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Get Found with the Wix SEO Wizard – Web Design – Wix Tutorial

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In this tutorial, I walk you through how to use the WIX SEO Wizard. These rules apply to any site builder, but the Wizard makes it much easier.

all right welcome everybody I’m so glad you’re here once again my name is Michael wood and I am the owner and head web designer at captivate ‘im multimedia and web design and today I want to show you guys around the Wix SEO wizard many people complain that Wix is just terrible when it comes to SEO now I’m gonna say from personal experience that is not true and just to make doubly sure Wix has an SEO wizard which we will go over and they
actually submit your website to Google directly for indexing so it’s actually very good at SEO however you do need to know how to use the tools so if you want to know how to use these tools and become an SEO wizard yourself stay tuned let’s first of all look at the website that I have going on here and this is just one of the Wix templates this one is called Nomad on the road and it’s a basically a blogging website now the Wix SEO wizard use is
useful for any of the templates but today I want to look at this I like to go over different templates for different people out there so in this case we have a blogger and this person goes out and they travel and they simply post all of the latest adventures they have and one reason why I picked a blogging site is because a blog is super helpful when it comes to search engine optimizations because you’re putting quality content which is the
writing and the images on your site I have to emphasize that the words matter now back in the day people used to just put blocks of text I don’t know if you remember seeing those sites but they would put blocks of text because they were trying to get the robo crawlers and Google and Microsoft being to find their website so they just splattered words anywhere on their site the sites look terrible but you know they called it like a tag cloud or
something like that and you know didn’t look good first of all and a year or two ago the Google clamped down and they said I don’t think so Google really wants quality content because I’ll tell you why not because they’re trying to tell you what to do but you got to look at Google’s perspective they want the search results that come up to be relevant they want it to matter and that’s why Google has risen above the other search engines is because
they are very good at showing you results that are relevant to your search and so anybody who gets spammy anyone who tries to put all kinds of word on their site and you know what let me you know what actually happens believe it or not people put words on their site about subjects their site isn’t even about are you serious really do people do that really seriously people do that so of course I’m saying that little jokingly a little sarcastically
yeah you know people do a lot of things but you don’t need to worry because you’re not going to be spammy you’re gonna have quality content on your site and that’s why I picked a blogging website just to show you a good example of great content now if you did not use the Wix SEO wizard at all you’re the Google still gonna pick up on your site you’re still going to produce SEO however the wizard will allow you more control and it’ll give you more
options and kind of put you in the driver’s seat of the SEO instead of just putting stuff on your site and just hoping for the best all right we could do better than that now if you want to learn more about web design be sure to check out the webmaster academy at WWE webmaster academy dot online and I’ll show you from concept to automation how to create stunning and professional websites all right let’s get into the wizard now to find the wizard
not the Wizard of Oz but where is the wizard where is it it’s like a journey an adventure right it’s not in any of these okay what you need to do is go up to the top click on site let’s wait for this drop down menu here it is right here and we’re going to get this Wix SEO wizard isn’t listed on here what happened where to go oh they just renamed it because they were hoping maybe if they changed the words you might you know find it better I’m just
checking the chat see if there’s any comments okay what you need to do is click on get found on Google and look at the small print says boost your site’s SEO with Wix SEO Wiz head to your step by step plan now so if you want this wizard to work for you you’re gonna have to put some work in it’s not just a click and it’s all done you will have to put the time and energy into making this happen and if you get lazy about it well hey it’s your SEO
right so get found on Google click on that a new menu is gonna pop up Wix has the best SEO for your website start now sounds good what’s your business or site name so let’s go back our business is Nomad on the road so let’s go ahead and type that in Nomad on the road hit next you have a business location well sometimes you do and in this case no this is online because it’s a blog so I’ll say next how would people search for you on Google now this
is the part where you really have to think about the keywords there are other outside tools you can use there are websites that actually show you trending keywords so it says on this wizard you want to add up to five of them so you want to describe the things that you are offering let’s go to our site and see if there’s anything here that can kind of give us a clue hey now because this is just a template I don’t have all of the proper text in
