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GreenGeeks Review 🔥 Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons (My Experience of Using GreenGeeks)

Is GreenGeeks a good web hosting provider? Bluehost is eco-friendly, fast-loading (powered by LiteSpeed), reliable, secure, and comes with a free domain. GreenGeeks is the #1 green web host offering sustainable web hosting at cheap prices.

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GreenGeeks Review:


web hosting and environmentalism don’t seem to be related at all but did you know that powering the average website produces four thousand five hundred pounds of co2 a year which is the equivalent of driving a new car for more than ten thousand miles luckily it doesn’t have to be that way not if you go with green geeks eco-friendly web hosting service that protects and gives back to the environment but are they actually a good web host don’t
get me wrong social responsibility is a great thing but if saving the environment means you need to go with a crappy host it would pretty much defeat the whole purpose so let’s see if this eco-friendly host lives up to all the hype on all fronts and not just environmentalism hi and welcome to website hosting rating where we bring you the latest industry reviews to help you make the best choices when launching or growing your website blog or
online shop today i’ll be reviewing greengeek a web host that’s not only carbon neutral but is effectively carbon reducing the world but how are they doing that well for every amperage green geek pulls from the grid they invest three times as much into renewable energy not bad but no matter how awesome you feel about green geeks environmentally conscious hosting it’s important that it’s reliable too so let’s look into that let’s start with speed
and performance as it’s one of the most important factors when choosing a web hosting service stats show that if a website takes more than three seconds to load forty percent of people abandon it and you don’t want this to be the case with your website green geek’s page loading time for their shared hosting was a respectable 254 milliseconds which is faster than 90 percent of hosts out there not bad the best hosts hit around 150 to 200
milliseconds for shared hosting green geeks scored a perfect 100 uptime over a seven day test of 2000 visits which is by no means a joke many hosts proudly claim they offer 99.9 uptime and although it sounds almost as good as 100 percent 0.1 percent downtime still translates to around 10 minutes a week case in point green geeks did their homework and offer powerful performance that is not only reliable but environmentally conscious too greengeeks
comes with loads of great speed performance and security features such as a free domain name for one year unlimited web space and data transfer free ssl certificate and free cloud fair cdn lightspeed web server using the ls cache plugin enabling your wordpress website to load super quick solid state drives ssd free daily backups free website migration service 30-day money-back guarantee plus loads more features if you’re looking for one of the
fastest and cheapest web hosting services out there green geeks should be your number one choice next up let’s look at green geek’s customer support no matter if you’re new or a complete pro we all run into trouble sometimes and it’s important to know your host has got your back green geek’s support is available 24 7 365 days a year via email and live chat so you’ll always have someone there to help you green geeks call center however is only
available monday through friday from 9 a.m to midnight eastern time and from 9 a.m to 8 p.m in the evening on saturdays and sundays the only issue i found was with their online support articles which have no real depth a quick search for basic queries like import wordpress or change php version offer up a few simple how-to articles however if your query is a little more complex than that chances are you won’t find as many articles as with some
other hosts this shouldn’t be a deal breaker though because support is there for you 24 7 anyway bottom line they’ve got the basics covered with their support articles and if you need anything else green geek’s customer support is available for you 24 7 via live chat email and phone now on to their plans and pricing even their most basic light plan comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth a free website migration a free domain name for a year
cpanel site management one-click wordpress installer ssd hard drives unlimited subdomains free ssl cdn integration and a choice of four data centers two in the u.s one in canada and one in amsterdam the light plan can cost you as little as 2.95 a month if you pay for three years in advance or an affordable 4.95 if you pay annually you can also opt for monthly billing at 9.95 cents a month but in that case green geeks adds a one-off fifteen dollar
setup fee probably because it costs them a little more than that just to onboard a client so i would recommend paying for longer periods to get the most value the pro plan starts at 4.95 cents a month and comes with unlimited websites and two times more server resources than the light plan the premium plan starts at 8.95 cents a month and comes with a premium ssl certificate and four times more server resources than the pro plan also many popular
hosts like bluehost and siteground bill you very little up front but prices tend to jump after your first term is over however with green geeks you won’t be getting any nasty surprises later down the line because the prices displayed are their actual standard prices every web hosting company comes with its pros and cons some you can live with but some you cannot ignore here are the pros and cons of green geeks first let’s take a look at the
advantages that make green geeks an excellent choice blazing fast website performance green geek’s web servers are powered by light speed and comes with ssd storage free cdn and ssl guaranteeing performance speed and security lots of free features that other web hosts will charge you for free domain name free daily backups free malware cleanup free website migrations plus lots more no hidden charges there are no hidden fees when signing up for
your hosting account green geeks is not without some disadvantages that you should be aware of before you sign up limited number of data centers green geeks only has four data centers that they operate in the us canada and europe amsterdam which isn’t ideal if you’re located in asia no 24 7 phone support if you prefer to talk on the phone to tech support you’ll be disappointed to know that their phone support is only open from 9 am to midnight
eastern time so would i recommend green geeks for more than just saving the planet absolutely the only two caveats i found are that the phone support isn’t available 24 7 but you’ve always got live chat for the few hours it’s not and the limited number of data centers they have which isn’t a problem if you use cloudfare’s global cdn aside from that green geek’s high performance at low and honest prices coupled with the fact that they not only
offset your carbon footprint but improve it makes them the perfect host if you’re environmentally conscious heck even if you’re not i would still totally recommend them if you’re ready to get started with green geeks i’ve got you covered with a special discount code linked in the description below simply click the link in the description to select your green geeks plan today and your discount will be applied automatically and that’s it for
today’s video if you have any more questions regarding green geeks or other hosts for your website be sure to let me know in the comments below and i’ll get back to you with an answer