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GoDaddy Hosting Review (2019): why you shouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot poll

A review of GoDaddy’s hosting and why you should avoid them. GoDaddy is one of the worsts all-around host for speed, security, support, and price. They used to be good, but have gone completely downhill. Join some Facebook Groups and look at polls, tweets, and Trustpilot reviews. Their servers are overcrowded, they don’t protect against malware, and GoDaddy charges customers to fix problems that are caused by them. When choosing a host, you can do much better than GoDaddy.

Alternatives I Recommend
Cloudways DigitalOcean:

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Why you shouldn’t use GoDaddy
-Overcrowded servers (infamous for slow server response times)
-Malware issues: rated one of the top malware hosting networks in the world
-Many customers must pay to use PHP 7.2 and remove malware caused by GoDaddy
-Support is usually better than Bluehost/EIG, but that doesn’t say much
-History of controversial issues: CEO hunting elephant and supporting SOPA

My WordPress speed optimization guide:

If you have any questions about which hosting to choose, drop me a comment. The WordPress Hosting Facebook Group is also a great place to get unbiased opinions from non-affiliates and people who actually know what they’re talking about. I hope this GoDaddy review was helpful.