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welcome audience back to the gorilla pen or the art of waving small business warfare podcast I am pleased to welcome Sara George Durham to the podcast she is a extraordinary individual one that when you learn a little bit more about her background her hobbies are probably a shock to you and she's also going to shock you with how much he knows about brand building and using a lot of the free tools that are going to help you build your business Sara which tell us a little bit about yourself sure thank you Mark well I am a brand builder I build websites and build brands I work with a couple different platforms in doing that and as you mentioned I do have a couple fun hobbies I love to box I can feed amateur boxing and I also love to ride my Harley babysit Harley if there's anything but whisp any of those are same for these things that could line up box a Harley riding and being a woman to all at the same time must keep you really busy on top of brand building now as part of your brand building sometimes you became a wix.com ambassador tell us what Wixted and how did you become an ambassador sure if you're not familiar with which is a what you see is what you get drag and drop easy editor for building websites which we have a really cool slogan that goes around there and it's the way the way it was meant to be meaning that the web is supposed to be easy for people to create and build their dreams and which is just trying to bring Katty so the small block business platform it's just phenomenal and it's powerful I became a Wix ambassador because I was building Wix websites and I had a problem there was something that they they didn't quite do there was an answer they didn't quite meet and I complained about it and they reached out to me and they said wasn't we didn't fix it and that's powerful when a when a company that's traded on the New York Stock Exchange reaches out to little OE in Atlanta Georgia and says what can we do to fix your problem and and they took it to heart they fix it and then later they asked me if I was interested in the Ambassador Program to which I said absolutely or so this is going into my second year as an ambassador for weeks now what their problem is trying to solve me which is an Akili platform on ICO around little no genius with you sounds like you were pushing the outer limits of what this what this platform was capable yeah well one of the things I like to do is build sites for small businesses and they have neat stuffing right the misconception about wakes is that it's not powerful enough to accommodate a small business and I was in a space where I was pushing those limits we were building a store we needed to get in a lot of products and at the time you couldn't import those products and I reached out two weeks and I said hey listen you guys have this also product but I can't upload product fast enough and they say that was mean they listen they answer questions they ask questions they went to the drawing board and guess what you can actually import an export product now based on you know user reviews and communication so they really are a powerful tool for businesses so that's that that piece of it that ability to import more products gave the business you're working with a lot more capacity and the ability to operate on the web which is a way to reduce your operating cost and avoid that brick and mortar that I always try to push against until your business model is this sound yes and so you're saying that Wix has come in now and provided robust tools that people would have had to spend thousands of dollars on in order to import that sort of data so to be honest mark this gentleman was spending thousands of dollars and who saved him that money by moving him for the Wix platform and giving him a tool that meant that he could manage his business without having to outsource and hire developers work with overseas or even local developers either way to such a big price tag and he's a business owner and his business is not the way his business is prompt right so he went from was spending money on developers just bounty packets back into his visit higher for staff he could get new equipment he could expand his warehouse he just had so many new options at that point okay so what have you spending money on that he's been in with using and building his brand as the folks about the Bannister yeah we did spend some in the website for him here's a brand is already known so he wasn't concerned in building a brand but typically that's where we see a lot of people spend the houses does need to grow and once you have the tools that you believe you can grow and do free of the money to grow at the same time now you can invest in an image that makes people want to and your businesses spent money with you excellent now give us more two tips in that brand building process that which makes it easier to get that momentum get that brand building momentum so if this gentleman went from spending on developers to shifting now to spending more on enhancing that image with it what are two or three things you would have told him he didn't got a quick hit sure that's a great question one thing that we've been that's really fun is once you build your website communication with clients or web visitors or potential clients is really important regardless of how you gather that information which is made it really easy to build a well-designed email that you can send out and you can drop your logo into it you can add your custom color you can add fun images or gifts to it they're all things that fit into your brand image because which already has you've already uploaded all of your images there so now you can create it with all the same information and send it out to your clients when you send this out to your clients even better part about it is which give you does that on who opened it who looked at it how successful is this that's really important in building a brand in Delhi is the image that you're portraying getting the message that you want to get across now how do you design those stats I know just from my grandma Desmond experience getting that kind of information at least back in