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DNS:How to Connect Domain To Hosting CPanel(Namesilo to Interserver hosting)|Point Domain To Hosting

Welcome to Day 16 of 100DaysWordpressPro Free Course. In this FREE Web Design Course 2021 and WordPress Tutorials For Beginners Video 2021, I talk about DNS:How to Connect Domain To Hosting CPanel(Namesilo to Interserver hosting)|Point Domain To Hosting. For a full detailed step by step text version of this video check at ;
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yeah we are in this system of under this wordpress pro free web design course and in today’s video you will discover about how to connect domain to austin c panem and the specific platform we’ll be using as example is name silo domain to enter server that means we already hosted our domain name on name silo and now we already also bought an hosting on intel server so we want to connect the domain name to make use of the hosting and install
wordpress and set up our website so if you are in for that let’s get in the course don’t forget to smash the subscribe button tap the notification bell and like this video yeah we are staying in the under this wordpress pro free course moving you from beginner to world principle in just 10 minutes or less uh videos daily though some of them might be a bit longer especially when we are doing some specific things so but usually will be 10 minutes
or less i am solomon foskey i’ve been working and making money from home and working with wordpress since 2013 two and that’s what i want to teach you hundred percent free on this channel including web design digital marketing seo and we are going to develop design like five different websites in this course they are all free so what it takes is just for you to subscribe tap the notification bell mark all then like this video and let me know in
the comments how far you’ll be going and where you need me to add more content i will be attending to your comments so we’re staying section one of introduction to web design with wordpress and as i said we are talking about how to connect a domain from one domain register to your domain host so let’s get into this video in the uh 15 we have seen this domain name this is the domain name we are using for example don’t forget i had to invest in
getting this domain name specifically for this course so that i can show you everything as a beginner i mean every time i will show you login all those things so that you you it can help you get started and move you from being not to pro and if you feel this i’m doing this as really apo is helping you there’s option in the link in the description if you like to do need to support as all these things require me you know paying for renewal so and
you also see i also bought hosting which you can see you’ll be amazed i’m showing the login details here because i bought it for this course i said to that so this hosting doesn’t have anything that has to do with my business or needs or clients or anything so it’s just for websites we are going to design in this course for sample websites we use for our videos so anyone trying to access it is at their own stress because this is just for example
and no real side of us is connected to it too and i did that like i said basically because of you so if you bought a new hosting within the server you can get the link to buy from them with my affiliate link and i will end i really appreciate a commission and i appreciate that support and once we have bought that i think in dayton also you can watch all this video i show you live how we bought this domain now this the domain and now the hosting
on intel server so once you buy it this is the email you will get once the new account has been created the payment is successful so i will explain to you what this means and where you will make use of them so and like i said i’m showing you this you should never show this to anybody because it should be a confidential information to protect the security of your account or client account but i’m showing this to you because i want you to know the
in-depth that’s why i had to buy a separate hosting and domain so that it’s not connected with any of the business i’m using and i’ll be free to show this and you know no need to be blogging a lot of important things that you need to know as a beginner so that’s why you are saying all this being shown to you and if you think you would like to be part and support me for getting this deep because even a lot of paid costs will not go this deep
deploy a lot of things and get you confused so you can check in the link description or get onto donate and support me with donation also buy from our get hosting on interserver our bluehost and some other half-link link seo tools that i recommend in the description or on 4k tools so let’s get now after you have gotten the uh email the account has been set up you will get something like this standard web hosting
which is the uh five dollar don’t forget which my athlete link in the uh description or for you’ll be able to get your first month for as low as one cent on inter servants unlimited intellect domain all those things have tested them i told you i’ve worked with them with up to 50 domains even in the shared five dollar per month hosting so and works fine it’s a real gem in uh web hosting might not be as popular as web blues and
others but i tell you they are very solid so you can watch my video where i showed you live over i’ve been using them for over one and a half years now and they have been working fine so yourself test it and see and let me know in the link in the description what do you see to me growing this length to get you all these details in order for you to get started let me know your comment below and don’t forget to share this video is one of its kind
free wordpress course you will ever find online i’m telling you so let’s check this we have the cpanel login details so you’ll see panel in our day 13 or 14 i think they uh the team i talked about free hosting for those of you that are like looking afrihost and i told you what they promised at cpanel was not uc panic so you’ll be able to assess what a real austin c cpanel is with this inter server so that’s the panel is where you manage you
install your host uh website either wordpress or whatever or any other thing you use to design your site so and this will be the username and the password so you need to use this to access it normally you should be able to access it with the domain name like this domain now uh this domain 4k slash cpanel so if i try to do that now what i get is that it comes back the reason is that we are yet to connect our domain from name silo to
the intel server hosting that we brought to and that’s what this video is about so once you get that uh you see once we have done you see that this will change uh almost instantly so the next thing you want to do is you go back yeah so you need that c panel to be able to you know connect the domain especially with the add-on domain then uh the login the ftps if you are uploading we are now uploading we use the wordpress installer straight away so
that’s what is about if you have designed your work uh wordpress offline i want to upload it you need this ftp uh login details so if this name server like i said this this is specific to you no true interserver hosting account we have the same so that when you point your domain it can locate the specific hosting account or name silo uh something so this this specific uh name uh name server for that hosting that report so the billing information
and also another video that will follow this this is where uh the uh account manager is different from the cpanel you have to account i’m explaining this if you are just watching this video you are not following up like a beginner you may just keep it good as a beginner you have been following my course i know this is a gem for you and you don’t want to forward it you don’t want to move it ahead because you are learning this and this is what is
