You can have a look at it, if you are interested For Cache Plugin, you get Litespeed servers, so you can use Litespeed cache plugin, Talking about Data Center, you’ll get it at USA, Canada, Europe, They do not have any data centre in India, in fact it is not
available in Asia Talking about the domain name, you get a free domain name in every plan You do not get any temporary domain name If you want to preview the website so you won’t get any temporary domain names Talking about the backups, you will get free nightly backups, You cannot control these backups from your end, if you have to restore or if you have to access these backups then you have to raise requests in support, As mentioned by
them, the backups are available here but you can’t neither control them nor take manual backups So that’s very bad When I enquired about my backups and their availability so the response mentioned by them was unsatisfactory as There were different dates of backups and some days the backups were skipped as well The backups were skipped in between in my case and When I enquired regarding website restoration on 7th July so they replied with all
the Terms and Conditions But it is their responsibility to provide me with the backups, But they interpret from their terms and conditions that it is my responsibility to manage it When I asked support regarding regular backups, so they replied that they take regular backups every day, “but they are periodically overwritten” The meaning of it is unclear, I didn’t get my backups for every day The backup for the last 14 days is missing and it
was not provided to me even That’s very bad I have reviewed the Hosting companies a lot I have used a lot of backup systems But this is one of the worst backups experience in my case I am not able to restore a backup, I do not know when the backups have actually taken place, so what’s the use of it What you will do with this backup service, if you do not get the restoration option when you actually require it It’s extremely bad Talking
about the Ease of use, it is easy to use and they have a user-friendly interface You can easily access the user interface and there is no problem that is majorly faced by them Support was good and sometimes it was okayish and it was taking a lot of time even It is a roller-coaster experience with their support It is decent but not the best And there was a case with me I wanted to delete the card details I have enquired with the support on 4
December 2020 regarding deletion of my card details, They clearly mentioned that the details won’t get removed They mentioned that I need to enter another card, then only these details would be removed So I have sent GDPR Guidelines to them, and by this, they are liable to delete details Then they ultimately deleted it They must have done this before, But many of us are unaware as to how you can take action in these cases, so that’s bad
Talking about the Inode Count, in Lite Plan there is 1,50,000 and in Pro Plan, it is 3,00,000 and in their Premium Plan it is of 5,00,000 which is good Before I talk about pricing, I would like to provide a disclaimer This is not a sponsored video by GreenGeeks If you will purchase from my links, I’ll get a commission, without you paying any extra for it So if you like this video, you can support me by purchasing from my links, it is not
necessary, you should purchase it for Greengeeks only, You can purchase anything from the links I mention, to support my work If I talk about its Lite plan it starts from $2.49 per month Pro Plan would start from $4.95 per month and the Premium plan would start from $8.95 per month The regular pricing is at the higher side, You will get this pricing when you buy it for 3 years For example, if I buy a Lite plan for 3 years, then I get the
pricing of $2.49 per month and if I change it to 2 years then it will be $3.95 and for a year it will be of $4.95 Server locations are from USA, Europe Canada You can do payments from Credit card There is no option for PayPal You get 30 Day Refund Policy In Migrations, they say they Migrate website for free But there are a specific set of websites only which is migrated by them Only the users of the cPanel website are migrated by them If you
migrate a WordPress where there is no cPanel then they charge $15 per website There is Sitepad Sitebuilder which is good You get Cloudflare CDN There is Free SSL for every website In Technology, the Litespeed servers are used The PHP & is available NodeJS, Perl, Python, cannot be used in their Shared Hosting Plan, you will have to buy VPS Plan for it Before I talk about their Pros and Cons, if you have liked this video, then DO HIT THE
LIKE BUTTON If I talk about the Pros, the Litespeed Servers are used, Speed is Good, There is ease of use There is Sitepad Sitebuilder If I talk about its Cons, its backup management is not at all good Load Testing Results are not good at all Support is Okayish There are No Data Centers in Asia To be frank, I have not liked it, according to my test results Speed is good, they have Litespeed servers Apart from that, backup management,
uptime and support is not good I don’t know why it was considered as a Siteground Alternative I didn’t liked this at all In fact Fastcomet, Chemicloud and Hostinger, is quite good The new company “Hostarmada” is also good according to my test results, If you want Greengeeks, then one scenario where you can use it For European Audience, you can use this as you will have good speed and If you are a beginner and you don’t have a high traffic
then you can look towards this For the Indian audience, there is no use in buying it That’s all for this one HIT THE LIKE BUTTON, If you have liked the video, SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL FOR MORE REVIEW VIDEOS I’ll see you guys in the next one, goodbye,