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okay so welcome all so today I will discuss how to install let's end clips free SSL certificate on any wordpress blog which is hosted anywhere on the web so you can see that in my website right now this information just click agree and we'll click Next so yeah it's taking some time because the krauser is always trying to access the HTTP web site but my website is only HTTP now so that is taking time to resolve it so the next step we need to provide the ownership of of our application of our website to ourselves and so you know to do that you need to download two files and install it on your web application it's going to go ahead and download the files it's a file one ok here I'm gonna create two file – we'll save it now we need to go to the control panel and go to some file managing software we have a file manager FTP web disk so many so many things I'll click on file manager so I have the file manager here at inside file manager we need to find a folder called Acme challenges it is under the public HTML dot well known so Acme challenges where usually if you are installing this application for first time then that photo will be empty but I have used this before so I have the older files here so I'm going to clear that I'm going to delete this and I want to I want to upload the new files that are provided by SS Elson so until complete both these files now I'm going to upload this select files in use of order this is the new one next file say uploaded both the files now so click back so it is done now let's go ahead and verify verify ok so you can you can see that files content is statically returned here so both the files are uploaded now let's go ahead and click Next so in this step the plug-in will check whether the files are existing on the server so if it is found then it can up then it proves the ownership of ownership of us to the web application see I've done that and you click Next you show will be showing have a MSHA in congrats you have us XP activated of expert generator cells that pick on your website so these are the private public and see a bundle I think that a copy of this will also be sent to your registered email address so right now thats coherent download the power cheese the certificate and the CIA bundle okay so we have downloaded all set we can see a Midland private key now we need to install this on our control panel on our application server so let's go ahead and access the control panel here you will see security ssl/tls you can click there install and manage the cell certificates okay so here you will have the option to paste the certificate private key and see a mental value so let's go ahead and take a terminal so I have to put the files in a desktop also first you need the CRT file so chant certificate or CRT copy this it's here you can select the domain name here okay so can you know em this as well pick a pattern I used to have see a bundle copy and paste install certificate little installers at the gate and yes it is actually updated so click OK just come back to the web application and try to click it let's try and see it on a new incognito window so yes yeah you can see that the connection is now enabled with SSL so we have successfully enabled a free SSL certificate that provided that's primary pilots encrypt by simply using a plug-in on a shared hosting server thank you for watching have a nice time .

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You all know about the free SSL certificates issued by LetsEncrypt. LetsEncrypt is now trusted by all the modern web browsers. It is pretty much easy to setup LetEncrypt on any WordPress installation.
Yes! A lifetime free SSL certificate for you WordPress blog.

Go ahead watch the video and share me you experience and queries in the comments section. Don't forget to renew your SSL certificate each 90 days using the same steps, or simply buy the Pro version of SSL Zen plugin.
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