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GoDaddy vs Wix | Which One is Best Website Builder?

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To start with both of these website builders all you need to do is create an account. And you can publish your website under a subdomain. Both free plans come with strict limitations on storage space and bandwidth. You also have to deal with a few feature limitations and worst of all – branding.

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Overall both providers get a plus for the free plan. GoDaddy is a bit cheaper but Wix doesn’t have any renewal pricing or similar gotcha tactics.

GoDaddy is a very simple tool that is meant to create a great-looking business website. With Wix, you can choose between using Wix Editor or a simpler ADI mode. You don’t get drag-and-drop controls in both builders. And you can only add pages or sections and customize them. Wix is more for when you want to create something interesting and GoDaddy is more for when you want to develop your business quickly.

In terms of features, both providers give you quite a choice of elements to integrate. These include social feeds, SoundCloud files, reservations, video playlists, and much more. GoDaddy has a nice selection of business-oriented choices. But Wix has a lot more templates, and most of them in my opinion looks a bit better and more modern than GoDaddy ones.

GoDaddy is really fast and stable. Wix is a bit slower, lagging behind in performance. But both results are great for a completed website.

Both GoDaddy and Wix are great website builders. GoDaddy is much more business-focused, allowing you to easily build websites without tinkering too much.Wix is a much more expansive website builder letting you create whatever you want, but it can get a bit confusing for some users.

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