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Get your website online:iPage Hosting Review – $3.75/m, Free Domain,
Why I like & iPage web hosting Review – $3.75/month, 24/7 Support r
Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth • Unlimited emails • Unlimited Domains Hosted • Easy install of many scripts includin r
iPage offers over $450 worth of free advertising credits and extras for sites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, only 3.5 $

hello I am Steve and as usual we’ll be going through one of the top web hosting providers out there today we’ll be talking about I page so let’s get going I’d like the home page because I have all the information right there it’s very clear very straightforward and apparently they’re adding on a lot of freebies in here which is really really good from the start I can see that they have a really attractive price with a very attractive anytime
money back guarantee offer now these guys have one package to which you can basically add on tons of things so it’s good in case you want to you know build up whatever it is you buying the price we’ve seen advertised for a cutes 350 a month that’s a really really good price and once we look at the office these guys have yeah it’s really good let’s go into some detail and check out the features that I page offers i love the unlimited unlimited
disk space limited bandwidth only minute databases these guys offer you a bunch of tools when it comes to design and programming your website and i love again how they present the information with that for the geeks tab in terms of Technology well you have all the scripts and then you have your basic content management ftp access everything looks pretty good I really love all the e-commerce features that these guys have for us and I also like how
they put so much emphasis on their email tools so now let’s go with support because this is something that for me is really important and it’s something that I don’t care what the website says I want to test it for myself so first let’s try out the chat now I have all these questions at the beginning which I guess help if you’re already a customer but in my case well it’s just a little bit overwhelming to see all these questions now the chart
started at a good timing but it took a little bit of time to get my answers and at some point I was even asked for which hosting provider I was inquiring about I guess maybe they’re outsourcing the support service for Chad or maybe it was just bad luck on my part and some confusion on their side but that wasn’t that good now personally I’ve always been more a fan of phone support I think it’s just easier so I’m going to try that out thank you
calling I page everything web made it easy your call may be recorded for trading purposes please listen carefully to the following menu options to reach a sales associate please press 1 as usual I’m just going to go with sales and we’re waiting for someone to pick up thank you for calling I papian are you occurred okay so full support is not the fastest however they were pretty helpful I asked some questions about their control panel your design
tools and they were really helpful in trying to get the answers for me all in all I have to say support is not greatest now something that might maybe compensate that for some of you is the fact that on their homepage they have a system notices section in case there’s any major thing to communicate to all customers they have a pretty cool help search engine which is good and a full set of video tutorials which are also good to me doesn’t really
compensate for support not being the best but you know you have those resources to work with which is always welcome okay so as usual let’s try the signup process for these guys as always just any domain for testing purposes I like that it’s clean and straight forward you can choose to pay for one or two years the thing here is you don’t get a discount you don’t get a best price for signing up for longer now here’s something else to be careful of
is that these guys have a bunch of things you can add on to your basic package you might need these things that’s really up to you what I’m not a big fan of is that a lot of these options are pre-selected in the form so you know if you’re not careful you go from thirty forty two dollars for the whole year to 76 to just make sure if you decide to go with these guys to really check only the ones you need an uncheck the ones you don’t so far we can
say about I page that it’s a really good package you have very good authoring for a reasonable price now the support in these tests will run was not the best the answers on the phone will good it just took a little bit more time that I would have hoped for signup process is clean and fast I’m just not too sure about all those atoms hosting with you has obtained a demo account for us to test the control panel at I page so this is not your standard
cpanel this is actually a control panel called V deck which might get a little time getting used to the one thing in particular is that you will not find all of your resources right then and there in the home page you actually have to click through sometimes several times in order to find what you’re looking for the negative side well is that that you have to go through several clicks to find something the positive side is that everything is
neatly organized and the user interface is actually quite friendly and you have lengthy explanations and processes think that can help you when you’re seeing stunts cribs or putting add-ons into your website the other thing is that this control panel the interface is highly customizable so you can really make it work for you which is a good thing now that being said where is everything we were promised well again you don’t see it right down there
but you might want to check out the install central because you’ll find a lot of the scripts and everything there and you might also want to check out the activation center because all the freebies are right there when it comes to the design tools well you have all the scripts that you can use for e-commerce and you can use for blogs image galleries whatever you can think of we’ve covered the basics with I page so let’s wrap things up the author
is solid terms of limited tons of free stuff good I think the key feature with these guys is their confidence and bear with me here taking a leap by using a control panel that’s not the standard and I think that shows confidence in their service and being able to support you and afterwards while working with them so that’s something that I like in terms of price the starting price is a really good offer now with all the add-ons I’m not so sure
but then again no one’s forcing you to take the atoms in terms of Technology supported you don’t see the applications you would normally see but don’t worry I don’t think there’s anything you can’t do with these guys when it comes to a control panel the question is simple do you like to have everything on your desktop so you can click on it easily or do you rather have neatly organized folders and subfolders so you know where everything is if
your answer is the second then this guy’s control panel is really what you’re looking for I was a little bit disappointed with the design tools if you have a very good basic tool for beginners and then I will tour was more all the self-help options are great but the live chat and phone support were a little bit of a letdown terms of guarantees you have standard stuff 30 day money-back guarantee which even if standard is always welcome to me the
bottom line with these guys is the control panel if you want to have your things neatly organized basis for you but again the great thing about pretty much any hosting provider is that you can try them out with the 30 day money back guarantee right so overall because of the solid offer and the good pricing without the add-ons I’m going to give these guys four thumbs up out of 5 what do you think do you like I page do you like the control panel it
doesn’t work for you let us know make sure to leave us your comments on your impressions on these or any the other web hosting providers we’ve discussed I am staying for hosting review thank you for watching