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Godaddy Web Hosting | Web hosting with a free domain

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A quick first look at their pricing tells us that GoDaddy offers affordable hosting. And these plans pack a nice combination of features. What I love is that you have a few different server locations to choose from. Including: North America, Asia, and Europe. Choosing the right data center location can improve loading times drastically.

You get 30 days to cancel plans, But, for monthly plans, it’s just 48 hours. There’s also restrictions based on where you live. Brazil only gets a 7-day window to get a refund, for some reason.

Godaddy also has a secret plan for $1/mo. You can unlock it by clicking this link:
You get a full year of hosting for $12, that’s probably the best deal out there.

A few recommendations before getting GoDaddy hosting:
Avoid any upsells or any extra features.
Make sure to use the discount below and get the $12 a year plan.

I would say the cheapest plans are best for smaller websites or personal projects. If you’re planning on hosting something bigger, look into VPS or Cloud plans.

Godaddy is a great hosting provider, but of course, It’s not perfect. But overall I’m glad that GoDaddy shifted from its upselling and marketing tactics, and now has a bit more honest approach.

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