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Greengeeks Hosting Review – A Hidden Gem For Web Hosting

Greengeeks Hosting Review – A Hidden Gem For Web Hosting?

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today I’m going to be doing a review on the website called green geeks calm now I recently had a web hosting competition and green geeks asked performed on the top three list against 16 different way posing companies so they perform among the best now if you do decide to purchase green geeks there is a link below it’s an appeal link so I do make a commission but if you don’t that’s that’s okay you know I won’t I will hate you but first let’s
talk about their pricing we’ll talk about their plans and we’ll go ahead and show you those results of how they beat fifteen different other competitors well very surprised so right here it’s going to take a look at their plans right here I’m just gonna let me go and get my free domain right here Wow look at that someone actually bought that domain like that is who buys that domain that is crazy let’s see if someone’s like that okay there we go I
were good so great calm there base off like renewable energy they have 24-hour customer supports and their plans are among some of the cheapest plans so looking at their plans right here you know for you want to pay for a year you’re gonna pay like $5.95 per month now they do have a three year plan which are paying three dollars and 95 cents a month and I think I have a coupon code it will be in the description below if I have one but you do also
get free SSL’s you get free domains as well they have 24-hour customer support they offer VPS cloud shared and dedicated hosting and they also offer 30-day money-back so if you’re not happy about green geeks or you’re just not working out for you you do receive a 30-day money-back guarantee now first let’s talk about the results that I had with green geeks so I actually performed this web hosting competition and I was very surprised about the
performance about green geeks they perform among the best in fact they were a little faster than psych round even though a psych round is my official recommended hosting so here you can see that their average low speed around 2.7 seconds with their server response time at around 2.4 seconds now you want to compare this to let’s go ahead and take a look at Hostgator comm so here are the results from Hostgator now again remember I
compared all these hosting companies for 30 days to provide like truthful accurate non biased results here we can kind of see in motion hosting as well their load speed was on four point nine seconds companies like GoDaddy as well three point eight seconds but when you look at green geeks calm they perform the best from around thirty days so they are I do officially recommend them as a web hosting company they’re great their speeds are amazing
and you’re looking for web hosting and you want to switch to a different provider I would highly recommend going with green geeks here my top three hosting companies are green geeks psych round and named here calm because of their speeds and their support they have great support good customer service free domain free SSL so go ahead and give green geeks a try so I hope this video was helpful I’m just doing this just to kind of promote this
website because I feel like they’re vastly underrated and they perform very well hi and welcome to hosting host com today we want to do a review on green geeks web hosting green geeks web hosting is the world’s number one green energy web hosting service provider it offers multiple features such as unlimited gigabytes of hosting space in bandwidth unlimited my SQL databases pop3 and IMAP FTP free domain and free site builder professional 24/7
phone and email support a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 99.9% uptime guarantee whether you’re new to web hosting or you want to move your existing website to the green host service green geeks are there to help you every step of the way hosting hosted comm loves planet Earth and wants to stay here forever so we plead to you to save the planet make it green by buying the world’s number one green web hosting offered by green geeks thank you for
listening and for more details visit us on for slash web hosting cube okay welcome today’s January 14 28 2019 excuse me I’m still saying 2018 so hi i’m eduardo and today we’re gonna be bringing you an interesting topic regarding GoDaddy so I personally don’t like recommending the use of code addi for anything it doesn’t matter whether it’s email hosting or getting your domain I say stay away from GoDaddy don’t even touch it
with a 10-foot Pole so and today we’re gonna be bringing your story as to one of the other many reasons why you shouldn’t be using GoDaddy for anything really but so over the weekend a story broke where someone was having issues with their site so let’s go ahead and see if we can cover that so obviously here this is a GoDaddy site obviously you can get yourself a web site and within under under an hour as they say you get web hosting obviously
they’re known for their domains you can get yourself a domain email all kind of things so this user over here on Twitter basically says apparently a hosting provider is injecting its own JavaScript into customers website it’s opted out by the way he says so then he links to a blog post over here and this blog post is written by Igor crowman over on his blog um so he says GoDaddy is sneakily injecting JavaScript into your website and how to stop
it so he basically goes and outlines the reason he discovered that GoDaddy was doing this and then basically it goes to show you how to you know opt out although of this invasive invasiveness of GoDaddy tracking you and all those things so he goes on and says I recently started having his shoes in the admin interface of a website I run and I decided to check the browser console to see if any errors were being displayed here there were and among
them was an error stating that JavaScript that a JavaScript math being loaded and feeling that I did not recognize this meant that the actual JavaScript file itself was already loaded via my website this set off all sorts of alarms for me and now I started to gain further so he goes on try to have you know fix some kind of little bug that he’s having on his site doesn’t know what’s going on goes in there checks and he sees this error and he’s
