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DNS Zone File Setup, Godaddy URL Shortners Breaking Web Sites, Broken DNS Zone file Templates Pt13

Fedora 28 Linux Setup an Authoritative DNS Advertising Name Server, Research, My Domains Zone File Setup, Godaddy URL Shortners are Breaking my Web Sites, Taking over and saying the my Web Sites are not there, When they are Reachable, I broke my Godaddy Zone Files by using DNS Management Zone file Templates, To change multiple Domains at the same time at 38:19, Different Web Browsers clear Web Cache differently, When trying to view changes to Web Sites on a Local Server, So I installed Firefox Developers version and use Chromium too, I tried Importing the Original Zone files that I had downloaded at 1:44:38, But the upload failed with no explanation of the error at 1:47:19, I try using my DNS Server and Backup DNS Servers to set Godaddy to Custom DNS and then change it back to the Defaults at 1:55:17, But my can’t be found by Godaddy, Everything is Broken, Just try one! at 2:05:53, Pt13.

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Fedora 28 Linux setting up a DNS Name Server BIND, Trying to get it to Show Up Online

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