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GoDaddy WordPress Install Tutorial Made Easy for Beginners (2021)

GoDaddy WordPress Install Made Easy (2020)
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You’ve seen the GoDaddy WordPress ads. You’ve seen your competition. NOW is the time to install WordPress at GoDaddy and use our guide to GET ONLINE with a beautiful WordPress website. We’ve tested it all and found you the best GoDaddy coupon. Let’s do this!

βœ… Easy 3-Step Timestamps

1:15 Hosting Discount
2:01 Get Free Domain Name and Hosting
7:12 Install at GoDaddy

Hey what’s going on guys?! I’m Greg and thanks so much for stopping by our tutorial where we’re gonna install WordPress at GoDaddy. We’ll get you a new and improved discount, learn WordPress skills to show off to your friends, and even learn how to get in our showcase.

WordPress skills featured in this free GoDaddy WordPress tutorial are how to…

– Change the Theme
– Install Plugins
– Make a blog post
– Change the logo
– Add Facebook like box
– Add Google ads
– Make a menu

Demo Site:

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FAQ Section

Q – Is WordPress free with GoDaddy?
A – Yes, once you create an account with GoDaddy and purchase your hosting ($1 which is way less than other hosts!) and domain name (free) it is free to install WordPress so WordPress is free. You can make as many additional WordPress blogs or websites as you want for free.

Q – How do I manually install WordPress on GoDaddy?
A – GoDaddy will help you setup a web designer’s version of web hosting with all the space you need. At that point you can manually install WordPress via FTP or create your own WordPress database and files. However, as this video shows, it’s much easy to AUTOMATICALLY install WordPress at GoDaddy. It’s the same exact software and you can focus on your content then learn the manual tech stuff at a later time.

Q – Can I use my Go Daddy domain on WordPress?
A – Yes! This video shows how you can register a domain for free at GoDaddy then put onto your domain name.

Q – Is Go Daddy good for WordPress?
A – Yes, GoDaddy has recently updated all their WordPress services so it’s faster, cleaner and easier than ever not to mention cheap.

Q- How do I upload my WordPress site from localhost to GoDaddy?
A – You’ll need your own GoDaddy plan first which we setup here at 2:01. Please check this support ticket from the GoDaddy help community

Q – Which is better GoDaddy or WordPress?
A – That’s like asking which one is better peanut butter or bread, so I’d have to say Both! Combined here in this free GoDaddy WordPress tutorial.

Q – How much does GoDaddy charge to build a website?
A – The cost of hiring GoDaddy may range from $200 for a simple website to up to $5000 for an advanced blog or website. You are better off learning the process DIY in this video (or any video) because you will only pay pennies on the dollar and get the knowledge under your belt which is priceless.

Q – Can I own a domain name forever?
A – Yes, so long as you register it for a long time. The first step is to get started today!

Q – How to install WordPress on GoDaddy?
A – The steps are very simple. 1. grab yourself a discount. 2. Get started with a hosting plan. 3. Choose a domain name. 4 Install WordPress, login, pick a theme, enjoy!

Q – What’s the best hosting for WordPress?
A – As of 2020, there are 4-5 web hosts which top bloggers most often use and recommend, and the choice most often comes down to a combination of price, services offered, support and even just criteria like a friend’s recommendation. I’ve rounded up my 4 favorite web hosting deals here:

Q – What’s the difference between web hosting, WordPress and the Go Daddy website builder?
A – Web hosting is the space (like a piece of land or a cloud) where you build your website on. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) to create things (it’s like your house). GoDaddy website builder is an alternative which is much more dumbed down yet fun and is not the same as WordPress.

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