the 90s when I was managing a brand of required an entire department that's it and sort through information that's coming back from grocery stores and they have an uploader into a platform that was searchable by the brand management team but you're telling me now I can send out an email and get all sorts of stats on when is the best time to send an email who open it how many pages they look that kind of thing so yes in the dashboard when you send out an email mass campaign email you get those stats right there in your dashboard they're really accessible they're easy to find and they're easy to understand now the email aspect of it for a lot of small businesses is a his book is the lifeblood for revenue more email addresses you have a more potential revenue you can drive through your business does Wix make it easy to build less email lists yes that's another great branding tool by a domestic subscribe button on your website where all they have to do is drop an email into a form and could submit you're not asking them for any major information you're not asking them to divulge their address just your email address and now you can build that list with it would you have a campaign you want to push you have a new product you have new information you're able to easily get it out now how which power to advise a client to encourage people to give us that email I know I get a lot of websites and I get a lot of requests for emails some I sign up for some I don't are there some best practices that entrepreneurs can look at maybe test out on their website to try to drive more email yeah there are there's always a best practice but the other thing I always want to encourage small business to do is keep in mind what's best for you and your clients and it's important that you know who your audience is first we've seen really popular light boxes where we have when we get to a website and there's a pop-up box that says subscribe now and if you're dealing with anyone in the neighborhood of say 45 in youngers that's probably a great way to capture their information but if your audiences may be in the 45 and up range that may not be the best way to communicate with them they may see it as distracting they may see it is annoying or invasive they may feel like you've kind of come into their private viewing space so you really need to know your audience before you decide but again the pop-up windows are very popular mechanism and asking for a small bit of information without digging too deep in exchange for small bit of knowledge is a great way to capture email addresses so for instance maybe somebody wants to have access to the material that you may park and they want to learn something about marketing and how to be a small business maybe you offer them in exchange for their email address a small PDF that gives them some great useful point you know you don't give away the whole business but you give them something that actually adds value now they'll be more willing to share their email address and they'll see you as an authoritative resource excellent excellent not to point of your classes and in the class you mentioned that your business should consider using video and images and try to simplify the pages and tell a story with your with your website some businesses lend themselves to that pizza places restaurants but professional services you have a lot of entrepreneurs moving into that space it's one of the fastest growing spaces in the gig economy how would an accountant use Wix in that fashion I mean can you can you tell a story about accounting using the wick platform a great question and it's actually one that I get asked more frequently than that people would assume in accounting is actually a phase where what do you think of what you think of accounting is it exciting is it fun is it something that you want to do gee I can't wait to go see my accountant today right it's really not the image that we have in this unfortunate because going to see your accountant really should be a great thing and so that's why we it is so fun which comes with great stock images that you're able to use at no cost no no cost at all you can use their images they're high-quality and you can be in a picture using those images to tell your business so again sticking with the accounting resource maybe you put a tagline on there that says this could be you if you use our accounting services and it's an image of a young man or a young woman feeling relaxed enjoying vacation shopping because they had they paid enough money in taxes that they didn't have to pay anything at the end of the year or maybe they got money back for you know something that shows the pleasurable side and the relief size giving your taxes done of the help of a professional if the story you want to test right right that kind of reminds me of the commercial that I think is H&R Block that is where the gentleman is showing you how you can spend all your money there are all these exciting backgrounds of customers have you spent the money to save after they've used the H&R Block without services I guess essentially what you're saying for customers who are selling a service they need to sell the result they need to sell the outcome and tell the customer story on the website I use the Wix tools as a way to do that and we have a lot of these images already in its inventory so you don't have to go around shopping for photos or even video that you can use on neighbor size ability now just not going to be videos and specific to your industry but there are going to be great little clips and snippets that you could use as backdrops as maybe just some animation to add some license and engagement to your website but this is going to save you money and purchasing soft images or and having to hire a photographer if you're not to that point where it makes sense to do it yet and and we can grow in those pages as a small business and what's so much fun is wasted therefore each step of the way that's perfect now I must throw out a technical term that scares most non-technical entrepreneurs I know the first time I heard it I thought people talking about Star Trek II oh search engine optimization that has been something that