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Godaddy Nameservers – change DNS in 2 minutes (2019)

How to change Godaddy Nameservers and shift your DNS or Domain Name Server records to another host and after that the host can control your domain settings and your website will be visible.

The ideal time for DNS propagation in Godaddy is 24 hours but it will not take more than 5 minutes, sometimes due to cache history it can last for few hours. But if you clear your browser cache and ISP cache then it will work at that time.

To change Godaddy Nameservers, you need to go to your products page after logging in your Godaddy account and then click on DNS button, there below down the page you will find Nameservers tab and here a button named Change will be needed to press.

After that you can put your new nameservers from new host here. Normally all hostings or servers, provide two nameserver but if they give more than two nameservers then there is a option to add more nameservers, you can use that and put more and more there.
Also in new Godaddy panel in 2019, you will find another button near edit name servers tab and that is to add associated IP, here you can place the IP address which is associated with your server. But normally we need not to do that in shared hostings. We can put the dedicated ip there when using dedicated hosting or shared hosting with dedicated ip.

After that click on SAVE button and the DNS propagation starts immediately and you can see things updated in few minutes. Also if we change Name servers frequently like in few hours again and again then it might take some time to propagate.

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