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Elementor Multi Step Forms: How to Create aa Lead Generation Quiz Funnel (Full Tutorial)

In this video tutorial learn how to convert more leads into buyers using Elementor multi-step forms.

Here are timestamps for what’s covered in the tutorial:

1. [2:06] – A quick overview of what we are covering
2. [3:58] – How to create a multi-step Elementor form (Creating a 2-step form to capture leads)
3. [6:43] – Introduction to Autonami- The WordPress/WooCommerce marketing automation engine
4. [7:37] – How to send automated product recommendation emails (Building a workflow)
5. [17:49] – How to create a gorgeous one-page checkout where prospects can buy the items (maximize conversions and minimize friction)
6. [20:07] – A quick recap of the tutorial and conclusion

Why should you watch the tutorial?

If you’re a WooCommerce store owner struggling with converting leads to sales
If you’re looking for ways to create an automated system that drives sales from ads
If you’ve tried to piece different solutions together, but haven’t been able to create a friction-free buying flow

Then this tutorial is for you.

Elementor recently launched its Multi-step forms feature. Yes, it’s part of the pro plan, but it’s great for creating quiz-like forms that look incredible.

About WooFunnels
WooFunnels gives you an entire suite to build sales Funnels in WooCommerce. The most recent addition to our suite is Autonami. This tutorial shows how to create a personalized product recommendation email sequence using Autonami and Elementor forms.

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