people have seen I've seen their eyes glaze over they want to throw money at it as a way to drive people to their website give us a simple definition and then tell us how which is making that easy for you to manage on your own okay SEO yes search engine optimization well said these are the goods out there a lot of people get their tongue-tied and trying to put that together what's really funny too though is that the term search engine optimization is exactly that optimizing your website so that search engines can better read the information that's on it and list you all the pages when people are searching for what they want now we use the term SEO hey did you SEO your site we use it like a verb and that's not quite what it is but as common slang we've got going on now so we'll stick with that so Wix has a built in tool again in that famous match board that allows you to SEO your site with guidance they walk you through the steps in how to select keywords they give you a wonderful keyword analyzer that helps you rate your words and make sure that the words are actually going to perform for you then they help you use the keyword analyzer disk alert those only broadcast that don't quite say these are words that are most searched search engine your keywords are going to be words that are lost their size or potential visitors okay so mark is at home he's looking for a new account what are the terms it works going to put in in order to find this account he's got to put in account he's going to put in maybe the business industry that even if he has a small business and probably going to put in the location that he lives in and so the seeds that the SEO keyword analyzer and which will help you test those words see if they're actually good work are people actually searching it or too many people searching this but they're too watered down and you won't make it to the top of the list and that's important that's the whole goal who makes it to the top of the Google search result results it's also a very tricky space in that as you mentioned earlier people spend hundreds of dollars in this area and they get great results or they give characters all unfortunately SEO is not a science it is a trial and error and I have to be very honest there so if you go into a far and you say hey listen I want you to get me to the page one of Google well they can probably do that for Antarctic tax accountants mmm that would be very simple because there's nobody in Antarctica you meet their taxes not right but will we live in Atlanta and so I want to make it to page one story The Lancet X account which is going to be difficult given the number of accounts in Atlanta which is going to be really difficult right we have these really good discernment when choosing if you decide to go with the firm the other use really good deserving and how to do that they're promising you that they're going to get you to the top of page one you might want to tread carefully use that as a red flag you might want to ask more questions and assess their cost because they could give you the top of page one for a particular search term what is it the term that you need is it's a term that's going to perform well for you and do you need to be at the top of page one or if you do just need to be on page one so there's so many different factors in SEO that is understanding why it's intimidating if you're just starting out so if SEO if you're just starting out with your website or you've had a website for a while but you've never really goes into this SEO space I recommend using the waiks keywords the Wix SEO wizard is what I recommend you use if you are in a space where you used it you've gotten some performance then you need more or you need someone to hold your hand well that's where you can reach out and say hey okay I need some help there are firms that help with this sort of thing such as myself other firms in the atlanta area but just because you need to reach out and get help doesn't mean that you need to assign a whole marketing budget towards SEO this can be a cost as little as $100 a month just for you to get some analysis and assistance in making sense of the debts that you have that's perfect that's perfect because I think with a lot of businesses they don't quite understand getting for that pay you wanna get your certain number of clicks on your website and if you believe the data the volume you get to your website there's so many conversions that occur after you get them on your webpage and so SEO is an important area for any entrepreneur to to focus on and now that you have this wizard that takes you step-by-step through optimizing each one of your pages and then you can send you alerts I mean I played with it a few weeks ago and I didn't fix one of my pages correctly and it set media and alert and wagon in the wizard and and once it was fixed they said okay this page has been optimized so it really is simple kind of click and play type of a wizard that except about something that has been rocket science or a lot of a lot of entrepreneurs actually I have a really cool story to share with you so I had a client who had a visitor who came to one of my workshops and after the workshop they said Sara this is great we love it what am I paying you to Jupiter okay wonderful you know how excited to pick up a new client and this is amol we went to the SEO wizard and weights together and that's the first thing we did they didn't want to set it up themselves they chose the bring professional to do that which is fine we set it up and after two months their traffic tripled on their website fall two months alone yes they made a new page one after the first week of us making these minor adjustments after two months though their child to their website tripled I've had them to the client for eight months now and I have a message I've got several messages but one of the messages I got said listen woman you're going to force me to have to retire when I can't keep up with all the business Wow what kind of a great complaint is that that's that's the kind of complaints that people that follow this podcast one capful well and you you want to do that without having to break the bank and that's with this