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GoDaddy at the 2018 Mumbai Marathon Expo – Small Business Fitness

Running a marathon requires physical fitness, but what does it mean to be digitally fit? See how fitness plays a role.

:02 Our goal really for 2018 both as a company and as employees is to really make both small business community digitally fit and we want to combine it with physically fit :12 because we believe if you are physically fit you are into health and wellness. :17 You will also be more fitter into your business decisions. :20

:20 if you have a fit body you don’t need to spend money on cosmetics. You face glows naturally. :32

:33 I always draw the analogy between rented and owned. :36 So social platforms are rented platforms, meaning you are one renter in that whole thing. :42 Websites are your own identity, right? They’ll stay forever. :45

:46 Half this audience is our customers and we are trying to really connect to our customers and connect our customers to their passion using GoDaddy. :52

:54 GODADDY!!!! :56