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GoDaddy Website Builder Review Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

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It’s ‘two birds one stone time’ here on Btekt and in today’s learning-fest, we review GoDaddy’s website builder and you find out how to make cold brew coffee. Yep – Starbucks is charging £2.50 a glass, but you can have it fresh for a fraction of the price. As for the fantastic new website creator, it works on smartphones now, so you can build a website from start to finish without a PC or laptop in sight. Well, that’s the theory, how does the reality stack up? Check out this video to find out everything about everything we’ve just spoken about and if you have any questions, fire them in the comments section below. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe!!!

Music credit: Nicolai Heidlas, Real Ride

Thanks for watching – Basil and Gina 🙂