here so I might have to make this up a little bit so bear with me we’re gonna have to get a little creative so no man on the on the road well what would people be looking for in order to bump into your site well let’s start with travel the travel is pretty broad so maybe another key word to get a little bit more specific and you could say hiking or how about maybe mountain hiking and you see I have two words there and that’s okay that counts as a
phrase within the last year or two Google has moved from individual keywords to phrases just because phrases can be a little more specific and people search patterns has changed over time people are starting to use phrases I remember there were some high school students trying to look up answers to a reading quiz and they were copying and pasting the entire question into Google not just about the subject but the whole question so tight phrases
longer longer words multiple words is okay when defining a keyword so travel mountain hiking let’s see what else this blogger is doing looks like they’re backpacking adventure enter escapes okay so we could even just put in some of the titles of those blog posts winter escapes plan your cross-country road trip so a cross-country road trip so I have four right there let’s see if I can come up with one more of course it’s a blog right so maybe
let’s do traveling or a travel blog now what I’m going to do is I’m going to click on analyze my keywords and this window comes up and it gives you the strength so travel is pretty strong we’re not a travel agency journey travel looks pretty good now so we’re in the green mountain hiking okay that looks actually one of the higher ones so we’re gonna stay with that winter escapes wow that’s actually one of the highest of the other related words
cross-country road trip now here I might be able to do better but sky I a ski rental service Country Club doesn’t really fit very well so we’re gonna be fine with that and then travel blog looks pretty good so art our keywords are pretty strong let’s go ahead and keep those so we’re going to create an SEO plan are you guys ready to create the SEO plan let me know smile give me give me a like give me something there in the chat box so I know that
we can go ahead and move on because I don’t want to go too fast for anybody and I’m just gonna check the chat here okay let’s go ahead and create that SEO plan it’s creating it the machines are doing their job alright get started with your plan let’s go ahead now this is where the work comes in because what’s going to happen is the wizard will ask you to change and update certain things on your site so you do need to pay attention to these and
the goal is to go ahead and get green checkmarks in all of these areas okay so here is our checklist for our SEO plan and you notice we got a green check saying the site is mobile-friendly as of this year Google actually looks at the mobile friendliness of your site in other words is it formatted for mobile devices and that’s gonna affect your rankings so that is one of the first things we need to make sure it’s happening all Wix templates are
mobile optimized from a design perspective you might have to go into the mobile editor and make some manual changes but generally speaking the site is mobile-friendly the home page is set to be visible in search results it’s one of those switches that can come on and off and you just got to make sure that that’s working alright let’s update the home pages SEO title and we’re gonna say go for it because so do you see all these red exclamation
marks those are basically hits that we need to fix everything needs to be a green checkmark only then only then my child Oh what can you see the great goop all these are green checks the first thing is update the title let’s go for it now what’s nice is the SEO wizard actually tells you what you need to do so in here it says well why it matters well the SEO page title or meta title is the first thing about you that people see on Google tell them
who you are by adding your name keywords and location you can edit this info from our page SEO settings so then it says what you need to do well our current SEO page title there is none so if we need to fix that choose one of these recommended titles so what’s nice is it took the keywords it took the title of the site and it already created the meta title for us now there’s a few variations number one is mountain hiking Nomad on the road to
winter escapes Nomad on the road or travel no man on the road so I’m gonna say mountain hiking that seems to be the best one I’m going to click on copy and then we’re going to go to our editor it’s going to open up a new window so actually before it does that I’m gonna go to our regular window make sure we publish this let’s go ahead and rename it let’s save we actually need to rename the site Nomad on the road and say done and then we’re going
to publish it and now I feel comfortable about jumping over to the editor so we’ll say go to editor I’ll close out the other browser so we don’t get confused here okay so it’s gonna go ahead and open up the editor now you see right here it already jumped to the section which is under page set our site menu page settings SEO and it says right here no man on the road that’s what it’s going to look like on google but what we want to do is go ahead
and make a change on that and so right here you notice the words are in grey and when I hover the mouse the highlights light blue so this means there’s no information there let’s go ahead and click on that and simply paste or control V and paste in what they already told us now we can go up to 70 characters and if you are in a particular region maybe you’re only in Washington State you would want to go ahead and put in your location and then