combination of the tool and using the right type of expertise in one of our previous podcasts we focused on knowing when the outsource certain tasks and if you're the CEO of a business where you're making a widget and that's your expertise when it's time to grow the business you got to turn that over to someone that's going to drive people to the front door yeah and this is one of those areas outside having a physical sense team where you can bring people to the front door so if you're running an online business and you're not looking at Wix and you're not talking to experts like yourself you're missing a huge opportunity to retire right so when we get people to the front door I understand how that leagues is also making it inexpensive for you to interact real time with customers with a lot of new exciting tools booking and chat and other services it give us a little one down and how those can can help with conversions sure so what was fun about being ambassador for waist is that when I tell people that which is a wonderful tool for small businesses with their website they don't realize that I'm actually often they offering this another employee I mean essentially that's what it is let's say you decide that you would like to convert your whole in-law suite to a guesthouse and you'd like to book it out like a like a bed-and-breakfast well Wix offers a hotel booking feature where you can show descriptions of the room you can assess times you can communicate with your visitors all through the website these are all built in so you don't have to go out and buy a separate CRM or separate hotel booking or worry about if you've over folks because Wix is there to help you let's say you open up a restaurant and you want to be able to sell orders online and maybe you're ready to do that but maybe you're not quite ready for uber heat because you don't know how well it's going to travel but you want people to come and pick up delivery there's several services out there what what you'll find is that wigs have a fabulous platform for restaurants for online sales to show your menu to show add-ons to your menu to show deliveries estimated delivery times I mean it's just incredibly powerful there's bookings and looking honestly works for any business any time they want to schedule time with people or you want people have access to schedule time with you which go so far as to not only just lunch accessible King with one individual you can do group those things you could do positives if you're a personal trainer if you're an accountant any any service business you can run your looking but and Cena done with services such as HVAC air conditioning and heating specialist I've seen anonymous plumbers it's just a great feature and all of these things can be done with one even more powerful element and that's live chat directly on your website which has a really fun app that has recently taken a whole new look and it's even more powerful than it already was you can download an app on your phone and have access to your website visitors directly from your phone yes live chat the penguin hits your website need help and you can have a lot of chat sessions with them no matter where you are in the world you can have your assistant have the live chat session with them if you'd like Wow because you can add your assistant in as a contributor role to your website is give them access to live chat without giving them access to make filete is gear what time Wow so you have the technical infrastructure of a fortune 500 with a small business with the land I can be on vacation great customer concepts website I'm not missing that account because I can do live chat right from the beach or you said offer us additional roles or the assistant to jump in and I say enjoying the beach unless the business work and there's your assistance to their job so that's what you hire them to do Wow that's what I love about the student reason why I wanted to do this this particular podcast is that it gives so much flexibility to the to the entrepreneur to create a Minimum Viable Product before they start to invest in what you call production level services where you have servers and you have you know all the other major infrastructure that goes along with a fortune 500 business you can operate the same service level at a much cheaper cost over the last week I had the pleasure and the honor of being in the Wix headquarters and you can carrots instead of New York they have three different offices that I was at the language in New York and we were fortunate enough to have I was saying our hominy who would be CEO of which come and talk to us we had individual conversations we got to listen to him and one of the things he said that really stood out the most to me was one of his goals at bat with wigs the small business has no reason to not fully compete with the large corporations Wow because he's given it he's made it possible for a small business to have the same presence and in the online market you said earlier well it's such a tool in business it is such a driver and business base and to hear that come out of the CEO of a large corporation or you know he's either been and listen I've given you the tools go be successful right you've got it all at your fingertips now right so there's no reason why the David can't take on the Goliath to have all the tools you have all the support and like you say that there's something there that you need they seem to be open to making modifications in the tools or the platform to give you more utility I can't even kill the amazing things that are getting ready to happen I'm so excited I can just tell you this if you bought wicks with a grateful for business now you're judging your stocks are going to be blown willing and I do wears off because they will be blown completely all be blown yeah so this must begin changing the stuff that's coming because summers out there now really 10 years ago when we when I was at Accenture and we were building sites and helping companies large companies think about their internet strategy we're talking about tens of thousands of dollars I recently added a feature to my site the bookings component personally just booked an hour at