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GoDaddy | What is Web Hosting? How to Buy Web Server from GoDaddy | Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated

What is web hosting, Where to buy a web server, How to buy a web server from GoDaddy, What’s the difference between shared hosting, Virtual private server(VPS) & dedicated server – we will discuss these in this video. We will also discuss what is the difference between a domain, web hosting & a website. We also covered Linux vs windows server.

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We discussed the following key items:

0:53 What is web hosting? Why do you even need web hosting?
2:08 Where to buy web servers? Where can I get these server space?
2:20 What are the drawbacks of maintaining your own server? What do I need to run my own web hosting company?
2:41 What is latency, what is content delivery network(CDN)?
4:05 Where can I buy web hosting? Where can I buy web servers?
5:18 Different types of servers. Difference between Linux server & windows server.
6:00 What is the difference between a domain name, web hosting & a website? Explained.
6:55 How to buy web hosting from GoDaddy? How to buy shared web hosting, WordPress web hosting from GoDaddy?
7:25 Shared hosting vs VPS vs Dedicated server explained.
13:42 GoDaddy promo code? Avail 33% of GoDaddy web hosting with a promo code 2020.
15:59 How to renew GoDaddy web hosting? Renew web hosting in GoDaddy explained.

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