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Godaddy URL Shortener causing Web Site Load Errors? DNS Server Forward & Reverse Zone files Pt17

Godaddy URL Shortener is still giving me Headaches, Looks like it is Stopping my Web Sites from Loading, and Giving a Page Not There Error, Either that or my Browser Cache is keeping those Error Pages, I think using Page Forwarding changes the IP Address in my Zone File, and causes this problem, I may have to try using the Godaddy URL Shortener, to get my Pages to Load Properly, Now I go back to working on my Fedora 28 Linux, Setting up an Authoritative DNS Advertising Name Server at 19:08, I do a manual Update on Fedora 28 Server in Cockpit Remote Admin, I use my Terminal Command Notes to work on my Config Files, and Run Tests on the DNS Server at 31:05, I check the logs and see an SELinux Security Alert, So I check into it 41:54 and do some Research, Back to work on getting my Fedora 28 Linux DNS Name Server working right at 1:12:56, I follow some Screen Shots from videos I have watched, and set up forward and reverse Zone files, I ran the “service named restart” command and got errors at 3:32:15, So I go through the Errors and formulate a new plan, Pt17.

Research links are here…
Fedora 28 Linux setting up a DNS Name Server BIND, Trying to get it to Show Up Online

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