my time prepay for it into its app schedule it whenever it's convenient for them and then I block off times and when it's available for me to do that kind of stuff so that's been terrific for people who don't want a full fledged project but it's one of bounce ideas and have we do one or two hours of a review of a potential idea or a project to give them some direction before they invest a lot of money that's what a feature would not exist on a small business platform before we kind of all know it was not about you paying for a third-party system right having that third-party system and getting all the api's and paying a developer or having a technical expertise expertise yourself to integrate the absolute and that's time either when you look at it it's a serious investment right now you mentioned that you do get engaged with a number of clients to help them take their business from point A to point B once they've gotten the car together the wheels are rolling you can help tune that engine on tell us a little bit about 3/4 corporation how did you come up with that man 3 3 4 corporation came up so I'm Christian and psalm 3 4 is where it came from a very loving and open intolerant of all peoples on the surface and we're all brothers and sisters and so 3/4 in the original text uses the word logos in Greek and it meant a word or image that meant more than just a word or an image more powerful than just the word of involved in emotion and so for me that use of the word logos really meant something to me and so I felt like we'll make up a name it's a fans out people remember it it's a little different but I think again it's memorable and it means something to me right that's perfect I say we come across these different businesses and companies on the podcast that has unique names it seems like for the first two or three mastermind interviews all the companies had good in their name okay I guess that's because I'm seeking to inspire people to do good the last interview was with carpel 42 or two with being a unique combination of numbers that one more trucker signifies that everything is good okay again it works good and for two of its for both sides of the equation to truckers and the shippers so the unique set of notices that's kind of cool three four go back and pick up my Bible and reread it and make sure I get that could understand tell us about tell us about the company what kind of services do you provide how do you have to netting jannat for these small businesses so going back to that Greek word logos and kind of our goal is to really bring to light from that company is through very imaging imagery their web presence and even their services when he did so what we offer is web design graphic design and business consulting and the reason why we really felt that necessary to include the business consulting is as we talked before previously you know your website rolls like another employee right so that website needs to work for you if there are if there are inefficiencies in your process in your day-to-day process and we don't identify those before we build the website I can guarantee that you're going to need to redesign your website sooner rather than later and based on process is not based on it we just decided that it's time to grow growth so we want to try to avoid those unnecessary rebuild so what we do is we first get another client say hey who are you what we can do why do you do what you do we take all of those ideas and the concepts of those goals and life aspirations because look small business builders like we're doing what we love these are these are life goals or than they aren't just financial goals of course they're all time to get there but we take that and we put it into imagery and try to make that match to this businesses and we also try to keep in mind to their potential clients arm so they're not missing a market but they're hitting the right market all of these things go in together first before we can build a because uncle the website is relaxed people kind of know who you are before we can build a website I think there will up sign up for you right now but we wouldn't really tell the story would it really get people to say wow that's a business a lot of work with so we have to have a process into coming into that and so we do we work with clients and all three of those phases oftentimes we were kind of in all three together but we also have clients who call and they'll say hey I've got this website up it's great I love it but I don't want to manage it anymore take it off my hands we've saved the company major money I had a we have a client who is spending in excess of six hundred dollars a month on Google Adwords and SEO the law that's a lot of times older law we were able to come back in third and bring her down to a third of what she was paying and what was even more fun about it is when we first took it over none of her traffic changed everything stayed exactly the same for a third lunch Wow so using the tools that are in the Wix platform you were able to reduce the spin on Google Ads and get the same traffic that's right Wow we cut the dual blast bend down to zero that's going to back that money back in her business yellow so yes she's paying for my services however her traffic on her website is exactly the same as what it was she can send me a message and have peace of mind and know that we will get done what to get done with her website she gets monthly reports that let her know how the pipes going as well when she's ready to redo and start fresh with those Google ads she has me under side and our team of experts we say okay here's how we're going to do this – that we know that the money makes sense for you well if it's not bringing traffic it's a waste of money that's right that's right waste that's right a link Wow and I don't want it where I don't want you spending money if you're not getting traffic right right that's been this credible testimony or to go from 600 a month and I know for those small businesses that are out there you can do the math – thinking that's a big investment if you are just getting your business off the ground or even if it's off the ground that's money that you can put in a lot