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GoDaddy Review – The Biggest Villain In The Web Hosting Industry [2021]

You’ve heard the horror stories, you’ve heard about the terrible service. But is it true? Well in this GoDaddy review I’ll answer just that!
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In this GoDaddy review, I’ll talk straight facts. I’ll review and analyze every bit of evidence I can get to see if they’re the worst web hosting provider that exists or are these claims blown out of proportion. I’ll talk about their history, pricing model, support features and ease of use. Here’s everything you need to know about GoDaddy before you buy their web hosting.
Time Table

00:00 – Intro
01:35 – History & Facts
02:52 – Pricing Model
04:09 – GoDaddy Discount
04:55 – Control Panel
06:00 – Performance
09:04 – Support
11:00 – Recommendation

GoDaddy has quite a colorful history, being one of the oldest web hosting providers around they’re no strangers to controversy. Established back in 1997 they were among the first web hosting companies to offer commercial web hosting services.

Being among the first companies allowed them to make A LOT of money. And that money transferred into a lot of advertisements. So GoDaddy is established as THE web hosting company to go to when you need a website.

Over the years GoDaddy got more and more competition in the web hosting space.

In this GoDaddy review I’ll check out their pricing and compare them to other web hosting companies to see if you’re getting a good deal for the money you’re spending.

Since GoDaddy is one of the oldest web hosting companies they have a little bit of a premium pricing as you’re paying for their brand on top of the service itself. However, you can get a significant 88% discount by using the links down below.

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Control Panel

No GoDaddy review would be complete without actually showcasing their web hosting service. So I’ll show you how the control panel looks to determine if it’s easy to use for beginners.

I’ll also dive into some extra features that you get when you buy GoDaddy web hosting.

To test how well your website would perform I’ll do 3 tests on GoDaddy web hosting services.

1. Speed
2. Stabillity
3. Stress

In general since GoDaddy is an older company they follow the same trends as other old companies. Having great stability due to experience and reliable technology. However, with age comes a disadvantage in speed.

This is what people dislike about GoDaddy the most. So in this GoDaddy review I’ll jump onto their support service to see if they’re here to help or are they here to sell me extra features.

Most people and people that claim they’ve workedf or GoDaddy in the past all tell the same story – they’re trained to sell.
Recommendation / Conclusion

Is GoDaddy bad? No. They’re just not great.

In my opinion, GoDaddy doesn’t have much interest in web hosting services anymore since competition has gotten fierce and their profit margins got smaller. Now, they’re focusing their efforts on new tools like their website builder and they’re still the best domain name registrar that exists.

I highly recommend you get the $1 plan they offer because it’s worth it for the domain name alone and on top of that you get hosting email that you can use for throwaway, joke or test projects.

► GoDaddy $1 Deal ➜

I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any hosting provider. This means I might make money when you purchase hosting services through the links provided and I might be able to offer discounts when available. All of my opinions on this channel are always mine!

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