what’s this page about all right so this is where the art and science come together because you need to have a good description of what your blog is about and I always like to think of from a marketing perspective what’s in it for the visitor because that’s really what this is about right it’s not for us necessarily otherwise you want to be using the Wix SEO in the first place so let’s talk about what this page is about in terms of what’s in it
for them so our awesome travel blog helps mountain hikers and weary travelers be inspired informed and I was looking for another I word and be inspired informed and and loved Hey can’t go wrong with love right so that’s just a brief thing on what it is it is about I need to scroll down what is the page URL and we’ll say travel blog do I want to hide this page no way now what are the keywords on this particular page hiking travel mountains blog so
I just threw a few words in there and that should save and so now we’re gonna go ahead and save the site and make sure you publish the site now we’re gonna go back to the Wix SEO wizard and we’re going to refresh the page to make sure we did it right and look we got green checks one of our keywords is in there the business or site name appears the title is a good length and the title is unique so all of those things are done we’ve cleared one of
our green checks shoot I told you this is gonna be a lot of work so we have other red exclamations we got to jump through and I’m just checking the chat make sure see if anybody has any questions all right so far so good you okay just check in the chat everybody you making sure that I answer any questions alright let’s go ahead and continue let’s change the homepages SEO description let’s go for it okay why it matters the SEO page description or
Meta Description is right below the SEO title remember I was you know trying to come up with those words helping travelers be inspired and loved and all that that’s what we’re talking about okay now I thought I did a good job except I didn’t include my business or site name so I need to go fix that what we’ll do is where we’ve already published and saved I can leave let’s go to the editor and this takes you exactly to where we need to be when you
click on go to editor okay so here we’re back and my description was fine except I did not put the name of my site so I’ll just put our awesome travel blog Nomad on the road helps mountain hikers and weary travelers be inspired and formed and loved okay remember to save publish now that updates the code in the background let’s go back to the Wix SEO wizard and let’s refresh and there it is yes I love it when things work we got a green check so
our business name is there so don’t you love this don’t you love how it kind of holds your hand through this whole SEO process I do I really appreciate it okay optimize the home in fact wait a minute if this really helps you give me a reaction I like to see interactions you guys give me give me a heart give me some love give me some happy faces I just want to make sure you guys are understanding everything here alright let’s optimize the home
pages content so that was kind of on the back of the house let’s talk about the front of the house the part that people see so let’s go for it writing high quality original content is the most effective way to boost your SEO ranking and we talked about that in the beginning you can make your text to Google friendly by adding your keywords and business or site name and including relevant information about what you do so this is kind of you know
people didn’t let me back up remember I talked about that people would get real spammy they just put keywords and slap them down or it’s kind of we’re doing the same thing but instead of being spammy about it we’re gonna use our our words and we’re gonna make sort of a paragraph or paragraphs that have the keywords in them so that way the content is you know quality and not just a bunch of random words so one of the things we’re missing is one of
our keywords in case we forgot what they were they’re listed right there on the page travel mountain hiking winter escapes cross-country road trip and travel blog so I have to make sure at least one of those words is somewhere on my home page so I could just say mountain hiking so I’m going to save publish now now this part is actually not the home page that it is the home page but this part is actually sort of a a widget that simply shows all of
my different blog posts so to get to the actual home page I need to move this out of the way and I actually need to add some text directly to the homepage so I’m going to click on add go to text and we don’t want a heading we just want a paragraph so we’re going to click and drag that into here and let’s just put a quick paragraph of what we’re all about nomads on the road in fact you remember that description we put in the SEO oh that was on the
back end let’s go ahead and put that right here on the front end is a travel blog for everyone I’m not done I just want to expand the text out here we help mountain hikers and weary travelers stay informed inspired and loved isn’t that nice okay if I want to make this a little bit bigger let’s go ahead expand that out a little bit so you can see it let’s do a save let’s publish now now let’s go back to our SEO wizard and hopefully we can get that
green check because we used our keyword in this case it was mountain hiking let’s refresh yes I love it we got a green check all right let’s go happy about that I am show me some love give me a heart happy face all right thanks everybody I love it when things work out all right next one where you are not done everybody we still got more to go let’s collapse that let’s go to the red exclamation update the contact info on the homepage go for it why