of different places in the business to go from that to zero that's a huge testimonial for the services that you bring the Bears or the tools that are on the platform that can replace that external spin we talked a little bit earlier about you boxer this is partly a robber you know visiting the whigs headquarter the female technologist hi I would be remiss if I didn't ask about that German building about your journey your personal journey in that regard there have been a much bigger push to want to get more minority than women involved in technology and this that that journey I think it's seen some improvements but still has a long way to go sure tell us about your return well without bathing myself too much telling you how old or how young that might be when I was a kid people didn't have computers at home they just were too expensive or they weren't available because it meant it was going to take up your whole dining room so they just wanted a thing but my mom was a tech writer and she was self-employed as well so I've always grown up with the hey go be what you want to be and do it your own life and so I've always brought up with that background it has been really powerful but as a kid we had a computer in our house because my mother was a tech writer and she had to have that computer to do her job and so when there was new software when there was a new product that she needed to write a manual for she would say hey kid figure out how to learn this and so I've been playing with computers that as long as I can remember learning how to use the command prompt you know navigate before Adobe was all that it is now CorelDraw was all the rage I used Korolev crawl and be honest I hated Adobe when I was first introduced to it I want to feel part of its have a copy of course also got the back version from Haiti basically without Athleta so yes so that's kind of how I grew up and so learning how to use technology independently through my own studies is is what I've done it for years I started a small business my ex-husband and I started our own basketball organization and we needed a web presence because we wanted to build an international presence we didn't want it to just be who we could touch we wanted to bring kids in from all over the world so we needed a website grunts we did what every small business does we reached out to designer that said hey who can build this website and how much is it gonna cost at the time the smallest number we got back with $10,000 yes Wow we already had drinking we had two kids and one all the way at the top so Wow yeah that's not happening and so I did a little research and I looked around and I just you know Google search so that's what it's there for it and I realized that this technology is nothing but another language and what these designers are charging for is not something that I can't do and so I can help myself I learned HTML at large CSS and I built our first website Wow yes just another language it's just a lot of course it is that's the fact that it's it's it's not rocket audience it's just another language then you can sit down and start to play around different tools and build and I think the tricky thing where I've simplified down fits just another language which is very true there there are concepts that go along with this language back when we decide we're going to get up and go walk into the next room we just get up and go walk into the next room whereas in a computer programming language there's going to be a loop involved and take a step take a step taken steps takes over and so there's everything is broken down into smaller pieces so it's a little challenging to go from yes it's just a language but how do I manipulate this intangible thing that I can't just touch a whole right so that I think where the real intimidation comes in and the challenge comes but I just I figured it out I built a website and one thing that I've always been good at in art at design so I employ those skills later and went back to school for a certificate in graphic design and photography and it just was what I did so we ran our business we had kids we met his spring-cleaning from all around the world based on his international presence and having a website and imagery and documents that we could hand out that match the image of what we were selling you know we were a small mom-and-pop shop but we sold a world-class image whoa and so we've to this day the program is still running our students can actually keep their high school diploma and they can do we have an arrangement with the college local college they can get six hours of credit by attending this program and right now I think 70 70 to 80 percent of the kids who go through the program go on to receive full college scholarships yeah it's a really fun that is but all of that took me into the text based upon can't take it over the business and me moving into other in a different phase in my life I realized that that's what I really love doing the basketball is a lot of fun for me as well don't get me wrong obviously I'm still an athlete I couldn't give that up altogether but creating things and designing and building something that speaks to people is what I love to do that is exciting and an exciting and inspiring story to go from no technical knowledge to kind of framing up an approach and I think that's again like what Wix has done to make web design easier once you get past the mental blocks I know when I first started programming I've had two step I can think about it like building a house in your mind I take with work and if you try to put the roof on before you build the foundation it's not gonna work so you got to methodically think your way through each piece and as you get better at building one house you can make a bigger one and try some new and different things so it became easier than why I'd let my mind get out of the way and actually accept the language that is being spoken I would love more ways to get more people to try that because it I think it's worm lost a lot of what the new economy is going to demand when you embrace this kind of technology either using wigs or learning the program it's going to help you take that next step because all