what like a thousand dollar cost for you in depth so it’s a privilege i know you don’t want to skip so and i will also appreciate a support if you want to donate check the link in the description of first gamewebmaster.slash donate or you get on to at the same time you can also get hosting on interserver and some other bluehost and other songs i’m recommending so that i also paid a commission don’t forget this posting i keep having to remove it
on monthly basis so at no cost to you to do this video for you so this course i say oh for you so the first step you now want to do if you want to connect from one domain uh register to a hosting account super neosin account is you get all these discipline login details so we need to go here so we need to go here and the next thing you want to do is to also log in to your domain post which in this case is name silo so we login to the name silo
account and then we get started from there so here we are logged in to the name single account and we have this so if you want to know about all the features of your account management domain account uh management and name silo watch the previous day 15 video to this one i explained all these features so the next thing you want to do is go to manage my domains or domain manager either of the two so i’ve explained all these features for you so you
can check that the uh 15 video how to check in the link in the description for uh the playlist or visit you can just do a search or something for any of this course so uh i said it we need to edit this let me like mark this out so we have all this activated what we need now is the uh change name server so what you need is the name server so don’t forget what i told you here this name server that you got when you bought
server hosting so that’s where it is useful so you just need to come here copy this go back to your name single account you can see it you have this as default so this is the default is making me to direct uh to redirect you to this where name silo is just part packing it and using it for hud so for us to change that we need to change this so their name server will change it we come back here we change this we copy this again so ensure you copy
these things correctly then we’ll come here and you know clear this so since if the hosting gave us television but since they gave us two we are okay so just clear whatever is here clear it up and then click on submit we are processing the form so important knowledge regarding name server changes stability between one to four data has to fully properly so i remember when i started were boosting uh web design back in 2013 uh you know then even i
have i’ve been doing blogging using as early as i am maybe 29 2009 2010 since then you know if you want to do this it will take 48 hours before this dns will point correctly to your posting but i tell you things has changed then till now so most times this thing isn’t even work under a few minutes i tell you so how do we now know about that we need to go back and try to visit this same website that’s 4k examples of this what is
showing us here so you can see it is still showing this so you can try to refresh it so you see it now it has changed so let’s see if it has also affected the change let’s see it this is it and then we try to reload this so it’s still giant uh showing the same thing so since we got it right you may need to give it some time so just keep refreshing the page since you have refreshed this and you see that the dna server is now changed so we have
gotten the setup light on name silo so where we are waiting for now is for the dns to be correctly incognito let’s see so it’s still not done so you just need to wait to have it redirecting correctly i will have to hold on on this video and i’ll be back when it’s connected to show if you are detected you just want to know what’s really going on i think i got a tool for you here to f so just go to what’s my this shows you how that dns
propagates with your hosting so until program propagate to almost like 7 50 70 80 200 percent it won’t be working so just type in okay example dot com and uh click on search so you can see so this shows you the like the data server of the hosting you are pointing to in this case which is intel server so all these dns are still propagating you can see it and the map makes it much easier so by the time most of all these things are marked green
then you can easily have the domain working so in it you may need to keep refreshing this or just forget it and come back maybe like an hour or some more hours time so do some other things and then come back so but then all these things could have been going or just try and refresh so you can see it we have more of it already propagated so let me try and uh to refresh it now so it’s still not done normally if it’s not the main you know this is
the first time we are connecting it to the hosting so like if you buy other domain i want to connect it to the same i told you it’s unlimited hosting to the same something i will still take you through how to use add-on and some other things in the c panel so usually that will work i tell you almost less than an hour instantly it works but i believe because it’s the first time and this demand to me we are just connecting it so that’s why it’s
like this was once this first one connected we are not now trying to add more domain to the hosting from name silo it becomes faster so as it just keep trying to propagate and so that does it for you if you like what’s really going on here so that this was on and you can check it out i am back uh the website is now well connected uh took almost 24 hours to have it connected as you can see it is no more this 4k you now have it you
see this like the default uh folder that will be created like uh this has shown inside the hosting so this uh 4k so that same default folder you can see this cgi bin so that’s the same thing you are saying here so this purely we have been able to successfully point our domain on a hosting register that is different from the main web hosting we bought so the register of the domain is named silo we’re able to point it to our web hosting
on interserver and any of the tool that you want to you like to use my affiliate link to register check in the link in the description not just that if you check the previous day like day 9 and like day 13 i’ll show you live how you can purchase the mean on mc low and how life on how we purchase the same hosting so it’s so that you can follow this course even if you know nothing about web design at all so just follow it and that’s why i’m taking
time investing also more in getting new hosting and all these thing different from what i’m using for my own business and clients so that i can be able to show you everything without need to hide any seemingly sensitive information that you can get it and if you are like to support this that i’m doing so i can do more to help you in your web design journey and at the same time going to review how to make money with the skill we are designing
about five different website then kindly you can check on for donate to donate a check in the link description to support this project so all the donation uh majorly goes to support uh my time pay for internet pay for hosting you know this project you are going to design there are five websites on it and future projects to teach you but all of them i will still need to be paying for the hosting every month on enter server and
all those things so just donation and support will really go a long way for me to be available and a long time to also give you this helpful guide for free so that’s it that’s where uh we end this video if you have any question i’m dead i’ll be waiting let me hear in the comments below like i always say i’d like to know which country are you commenting from and what are your questions on this particular video and how may i be of help so comment
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