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Free WordPress SSL Certificate with Cloudflare | GoDaddy free SSL (Still works in 2021)

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to setup a free WordPress SSL Certificate with Cloudflare (Still works in 2020). In easy to follow steps and with 10 minutes of work you will have a secured website.

This will work on any hosting, all you need is access to your domain DNS settings. Which 99% of domain providers allow.

And you will be able to use CloudFlare’s SSL certificate and get your free SSL for your website.

In this tutorial you will learn the following:

1. A summary of what is Cloudflare
2. Setting up your domain to point to Cloudflare
3. Installing an SSL certificate plugin on WordPress
4. Verifying the SSL certificate with Cloudflare
5. Make Cloudflare redirect all traffic from http to https

Please note that this video only shows you how to secure the connection between your browser and the server. Traffic between Cloudflare and your server is going through HTTP and is not secured. That’s why we changed the SSL from full to flexible. For End-to-end HTTPS with Cloudflare and read how to secure traffic between Cloudflare and your server:

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