of what it's going to be demanded over large and small businesses is that global presence that you embrace years ago dramatic apology yeah I grew up in Stoneman as a gentleman himself who sells golf clubs makes them and sells oh right in that small town and he sends them all over the world has had players to win the Masters with his clothes writing and no very people know about he has a small shop but he has cultivated relationships that sell most clothes in Japan in Europe South Central and South America from the biggest corporations and I pulled that name question to him and his answer was very much the same I think you know he's approaching his 80th birthday of thing if he could build website I think you could take that one too you know as another way there kind of expand his international international presence what advice would you give to entrepreneurs in particular female entrepreneurs starting out right there listening to this podcast and thinking about launching a business there they have a business what advice would you give to them to female entrepreneurs in specific I would say don't give up don't be hard on everybody done sometimes it's easy for us to feel like we're always fighting somebody if this is coming from Tata boxes that's right I'm a drummer boxer so don't be more on everybody you know just because the last room walked into you're the only woman in the room and nobody expected you you don't have to walk into the next room with that same chip on your shoulder and then same feeling because you never know where your next your next helping handed and I worked for a CEO of an insurance company who used to tell me and I'm sure I'm going to mangle this though but he used to tell a joke about him being a turtle on a fence post but he heard this thing I have done it's that he's eternally fit but when you see a turtle on a fence post you know you ask you how to get you try to figure out how he got there and the fact is he had no it's a country singing and if you hear me faces I'm shirking stitches right now because I've destroyed it but the limit of the mystery and that's coming from a an older gentleman in a male-dominated industry where you know everything was probably easier for him than it would be for someone like myself being a female being minority and he himself said the same thing and didn't get their love that's why they just don't don't walk into every situation and give everybody the hardest time let them show you their work and you need help so when you find the right help take it and when you find the wrong help get away from the fast keep moving and don't worry about it the right opportunity will come just don't give up right that's a that's a message that I've had to grow into over the years health and it's what inspired me to move down the path with helping small businesses is to first open their mind up to help the framework that we talked about a few podcast ago really tried to emphasize the fact that not all business tasks and stuff the work that you do it's not all equal that's right ha and if you treat it like it's all you really won't be able to grow very fast yes when you prioritize it and then ask for help with things that you're not an expert in is your first step towards growing your business and you have shown us today that Wix can give you a lot of tools to get that business rolling but at a certain point you got a step even back from that and ask for hello to maximize the value of that platform again that's that's that's perfect tomorrow is where they can find you to get that help on social media and whatever else you want them to contact you sure you can reach out to me at Sarah George SG on into the grandma sa ra h GE o RG e god SG on it the grantee will see me getting punched in the face there but that's a captures not doing really visit you can also reach out to me through my website which is three for dotnet and that's th REE for dotnet and I love to have a question anything that you you know people want to know I love to help out small businesses as well you can see our next up an upcoming events that are always going on with wigs a Twix ATL calm that wicks ATL calm or you can go to Wix on the row which is the official Wix site if you're not a needle in area and you're looking for an ambassador in your area there are 92 investors I have the honor of being one of the first but you can go to whisk off the road and which on the road background you can find an ambassador in your area if if you need some money local that's perfect so help is either only whale already there behind Sarah doors through those websites about put those in the show notes so this has been absolutely terrific we appreciate your time I hope the audience learned a lot about the tool and ways that they can grow their business and hopefully take the part to left .

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In Episode 9 of the Art of Waging Small Business Warfare podcast, I interview SaraGeorge Durham, one Wix.com's first Brand Ambassadors and the Founder of the Branding and Marketing consulting firm, Three4 Corporation. SarahGeorge reveals ninja techniques that can save you money and get your website showing up at the top of the search engine results. She also discusses ways that Wix.com can help you build your company's brand for literally "Pocket Change." Need an extra employee, but can't afford to hire new staff? SarahGeorge wants you think of your website as your additional employee and Wix.com FREE productivity tools (chat, booking, etc.) can have you generating money over night without breaking the bank. You can subscribe to the Guerrillapreneur podcast via iTunes, GooglePlay, RSS, Podomatic.com, SoundCloud or listen to a streaming version at ceyero.com. Host: Mark Peterson Host Social Media: @Guerillapreneur @ceyeroconsltg (Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook and Periscope) Guest: SarahGeorge Durham (Atlanta, GA) Guest Social Media: Instagram @sarahgeorge.sg Website – www.three4.net. www.wixatl.com or wixontheroad.com. Sponsors: Ceyero Consulting. www.ceyero.com. Catch video of the our podcasts on YouTube at Ceyero Consulting.


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