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GoDaddy Custom Nameserver – Create & Setup DNS 2021` | DomainRacer

Let’s learn how to change the nameserver in GoDaddy.

How to create and update/change Godaddy Custom NameServer at hosting and at the domain registrar

For Godaddy customer GoDaddy as a domain registrar and DomainRacer as hosting provider.

Follow these steps to create and update custom nameserver at hosting and at domain registrar:

Step1) create custom name server at your domain registrar.

Login into domain registrar go to my product and select DNS hostname

Create Ns1 and Ns2 custom nameserver.

Step2) configure custom nameserver at the hosting provider (DomainRacer).

Step3) update custom nameserver at the domain registrar.

This is all about how to create and update Godaddy custom nameserver at hosting and at the domain registrar


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