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hi I'm Ralph and I'm about to show you how to build a website in under 10 minutes first sign up for a hosting plan with DreamHost then we'll install WordPress for you and an easy-to-use website builder so you can get started creating your site as quickly as possible begin your journey with inspirations it's a guided walkthrough for selecting a design and adding pages hit install and your complete starter site is ready to customize further use the page and post builder this will help you alter elements such as text buttons icons images and more without needing to know any code once you include a new section just hit the add blocks button and explore hundreds of pre-designed options dropping in your favorites your new site is now ready to go click publish and introduce your dream to the world .

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Don't know code? No problem. Our DIY Website Builder makes building a website as easy as sending an email.

Choose from our library of professionally-crafted themes to help get you started. Then bring your website to life by customizing the mobile optimized theme to fit your personal brand.

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