it matters listing your email address phone number and location makes it easy for people to get in touch with you so I don’t have any contact info on my home page let’s go ahead go to our home page and we’re gonna put that at the footer and as you could see we don’t have that information here so let’s go ahead and add text we’re just gonna add a paragraph or we could do a heading actually now when I go to the footer I have to actually click enjoy
so where it says attach to footer go ahead and let it go and here we’re gonna go ahead and put in our contact information Nomad on the road contact us at info let’s put a little one of these separators here info at when you’re doing emails it’s good to just have all lowercase info at Nomad calm this out here and put another separator and then we’ll put in the number it’s a 1-800 number 1-800 five five five Road there it is so we have email a
phone number now if you have a physical location you’d go ahead and add the address but since we’re just a blog the email and phone number is good enough or even just the email but in this case I want a phone number because I want good SEO I’m gonna say done save publish now done let’s go back let’s see let’s hit that refresh button yes oh wow I got an award nice job you’re making progress keep going to finish your SEO goals you’re on the right
track I love it let’s go for it so alright everybody we only have two more to go we’re almost done hey I did that we did this in like 30 minutes you’re basically gonna master your SEO before it’s even time for lunch okay social links on the home page are not connected to your social pages oh man I tell you what that is a pet peeve of web designers is having all these social links and they don’t go anywhere so we need to fix that make sure
visitors can reach your social profiles by updating on your social links now you could say well I don’t have any social media so just delete them well you get a red exclamation because the Wix SEO wizard would tell you you need to have at least one social link on your homepage really important for SEO especially because Google likes to look beyond your website they like to look at the backlinks in other words are people talking about your website
in other places are they talking about it on Instagram Facebook Twitter there’s discussions about your website and that helps boost your SEO because Google says hey people are talking about this website that means it must be relevant now for a while people were trying to game the system and they were just writing blog articles on you know 50 different blogs just for SEO and that could work to some extent but I know Google’s latest algorithm it’s
gotten a little smart to that so you want to make sure that these discussions are genuine and not just driven by a bunch of robots okay so let’s go ahead and because it’s got Instagram Facebook and Twitter let’s go ahead and go to our editor I’m going to publish this and what they’re talking about is the with the Wix SEO wizard looked at those three social media icons and said there ain’t nothing connected to those you need to fix that so to do
that I’ll go ahead and use my captivate ‘im my captivate them links just for ease of use here here’s the captivate um homepage and that’s me well there’s two of me a little freaky there all right Facebook let’s go ahead and discard ress I’m going to set the social links we’ll click on the Facebook one and let’s go ahead and put in the link just click on I’m sorry I went too fast click on the logo click on the link right here and then go ahead and
copy and paste the URL to your real social media network we’re gonna open it in a new window so they don’t leave our website say done now just to save time I’ll go ahead and remove these it says as long as we have at least one will satisfy the wizard remember to save publish now all right let’s go back to our wizard let’s do a refresh and yes we got all greens we are almost there guys one more update the about pages SEO title why matters the SEO
page title or meta title is the first thing about you that people see on Google tell them who you are by adding your name keywords and location you can edit this info from your page SEO settings so we can go ahead and just copy the recommended title I will just say copy now you may not know where these settings are so make sure you save publish close the window and then go ahead and say go to editor and let the SEO wizard take you to the right
place and it’s loading right now okay there it is so aren’t what this is talking about our about page didn’t have any anything for Google so all I need to do is click on this blank area paste and what I did you have the name of the page it’s not the home page it’s the about page so you put about and then the name of your site and then if you want you could put in the location or or maybe keywords mountain hikers and you also notice by convention
the name of the pages in all caps and the rest of the SEO title follows normal capitalization rules so you don’t want all caps all the time that’s like shouting but it’s okay to put all caps for the page and then we can add a description now you don’t put the same description as your homepage this is the about page so you’re really talking about this you just say contact us for more information and inspiration and that’s good enough because it’s
only in about Us page and we could leave the URL with about and that’s fine we could put some keywords if we want to but for now this should satisfy the wizard let’s save publish now done okay let’s go back and let’s do a refresh yes it’s all greens okay everybody we are green all across the board we did everything the wizard asked us to now what now do we get to see Google in the cloud okay what do you do now looks like everything’s good now
