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Elementor How To Create A Frosted Glass Background Effect 👍👈👈👍

Elementor How To Create A Frosted Glass Background Effect. Elementor is a great free WordPress page builder plugin. There is a free version as well as a paid version of Elementor. In this series of videos we will be building some great elements on our WordPress website with the Elementor builder.
In this video we are going to create a section with an image background. A row with a single column, this will be used as the background for the frosted glass effect. On top of the row we can place any module to display your message on top of the background. This a very eye catching effect to have on youer Elementor website. There is a small bit of coding involved today to build this feature. Any code I write I will put below for you to use as you need.
So, follow along and see how easy it is to create a frosted glass background to a row on a page built with the awesome free version of elementor page builder
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.frosted {

———- CHAPTERS ———-

00:00 Intro
00:57 Create New Section
01:11 Add An Icon Box Module
01:22 Add A Button
01:49 Set Background Image
02:45 Add Section Padding
03:14 Style Icon Module
05:29 Style Button
06:37 Add Column Background
08:01 Add CSS Code
09:03 Code For Elementor Pro
12:48 Code For Elementor Free
13:32 Result


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