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Hi Guys, I am back with another Video B) In this video I am going to tell you about .me domain that how to get .me domain free from namecheap for 1 year Before getting this .me domain this is necessary to to must watch this method from which… this method this new .edu mail method which I told you before it is compulsory to watch it so that you could be able to get that .edu mail from which you can get free .me domain from Namecheap for 1 Year just like I told you before already on my page And If you didn't have liked my page yet www.facebook.com/TrueSEOGuide then help yourself by liking it to get daily updates And just like I told you before that I am going to share .me TLD domain method So lets start, Before start it is my request to please subscribe my channel True SEO Guide To get New and Latest Informative video updates And I am your favorite SEO Affan Hashmi from True SEO Guide So what you have to do, go to google.com and search for Namecheap student .me domain search it on Google when you search on it, you will get first of all https://nc.me click on it on Namecheap Education Program: Free Domains For Students after clicking you will be landed on Namecheap here on find box , search for you favorite domain name that which domain name you want actually. I will search here for AffanHashmiSays and will click on find after clicking on search for affanhashmisays.me this domain name appears here on screen which is free placed here for me 😛 I have to click on "Add " then this domain will placed in my cart and then click on "Complete Order" as you can see it is free After clicking complete order, click on Github pages and don't worry about these pages, they don't will matter for us anyhow And here you have to put that mail of which method I have shared to you in my last video, I have hide my mail from here but here you will see my mail they have said to confirm your mail so you can confirm it from your outlook mail box. So, I am confirming my mail from here from this verify your mail button link i will click on it But! This is not opening yet So I have to use VPN of US to open my US proxy after that I will click on reload same problem :/ So I am copying this link and then will open it on incognito mode So, I am using this verification link with US proxy VPN as you can see come on open open and here it is now here I have to put my details Username , Password, any kind of mail… now page is open my mail is confirmed as it is written here that my mail has been verified here I need to register insert my username, any name which I like, and password And I must have to remember them .

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How to get free .me TLD domain from namecheap for 1 year is the topic of this video, you can get as many domains as you want and as you can so hurry up and get yours now.

After this I will share a video for getting other TLDs domains for free 😉
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