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Editor X by | Powerful New Responsive Wix Editor Announcement

Editor X by | Powerful New Responsive Wix Editor Announcement just unveiled a project called, Editor X. They have been receiving your feedback and just announced a new responsive design editor that will turn the web design & development market on their heads.

Become A Wix Editor X Beta Tester:

Some Editor X Feature Highlights:

-Custom Breakpoint Technology
-CSS Grid Technology (Edit CSS elements in Wix without ever needing to touch CSS code)
-Flexbox Technology – Design freely and watch your design seamlessly move across each device
-Wix Design Components (Wix is a few steps ahead of you. They have pre-made design components with your website pallete color already superimposed)
-Completely Responsive Editor
-Integrates with Corvid Development Tools & Ascend by Wix Business Suite

I am a proud member of this Wix Nation Tribe and Community and I can tell you that Editor X is extremely amazing.

Gone are the days you need to worry about if your Wix website looks as good as WordPress or Shopify. Wix has answered that this this robust Editor X technology. Gone are the days you need to worry about being able to edit tablet and mobile versions of your website.


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it’s product alert time which just introduced a powerful new editor that will flip the web design and development market on its head let’s be honest I’m sure you’ve gone to the internet before searching for a website and you’ve come across one and I could almost bet that you were able to identify that’s a website built on Wix I don’t know what it was no one could ever really put into words what that feeling or explanation was but you can
just tell by the design of the site that it was by Wix I’m not saying that was a bad thing but it did stand out in a way that wasn’t as clean or as crisp as a website built on other platforms and this is not a hit out Wix but it’s true and I’m sure you’ve even struggled building which websites on all different devices for tablets for mobile and you saw your website deranged on each of these different platforms you went to your tablet and it was
completely unorganized and didn’t look right the formatting was messed up you went to mobile and it was a disaster I’m sure you’ve been in that boat I’m sure you’ve even wanted complete design freedom down to the pixel that will allow you to manipulate each aspect of the design I’m here to tell you that which has compiled all of your feedback to create a complete solution that combines total design creativity along with the powerful corvid
development tool suite as a all-in-one powerful solution on behalf of Wix and the Wix community I would like to introduce you to editor X by Wix roll the tape oh wow that is something special isn’t it editor X by Wix so what does it mean for you what are the benefits to you well maybe we can start on witch’s new breakpoint technology that allows you to set custom breakpoints throughout your entire site and that will allow you to carry your design
across each and every device seamlessly without warrior maybe even the new CSS grid layouts you know the ability to create custom breakpoints in a grid and line up elements change the movement of elements across each and every device without ever having to touch CSS code at all or maybe the flexbox technology that will allow you to design a beautiful grid or beautiful elements on desktop and never have to worry about whether or not it’s going to
look right on tablet or mobile because the Flex box technology does it for you but wait I’m not done what about the Wix design components yeah you know the hundreds of pre-built design components that Wix has used all the data over the years to build out so that way it’ll superimpose your color palette on each of those design components and you can simply click one of those drag it right into your site and it’s already pre-built maybe you’ve got
a services page Wix is ahead of you they’ve already got a services portions built out for you with your color palette of your site already pre-loaded maybe you need some testimonials well Wix is ahead of you they’ve already got a whole section built out for you save your time save your energy save the stress Wix is here to help you so what is editor X really editor X is everything you’ve been asking for it is an all-in-one powerful responsive
solution to your website gone are the days that you have to worry about creating a website on desktop and not knowing whether it’ll look right on tablet or on mobile gone are the days where you can’t make changes on your mobile site or else it’ll vector Dex desktop site gone are the days that you can’t make changes on your desktop site or it’ll affect your mobile or tablet site gone are the days that you have to sit and compare a which website to
a wordpress or Shopify website and say is my design on par with this website that was built on WordPress or Shopify gone are those days Wix has now announced editor X which allows you to have precision control of CSS elements without ever having to touch CSS code which allows you to seamlessly create beautiful grids and designs that live up and exceed the expectations of designs on unlettered platforms without having to worry whether your design
is going to carry through responsibly to tablet or to mobile editor X is everything you’ve been searching for it combines powerful new design technology that lets you stand out in a competitive market with the combination of the Wix ascend business suite that allows you to hook up integrations email marketing as well as Horvat development tools that allows you to use that development freedom to create any website you can possibly imagine do you
have a startup idea want to build the next Facebook air B&B well guess what you can do so now without the worry of whether it’s gonna look like a standard out-of-the-box website or not up to par with those current big players gone are those days you have the control you have the freedom now I’m stoked about editor X and I hope you are too now it’s typically this point in the video where you say Michael I am so excited about editor X and I’m
even more excited to learn from you about what capabilities we’re gonna be able to accomplish with editor X and if that’s you I’m gonna ask that you hit that subscribe button in the bottom right of this video and turn those Bell notifications on so you don’t miss any of the content I’m about to release regarding editor X and this is usually the point in the video where you say this was awesome I’m so excited and you give it a thumbs up and you
comment right down below and say I am so excited for editor X and let me know why because I’m gonna read that and I’m going to respond to you because I’m excited to have that conversation about editor act and then then this is usually the point where you say Michael how do we access editor X and that’s how I tell you the link is in the description below to sign up to be a beta tester for editor X that’s right which means it’s not yet released to
all of wix’s user base in fact it’s still in beta form so you have to go to the link in the description below and apply to be a beta tester of editor X and lastly this is the point in the video where I tell you that I am so proud and excited to be part of this wix Nation community and I’m ecstatic that you’re here watching this video and part of this community and if you want to really invest and be part of our tribe our wix nation tribe right
here on this channel in this community hit that subscribe button and join 32,000 other like-minded wix entrepreneurs entrepreneurs small business owners that are looking to take their business and grow it to the next level I’m excited and thank you for watching this video about editor X