what let’s go ahead and go to settings here are the settings and we don’t have a location where we could skip it so this is the questions they asked us in the beginning and then here you make sure this is checked allow Google to include your site and search results okay so let’s go home here everything’s looking good I’m going to click on View all uh-oh I got a few more reds and we can’t submit it till all the Reds are cleared so on the about
page we have to optimize the about pages content so this is again where we have to use our keywords so I have to go in here you notice it says I’m a paragraph click here to add your own text well guess what the XS the Wix SEO caught us they said that is not good for SEO for this site because I don’t have anything in there so I’m a paragraph so I need to basically write an about page that’s real we are experienced mountain hikers who can take you
on many adventures and winter escapes I’m starting to get better at using these keywords my grammar my grammar checker just had me make a few adjustments I got lots of robots helping me everybody all right we have experienced mountain hikers who can take you on many adventures and winter escapes obviously you would write more than that this is just demonstration purposes all right let’s see if we refresh yes okay we’re good there so our about
page is excellent we looks like we just have a few red marks on our contact page which we didn’t do the title or the description and we have no content Wow all right so you notice the trend the more for every page you have you have to make sure there’s an SEO title an SEO description and keywords on each page so because I have three pages I to do this three times does everyone understand the process so far give me a happy face give me a heart
just let me know that you are understanding how things are going all right thank you everybody great job okay let me just check my YouTube chat okay it looks good all right let’s do this last page so I’m going to go to the site or you can go to the page manage pages we’re on the contact page click the three dots and then hit page SEO so that was the long way of getting there I just thought I’d show you how to get there manually okay so we have
nothing here and what we want to do is let’s go ahead and copy their suggestion we’re going to click on this blank area and we’re going to paste that in this is the contact page and again you could put location or keywords and it’s the same as the about page write us a letter or give us a call an experienced mountain hiker is here to help okay page URL will stay the same at contact and everything should be good there now what I need to do is add
some keywords to this contact me page so I’m going to make sure there’s room first I’ll push this down a little bit let’s add some text it’s going to be a paragraph okay write us a letter or give us a call an experienced mountain hiker is here to help okay that should clear our SEO let’s go ahead and do a save and a publish and let’s go back to our wizard and let’s do a refresh everything should be green so you kind of get the rhythm right make
sure you have an SEO title SEO description make sure there’s keywords on each page that’s kind of the rhythm that we’re in so that should be green our website is has 18 out of 18 on our checklist there’s SEO checklist is done find out what’s next your site’s SEO was successfully updated and now it’s time to boost your Google ranking yes because that’s what this was all about it’s an ongoing process which can take time but you can help by using
the valuable tips on our SEO guide so let’s click on the SEO guide not much that’s gonna happen now this is just basically a guy just talking about how to research keywords you know planning those descriptions I was just giving you a demonstration there is an art to finding the right keywords there’s an art to writing good copy and good descriptions if you don’t know how I say hire a writer or a copywriter to get that done for you but that’s all
there is there’s nothing else to do here are it says our checklist is done and over time we’re gonna go ahead and get found on Google so that is the SEO wizard and I’m hoping that that helps you I’m hoping you see that it’s not as crazy there’s kind of a little rhythm that needs to happen making sure you’re good on the backend with SEO titles and descriptions and then making sure you’re good on the front end using quality content writing house
saying it writing words you know Google doesn’t always read images there are Google Images and there’s a way you can add SEO to your images but that’s not what we’re talking about here we want to make sure that there’s good copy and one way of doing that is having a blog so if you don’t have a blog on your site right now I currently recommend you go ahead and add a blog if you want more lessons on how to add a blog including how to add Tumblr or
blogger com which is a Google product if you have Google Apps for business or Google Apps for Education then blogger is included in your Google Apps suite if you want to know how to add those blogs or even just a Wix blog which is free if you have a Wix premium site if you want to know how to add any of those blogs check out I have detailed tutorials on all of those at the webmaster academy so check this out make sure to LIKE and subscribe if you
like this video let me know in the comments let me know how SEO was going for you and if you had a chance to play around with the Wix SEO wizard I’d like to hear about it let me know in the comments I’ll try to get back to you if you’re watching the replay I do read everything and I’ll try to respond as soon as possible other than that thank you for being here with me I look forward to our training for next week and if you want more trainings
again check out our Academy at WWE webmaster academy online this is Michael Wood signing off I hope you guys have a great rest of the day and most of all that you get found by Google you