like oh man I think something’s being injected here I’m not sure what’s going on did I get hacked so that’s kind of like his little thought process there so he checks his filesystem for any suspicious files and he says that there were none he checks his source code and he doesn’t find anything there but he starts to realize that there’s you know in all his pages there is a script being injected you know between his HTML tags and he gives the the
screenshot screenshot an actual code example of a script that was being injected they you know he says of course that the that that comment in the script was a giveaway of what was going on but I didn’t immediately want to believe that that the website host itself would be injecting a JavaScript script into my website without my consent so obviously he was pretty upset about that he felt that I godaddy it took a step too far and then he says
turned out that exactly that’s exactly what God that it was doing and they justified it by collecting metrics to improve performance so that’s the irony there he was having issues with this site and but yeah GoDaddy was injected in this code to try to improve the performance of his site so it’s kind of a bit ironic there is any goes unexplained what what technology what you know what the JavaScript that was being ejected what whoa it’s but what
was it for and this he says there that it’s used for real user metrics as GoDaddy describes it and basically he goes on explaining that anybody who is a u.s. customer of code Adi basically gets opted in this automatically so whenever you send a first service specifically in this case it was a web hosting you are automatically you know opted in to this service but obviously you know they do give you the chance to opt out and then he goes on
explaining because you could some good screenshots on how to opt out of this tracking so he says that he says here I’m not against what houses / web host providers providing how their services are running using a technology like real user metrics is a great way to do it but this is meant to be a passive technology that is invisible to the end-user injecting JavaScript into pages being served is far more far more far from passive and at least in
Maya is it’s a violation of trust between the web host and its customer that’s a key part there that’s a key part that I always keep going back to you when I whenever have discussion of using GoDaddy or not I don’t trust them as a web host provider or any other services because they do things like this or they you know they’ve done several things in the past that just there’s just not they’re not that great towards the users they do it in the
sense of trying to help you and try to improve services and things like that but as you see here it didn’t quite work out that way he went on to say that you know the bug the original bug he was trying to squash was ended up being something else but through the process of trying to squash that bug he discovered this and you wrote up a pretty good blog post about it so I also want to bring up real quick you know if you ever and have a sense of you
know moving away from a service that you feel maybe it’s not respecting the privacy and so on there’s this great site called phishing dot social basically it says here ethical I needed to use privacy conscious alternatives to you know the current you know big social networks or services that you may be using so they start off here there are a list of alternatives to Facebook and Twitter alternatives to YouTube turnips to Gmail alternatives to
Chrome Google Analytics and so on so they go they give you some great listings things you can switched over to if you know you don’t agree with some of these practices that for example coke daddy may be doing so you know that’s just my two cents on the topic again it’s one of the main reasons why I don’t like recommending using GoDaddy and again you know their services are not that great I always like to say you get what you pay for so if you’re
paying for something cheap you’re more likely to get something cheap I don’t talk about that then they’re doing all this kind of very pretty invasive user collection of metrics and things of that I’m for you so then they can Poli resell so it’s kind of like they’re double dipping there so you know what do you guys think on on this issue do you guys use GoDaddy or is this something that you’re possibly going to move away another youtuber over the
Linux gamer you know he he great he made a great video regarding this as well because someone pointed out that one of his sites was running now GoDaddy and one besides also had this JavaScript being injected into it and of course he explains his reasoning for that which is totally understandable it happens that sometimes you know we signed up for go Daddy years ago and we still had that service and but yeah go ahead and check out his channel so
you can figure out his explanation on that and he gives a great explanation what justified his reasonings and but yeah so it kind of gives you a different perspective of someone who is actually currently using GoDaddy and just happen to have this happen to them as well so go ahead and check that out I’ll link that in the description so go guys that’ll be it for this week so go ahead and subscribe for more more stuff weekly and I’ll go ahead and
be leaving you some affiliate links in the description if you want if you’re currently using GoDaddy and you want to move away from GoDaddy I’ll go ahead and drop two links that I have affiliate links so it’s just a quick way to help out the channel if you if you feel so so the first one will be for digitalocean you get a quick little I believe it’s twenty-five dollars or five dollars a off for signing up other service and the other ones for
green geeks that’s another great hosting service that I use and I highly recommend because they use a renewable energies to power the service it’s pretty cool so go ahead and drop those in there you don’t have to you know you don’t even have to use them but it’s just something they’re there they help out the channel a little bit so yeah thank you guys for tuning in and I’ll see you next time